Tip of the Day Tuesday: Temperatures to Serve Wine

If you’re serving wine in your bar or restaurant, it’s important to know and understand that wines are best served at certain temperatures. According to this guide from Wine Spectator, wine is best served in the following ways:

  • Light dry white wines, rosés, sparkling wines: Serve at 40° to 50° F to preserve their freshness and fruitiness. Think crisp Pinot Grigio and Champagne.
  • Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds: Serve at 50° to 60° F to pick up more of the complexity and aromatics of a rich Chardonnay or to make a fruity Beaujolais more refreshing.
  • Full-bodied red wines and Ports: Serve at 60° to 65° F—cooler than most room temperatures and warmer than ideal cellaring temperatures—to make the tannins in powerful Cabernet or Syrah feel more supple and de-emphasize bitter components.

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Main Photo credit: Faisal Akram Ether / Foter / CC BY-SA

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