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Cody Bell is a Content Specialist for Central Restaurant Products, a foodservice equipment and supply distributor in Indianapolis. Cody writes for the catalog, website and blog. He interacts with Central's customers each day through Central's Pinterest account. Each year, Cody attends the National Restaurant Association Show. In addition, Cody has attended Vollrath University and the NAFEM Show.

10 Reasons to Buy an Arctic Industries Walk-In Cooler

Arctic Industries

Since 1981, Arctic Industries has been among the premier walk-in cooler manufacturers in the U.S. They offer quality walk-ins at an outstanding value.

Here are 10 reasons to purchase an Arctic Industries walk-in cooler.

Arctic Blue Line Walk-Ins

At Central Restaurant Products, we carry Arctic’s Blue Line series of walk-ins which have been designed to provide quick delivery at a low cost.

Blue Line walk-ins feature NSF listed panels with Acrylume finish, which minimizes fingerprints and oxidation. An inside safety release is included to prevent lock-ins. Doors include 24″H diamond tread kick-plates. All self-contained units include hot gas condensate, which means no plumbing connection is required!

Arctic at Central

Shop Arctic’s Blue Line at Central today. Don’t forget, all units ship free within the contiguous United States! If you have any questions, our Product Consultants are here to help. Call 800-215-9293 for more information.

Cooking with Cody – Amana RMS10TS Microwave

Our content specialist Cody has his own cooking show! Check it out below, featuring the Amana RMS10TS light duty microwave! Amana is a trusted manufacturer of commercial microwaves. They have a large variety of microwaves to fit your needs, from high speed models to light duty units. Visit for all your restaurant equipment needs.

Vendor Spotlight: Arctic Air

Since 1995, Arctic Air has been producing quality, affordable refrigeration products to the commercial equipment market in the United States and Canada. Arctic Air is a division of Broich Enterprises, Inc. and was created as a quality, lower cost alternative to the standard commercial refrigeration products offered at the time. Since that time, Arctic Air products have come to be known as very reliable alternatives for many common commercial applications.

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Arctic Air’s most popular model is the AR series of reach-in refrigerators and freezers. These solid door reach-in refrigerators and freezers are designed to bring you commercial performance at a great price. Their reach-ins are designed in a smooth stainless steel exterior which provide a quality, professional look. Features include electronic thermostat, bottom mounted compressor, which allows you to use the top of the unit for storage. The model’s front accessible condensing unit slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Food Prep Units

Arctic Air’s food prep units are tested to NSF Standard 7 requirements for open food storage, meaning your food will remain safe for customers throughout the day. Their sandwich and pizza prep tables include a full-length, heavy duty cutting board to do all of your prep work. Self-closing doors remain open at 90 degrees, making it easy to replace ingredients. Plastic pans come standard with each prep unit, which means your model is ready to go to work as soon as it arrives!

See Arctic Air’s complete line of products here.



Use Cres Cor Mobile Heating Equipment Anywhere – Even Zombie Weddings!

As a family owned company, Cres Cor has been making moves on the mobile food service industry since 1936! Cres Cor’s line of cook and hold, holding cabinets, and meal delivery carts will keep catering running smoothly and your guests happy…even if they’re the “death” of the party! Check out the video below for more!

Serve Frosty Bottles of Beer with Beverage-Air

Sometimes, there’s nothing better on a fall weekend than a frosty bottle of suds. Every weekend, millions of people venture out to bars to catch their favorite teams on the big screen. If you run a bar, it’s paramount that the equipment you use can hold up to the demands of a busy environment. That’s where Beverage-Air comes in. Their horizontal deep well bottle coolers ensure that you have cold bottles of whatever beverage throughout the day, keeping customers refreshed.

Bottle Coolers Built for Durability

Beverage-Air’s deep well bottle coolers feature one-piece, all-metal sliding lids, the strongest lid assembly in the industry. Open them, close them, slam them, it doesn’t matter – these lids are built to hold up! Choose from a wear-resistant vinyl on steel in Black finish, or Stainless exterior finish, with a galvanized interior and stainless steel floor. These heavy duty bottle coolers are insulated with CFC and HCFC-free foamed-in-place polyurethane inulation.

Cools Bottles Quickly for Quick Turnaround

Beverage-Air’s bottle coolers are constructed with high cooling RPM fans to provide fast cooling, which is great for those times of the day when product needs to be refilled. The forced air refrigeration system holds product between 36°F and 40°F on standard models.

Shop at Central

Beverage-Air bottle coolers are available right here at Central Restaurant Products. Choose from all different sizes and depths to fit your bar’s needs. Shop now!

Vendor Spotlight: Heritage Parts

When you purchase restaurant equipment—or any equipment for that matter, you expect it to give you several years of service. It’s an investment, and you want that investment to last! Nothing is guaranteed, however. No matter how well you take care of your equipment, parts wear down over time. Eventually, they may need replaced. When it comes time to replacing parts, it’s so important to know what part you need, and knowing that it is compatible with your unit. At Central, we have partnered with Heritage Parts, a top parts distributor to provide you the OEM parts you need to keep your equipment running well into the future.

Heritage Parts and Central

Heritage Parts is North America’s largest distributor of OEM replacement parts for commercial kitchen equipment. With 10 distribution centers across North America, getting the part you need quickly is no problem with Heritage. Central offers hundreds of thousands of parts from Heritage from hundreds of food service manufacturers. And if you have trouble finding the part you need, speak with one of our Product Consultants! We have a very tight partnership with Heritage and we will work together to find what you need!

Why OEM?

Heritage Parts supplies 100% genuine OEM parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” OEM parts are supplied directly by the equipment manufacturer, so you can be sure the part you’re putting in matches the part you are taking out. There are generic parts available that are made by a different manufacturer, which tries to mimic the look and functionality of the OEM part. While that option is typically cheaper, what you might not know is using generic parts will void most equipment warranties out there. So using OEM parts will save you over the long run!

Shop Central

Our Product Consultants are here to help if you need assistance recognizing what part you need to replace. Let them do the work for you! They will work with Heritage to identify and ship out the correct replacement. Online, our parts section is broken down by manufacturer to help make finding the right part easier for you.

Add European Flair to Your Display with Reveal Refrigerated Cases

Reveal is a versatile food display case that truly blends in with its surroundings. Now available at Central Restaurant Products, the Reveal is features a simple appearance so you see the food, not the display. Its European-influenced design features frameless insulated glass complemented by superior refrigeration performance, clean lines, and simple shelving. The result is a definitive and fresh focus on merchandising that reveals the epitome of functional beauty.

Reveal is Delicate, but Tough

The folks at Structural Concepts put Reveal models through a variety of impact and shipping tests, and the UV-bonded glass design passed with flying colors, meaning your Reveal will hold up to the rigors and abuse of shipping. This testing included 12″ drop testing, and 20G force impact tests, which resulted in no rubber cushion failure and no glass breakage.

The Reveal was put through the wringer in shipping, as well. It traveled 4,036 miles by common carrier, transferring through 10 terminals with no glass breakage or rupture of glass bonds.

Combining Art and Science

Creating an attractive display without sacrificing durability and performance is a tricky dance to perform. Structural Concepts has perfected the process by creating and testing a UV-bonded double pane glass design, which ensures safe food temperatures and a condensation-free display.

The Reveal is also designed to be energy-conscious. Structural Concepts’ Breeze-E self-contained refrigeration features an EnergyWise system, which reduces daily energy consumption by more than 50%. Its microprocessor controller recognizes ambient conditions and adjusts the defrost cycles automatically, eliminating guesswork, and resulting in consistent temperatures.

All Shapes and Sizes

No matter your space, there’s a Reveal case that can fit your needs. The Reveal series includes both refrigerated and non-refrigerated models, available in full service, self service, and combination styles. All models are 33″D and are able to fit through standard-size doors. Freestanding and slide-into-counter models are available. The freestyle units include a laminate panel in your choice of standard laminate.

Shop at Central

When you’re ready to explore the 100+ styles of Reveal, Central has them all! Find the style that works for you, and if you have any questions, our Product Consultants are available to talk.



Set Up a Kold Locker Walk-In Cooler in 15 Minutes!

Nor-Lake prides itself in manufacturing easy to use walk-in coolers and freezers. They know that as a business operator, time is money, and you don’t want to spend hours putting equipment together. That’s why Nor-Lake’s Kold Locker™ walk-in coolers and freezers can be put together in just 15 minutes!

Don’t believe us? Check out this video from Nor-Lake to see just how easy it is!

Kold Locker™ walk-ins feature full 4″ panel foamed-in-place with polyurethane insulation, keeping your contents cold and at safe temperatures. Indoor units feature an automatic condensate vaporizer, meaning no drain line is required! Locking handle for security and spring loaded door hinge makes sure your door closes securely. All Nor-Lake Kold Locker™ walk-ins feature a 15 year panel warranty.

Find Kold Locker™ at Central

Central Restaurant Products has hundreds of configurations of Nor-Lake’s Kold Locker™ walk-in, designed to fit your needs. Need something special? Our helpful Product Consultants are available to customize your order. An extended five compressor warranty is also available at an additional charge. Shop now!