Campfire Recipes

Take a break, pitch a tent and explore the outdoors this season!

I know, the idea of “roughing it” for an extended weekend may not appeal to some, but if you do it right, a memorable experience can be shared by all. To help, we’ve compiled a few campfire recipes sure to excite. Click the links to view the full recipe.

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Forget the marshmallows. Using a skewer, bake these cinnamon roll-ups over an open flame.

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Campfire Nachos

Put that cast iron skillet to good use and try this new spin on a classic!

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BBQ Chicken Foil Packs

Chicken, fruit, veggies and barbecue. What more do you need?

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Dutch Oven Lasagna

Break out the dutch oven and treat yourself to a hearty meal under the stars!

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Idaho Sunrise

A surprisingly easy, and filling, recipe of eggs and bacon served in a potato. Perfect for breakfast, dinner, or a midnight snack!

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Camping Mac n’ Cheese

Another spin on a classic, prepared and served in an aluminum pie tin.

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