Kolpak Walk-Ins – Providing Convenience and Flexibility

Kolpak, a division of Welbilt, puts a lot of thought behind their walk-in refrigeration. Plus, in the process, they exceeded many federal standards. This hard work resulted in a robust environmentally friendly construction, rigorous testing before shipping, low operational costs and assured food safety.

Welbilt manufactures Kolpak in house, which sets them apart from their competitors. For foodservice and restaurant operators, this means all Kolpak items come complete with a number of pre-assembled components and accessories.

In addition, Welbilt also performs a quality check on Kolpak walk-ins, inspecting for any leaks, and starts them up to ensure the product is ready to go and will operate properly.

Panels and Doors

Kolpak walk-ins have 4″ panels which exceed all federal insulation requirements. Each walk-in is 100 percent foamed into place with a non-CFC urethane foam. Coved corners on the floor panels allow for easier cleaning and greater sanitation. Cam locks ensure that your panels will lock to a rigid air-tight seal.

The door and door jambs are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) for structural integrity and provides a thermal break. The other great thing about using FRP is it doesn’t create condensation the way a metal door would. Doors close automatically at a 120° angle and satisfy energy regulations. This also helps alleviate worry about leaving the door open accidentally. Adjustable hinges ensure your door is properly sealed, keeping air inside the unit, and keeping outside air out.


Kolpak’s patented Era bracketed technology is approved for up to 1,000 lbs. per square ft. uniform load. This new floor design is built to last and eliminates floor delamination, which helps you avoid down-time on your walk-in. This is because the Era bracket eliminates the need for a plywood underlay on foot traffic floors, while enhancing its ability to handle light rolling cart traffic. This improved design continues to meet NSF and DOE requirements, as well. If you need a structural floor for heavy duty storage, Kolpak can help. The Era bracket on structural floors with the addition of 3/16″ overlay provides superior strength

Polar-Pak Offers Easy Installation, Quick Shipping

Have limited space or budget? Kolpak has your solution with their Polar-Pak walk-ins. These self-contained refrigeration units can be used in any configuration without the need for numbered panels. Top mount and side mount models are available.

Polar-Pak is the industry’s simplest installation. There’s no need for a refrigeration technician or a plumber (saving you money!) and offers superior air circulation around the coils, making it both economical and efficient to run. In the past, we’ve had two of our Product Consultants, neither of whom had ever put together a Kolpak walk-in before, quickly put together a Polar-Pak during a Kolpak visit to our office.

When you need it fast, some 7’6″ high Polar-Pak units Polar-Paks qualify for Kolpak’s Quick Ship Program. These units will ship within 48 hours after your order has been received!


KoldFront – When You Require a Walk-In with Greater Flexibility

Made from the same quality panels and components Kolpak is known for, the remote refrigerated KoldFront unit features Rapid-Ship components that are ready to assemble. 7’6″ or 8’6″ panel heights and single or two compartment options are available. This facilitates faster ship times and a potentially cost-effective solution depending on your requirements.

All KoldFront models are Rapid Ship, which means they ship within five days after your order has been received. Long lasting LED door section light with safety night light ensures safety and energy efficiency. Doors feature a standard kick plate for greater durability.

Shop Kolpak at Central

When you shop for Kolpak walk-ins at Central, you receive free shipping on all Kolpak units! Our Product Consultants are standing by to help you get the most out of your space by fitting you with the correct walk-in for your business. Shop today!


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