Tip of the Day Tuesday: What Slicer Do I Need?

There are several factors that go into determining what kind of slicer would best fit your needs. What will you be slicer, how much, and for how long? Reference our quick guide below and then talk to a product consultant on further recommendations of great slicers at 800.215.9293!

What are you slicing?

  • All commercial slicers are designed to slice meat
  • A heavier duty machine is recommended for higher volumes of cheese

Amount of Cheese Slicing

How much are you slicing at any given time?

  • Manual slicers are convenient for made-to-order or small batches
  • Automatic slicers help reduce employee fatigue and provide a consistent product

Type of Slicing

How long are you slicing for?

  • Less than 2 hours or 700 slices ⇒ Light Duty
  • 2–4 hours a day or between 700 and 1400 slices ⇒ Medium Duty
  • All day operation or over 1400 slices ⇒ Heavy Duty

Daily Amount of Slicing

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