Pitco Fryers and Blodgett Ovens Promotion

Prices too low to show on Pitco and Blodgett Cooking Solutions

Our latest promotion centers around two of the biggest names in cooking equipment: Pitco and Blodgett. We’re offering prices too low to show on both popular brands, featuring a huge assortment of high performance commercial ovens, gas and electric fryers, steamers, and so much more. So, what does “prices too low to show” mean? It means that to view these limited time offers and see your discounted price, you have a couple options:

  1. Visit centralrestaurant.com and log in
  2. Call 800.215.9293 and speak to one of our knowledgeable product consultants
  3. Text 800.225.5107


Pitco Fryers

Pitco has been developing cooking solutions since 1918 with the goal to offer simple and reliable kitchen machinery for professional frying. They’ve fulfilled this goal and are still developing equipment to help customers create the best fried food possible for their guests. They specialize is manufacturing fryers, rethermalizers and pasta cookers. Their product assortment is designed to fit needs ranging from high efficiency and high volume, to economical. To view their entire assortment, click here.


Blodgett dates back to 1848 when founder Gardner S. Blodgett built his first oven for a local Vermont tavern owner. Now, still located in Burlington, Vermont, they’re an industry leader in commercial oven manufacturing. Covering everything from convection, hydrovection, combi, rotation rack, and deck oven design, they’re devoted to offering emerging innovations for industry solutions. Shop all Blodgett equipment and parts here.

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