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Tip of the Day Tuesday: Steal the Show with Ambiance

The importance of your bar/restaurant’s ambiance cannot be overstated. Consumers leave their humble abodes not only in search of good food, but also fun experiences. New York Times journalist Moira Hodgson once questioned, “Considering the diversity of setting, one might ask, just how much does ambiance affect the enjoyment of food? Does the atmosphere of an elegant restaurant enhance the pleasure of what is eaten there?” We argue yes. Without the experience staged by ambiance, food is just food. Bleh.

Styles and themes vary far and wide, but profitable establishments know how to make a lasting impression. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t just rush to set up tables and chairs. Spend some time thinking up the right theme. How do you want your guests to feel while dining in-house? Does the mood you create complement what’s on the menu? When in doubt, Feng Shui! Rearrange and play around with the seating. Hang up artwork. Light some candles. Experiment until you find the right fit.
  • Make your marketing efforts consistent. Your menus should match the environment. Your social media posts should show off what potential customers gain by stopping by your place instead of another’s. Is your establishment not active on social media? Get active on social media.
  • Lighting is important. It underscores the tone and pulls the entire space together. Dimmer lighting creates a cozier, more intimate feel. Brighter lighting illuminates what you want your guests to focus on. Degree of lighting aside, make sure it’s evenly distributed. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re under a spotlight (unless your theme is Disco Night). Shop candles and lighting options now.
  • The music you play also ties in. Don’t just put on the most popular radio station. Think about your mood, and play what fits. Cozier establishment, try an acoustic or jazz station. If you’re not already, consider investing in a satellite radio subscription. There are hundreds of commercial-free stations that serve up a genre for every mood.

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