Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and cheese: two of life’s greatest treasures. As with any food and wine pairing, experts suggest pairing strength of flavors. Hearty red meat, for example, traditionally pairs best with a bold red, like a cabernet sauvignon. White meat and fish, on the other hand, often lean on the lighter side and can be pleasantly accompanied by a buttery chardonnay or a refreshing Riesling. The same theory is at play with cheeses.

As with pairing meats, it’s best to think of the variety of combinations as either complementary or contrasting. A wine with high acidity will cut into the cheese’s sweetness, whereas a lush wine works rather nicely with a triple-cream cheese like brie.

What kind of cheese are you looking to pair? Is it bloomy (creamy, decadent, soft rind), hard (stiff, sharp), blue (pungent, salty, blue tinge), or fresh (soft, often spreadable, mild)? Many connoisseurs argue that white wines tend to pair better with cheeses, but we shouldn’t discount reds altogether. Half the fun is experimenting. Decide on a cheese you’d like to pair, try a taste and see how the flavors connect when you mix in wine. Too opposing? No worries. The combination possibilities are endless.

Here are some common wine and cheese pairings examples courtesy of Wine Enthusiast:

Bloomy Cheeses

Camembert – Champagne

Brie – Chardonnay

Robiola – Sparkling Wine

Taleggio – Pinot Blanc


Gouda – Merlot

Cheddar – Cabernet Sauvignon

Parmesan – Chianti

Double Gloucester – Zinfandel

Pecorino – Valpolicella

Gruyere – Sauvignon Blanc

Fontina – Bardolino


Gorgonzola – Port

Stilton – Sauternes

Blue – Riesling

Cambozola – Eiswein


Ricotta – Pinot Grigio

Mozzarella – Sauvignon Blanc

Goat – Chenin Blanc

Feta – Beaujolais

Burrata – Tocai Friulano


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