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Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking: How Can It Help Your Restaurant?

The basic methods of cooking have remained the same throughout history – apply heat to food. Most cooking methods today are done in an oven or on a cook top, with the classic cook top being either gas or electric. However, a third option for cook top cooking is quickly growing in popularity: induction cooking.

Induction Cooking is the process of heating a cooking vessel (the pot or pan holding the food) through magnetic induction rather than from a flame or an electrical heating element.

Induction Cooking

Induction cooking was first introduced in the early 1900s, but struggled to grow in popularity due to high price tags and foreign technologies. Advances in technology and manufacturing in the last few decades have highlighted the advantages of induction cooking, and price tags have become more reasonable as competition increases.

The main difference between induction cooking and tradition cooking is how the food is heated. Traditional cooking requires heat – a flame or electrical heating element. A pan is set on this heat source, which heats the pan, and then heats the food inside. With induction cooking, the element itself does not warm. Instead, electromagnetic properties in the element interact with induction specific pans, which heats the pan, and then heats the food inside.

Induction: Pan Warms when in Contact with Element –> Cooks food

Traditional: Element warms –> Warms pan –> Cooks food

Induction cook tops are great solutions for many operations, but it is important to understand the good and the bad new equipment, and how they compare to that of traditional cooking options.

Induction Advantages

  • Speed
    • Induction cook tops boil water almost twice as fast as a gas range. How? Induction captures about 90% of the heat generated in the pan compared to 40% and 70% with a gas and electric cook top.
  • Safety
    • With no flame, there’s no grease fires. No combustion. No gas leaks. In a similar fashion, electric stove top elements get extremely hot and can easily burn operators.
    • Induction cook tops only get warm because the pan is hot – just as any surface would that a hot pan is on.
  • Cleanliness
    • Smooth, ceramic-glass plate is easy to wipe down. Element stays relatively cool through the cooking process so food does not “burn” onto the element.
  • Energy Saving
    • Induction cooking requires specific cookware where the magnetic energy heats the pan, then heats the food. Traditional cook tops heat the element, which heats the pans, which heats the food. Less energy usage means lower utility bills.
  • Precision
    • Gas cooking is often sought after because of the ability to easily control the heat to the food. Induction offers even more precise cooking than gas – no m ore burn spots!

Induction Disadvantages

  • Price
    • Because the technology is relatively new, induction cook tops are more expensive than traditional cook tops. However as the demand increases, more competition will increase efficiencies and drive the price down.
  • Cookware
    • Induction cook tops require specific cookware that contains iron that will react with the magnetic field.
  • Sound
    • At high settings, the cook top can make a hum or buzz sound from either the vibration from the magnetic field or a warped bottom of a pan.
  • Scratches
    • The glass top of induction cook tops is fragile just like an electric cook top. Carefully set down heavy cookware and avoid sliding around cookware with a rough bottom.
  • Repairs
    • Because the technology is relatively new, repairs will be more expensive when necessary.

Induction Cooking

The needs of every operator are different and each type of cook top has advantages and disadvantages. Still not sure if induction is the right choice for you? Speak with one of our helpful product consultants at 800.215.9293 and browse all induction products from top vendors with Central!

Everpure Logo

Everpure Keeps Restaurant Water Clean: Vendor Spotlight

Everpure believes that the health of the world depends on reliable access to clean water. As an industry leader of water filters, Everpure provides solutions for beverages taste, equipment protection and operational cost savings. A customer’s first impression of the dining experience in a restaurant is the water – make it exceptional water. 

Everpure Filtration
Improve Beverage Taste

A customer sits down excited for a great meal. They are greeted by their waiter with a glass of water, but there’s a problem…. their water is cloudy and has a strange taste. If the water is not clean, then how can the couple trust the quality of the food? The couple looks at each other and decides to find a different place to eat with clean water.

Everpure helps operators deliver clean, crisp and refreshing water that customers will love to drink. This fresh water is what makes the coffee, tea, and fountain drinks also taste delicious. Consistently great tasting drinks will keep customers coming back for more. So, how do Everpure filters clean the water?

  • Reduces chlorine, chloramines and unwanted chemicals
  • Decreases harmful contaminants
  • Minimize particulates that cause cloudy water

Protect Equipment

Steam cooking equipment has grown in popularity in recent years due to being user-friendly, the ability to cook large batches at a time, and the delicate results of food produced. However, the issue with steam cooking is the maintenance of the equipment. Regardless of whether the equipment is boiler-less or boiler-based, contaminants are left behind when water is converted to steam. These contaminants can cause scale and corrosion, which can lead to abrasion, clogging and corrosion.

Utilizing clean water to run the steam equipment is essential for efficient performance and a long life for the equipment. Everpure offers a range of systems to ensure clean water for this equipment. These systems:

  • Remove chlorine and minerals that cause damage
  • Improve efficiency and reduce breakdown
  • Allow for fewer delimings
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of your equipment investment

To find the right filter for any piece of equipment, utilize Everpure’s sizing guide here!

Everpure Filter

Make The Move

Browse online for all filters offered by Everpure and talk with one of our helpful product consultants at 800.215.9293 for personalized assistance!


Lakeside Foodservice Food Cart

Vendor Spotlight: Lakeside

With over 70 years of experience, Lakeside’s focus has remained centered on helping operators tackle tomorrow’s challenges. A diverse range of product lines helps operators transport, store, heat, cool, serve, dispense, organize, display and merchandise with the option for custom designs that fit your unique set up. Lakeside is dedicated to bringing innovative, sustainable and efficient equipment to the foodservice industry. Simply put, Lakeside is here to simplify your operations.

Utility and Bussing CartsLakeside Utility Cart

Lakeside offers utility carts in every size, style, and construction type that your operation needs. These carts are ideal for transporting heavy ingredients, dirty dishes during catering events, or every day service set up. Lakeside offers construction of durable stainless steel or plastic. Also, add on’s of silverware boxes and waste containers are also available to allow operators to customize their utility cart. Cart designs are thoughtfully made to ensure easy maneuvering. Many carts include features such as bumpers to protect walls, non-marking wheels, and ergonomic handles. The perfect utility carts!

Do you know what weight capacity your operation needs?

Carts Weight Capacity


Food Bars & Portable Bars

Lakeside Foodservice Food Carts

Portable food carts and bars from Lakeside give operators the ability to serve breakfast, snacks, drinks, and more from anywhere! Most carts feature durable welded stainless steel construction with stainless steel serving tops and insulated ice bins. The carts are easy to move with heavy-duty casters and easy-grip handles. Additionally, bumpers are featured on many carts to protect walls and furniture when maneuvering. Carts are customizable with various laminate finishes and graphic front panels. Because of all these fantastic features, the carts are perfect for breakfast at elementary schools, snack cart in a hospital, or anything else your operation may need!

Pan Racks

Lakeside Pan Racks

Pan racks are durable and efficient storage systems that are perfect for every kind of operation. The pan racks hold and transport sheet pans and trays safely on a variety of available casters including 4″ economical and 5″ heavy duty. Also, most models are made of welded stainless steel construction to withstand continual use.


Time to Shop!

Safely transport and store food with the plethora of Lakeside products available. Browse their full product offering online or call one of our helpful product consultants at 800.215.9293 for one on one help!



Commercial Hood Systems - Central Restaurant Products

Restaurant Hood System: Why it Matters and Everything Your Kitchen Needs

The Importance of a Restaurant Hood System

restaurant hood system is an essential piece of equipment for a safe commercial kitchen. These ventilation systems are the first line of defense to preventing fires in the kitchen. Restaurant Hood Systems are designed to remove heat, smoke and grease laden vapors that are generated while cooking to keep your commercial kitchen running safely and efficiently. With proper airflow established, these systems also reduce odors, improve air quality, and lower energy consumption in your commercial kitchen. In addition to all of these crucial benefits, kitchen ventilation systems are required by fire and health inspectors as well as insurance providers.

Components of a Hood System

Vent Hood

Placed over cooking equipment. Designed to remove excess steam, water vapor, heat, grease, smoke, odor and flue gas from the kitchen environment. Available in two types – type I or type II

Hoods require hood filters. Filters are available in stainless steel, galvanized, or aluminum; Welded or riveted in construction.

Baffle Filter

Series of vertical baffles that live within the hood. The filter captures grease and drains it away into a container. Designed for easy removal for cleaning.

Exhaust Fan

Gets the air moving within the system – taking the “poor” air out of the kitchen. Installed on the outside of the building.

  • Belt Drive Fans
    • Driven by belt and motor pulley
    • Friction caused by belt can decrease efficiencies and cause more repairs
  • Direct Drive Fans
    • Blade fan wheel directly attached to axle
    • More efficient system with less moving parts and maintenance

Make-Up Air Unit

Brings in clean air to circulate through the kitchen to “make up” for the grease laden air being suction out by the fan. Installed on the outside of the building.

Variety of Hoods

Hood systems are made in a variety of types, styles, sizes, and shapes to best fit restaurant kitchens around the world. There are two primary types of hoods, as well as 6 styles.


Type I          
  • Used for the collection and removal of grease and smoke
  • Always include listed grease filters or baffles for removal of grease
  • Required over restaurant equipment that produces smoke or grease-laden vapors. This includes: fryers, ranges, griddles, broilers, ovens, tilt skillets, etc.
Type II           
  • Considered general hoods for the collection and removal of steam, vapor, head and odors, where grease is NOT present
  • May or may not have grease filters or baffles
  • Typically used over dishwashers, steam tables, and the like
  • Can sometimes be used over ovens, steamers, or kettles if determined that they do not produce smoke or grease laden vapors


Wall-Mounted Canopy Mounted flush with a wall and used for all types of cooking equipment located against a wall
Single Island Canopy Ceiling mounted over a single line cooking island and used for all types of cooking equipment
Double Island Canopy Ceiling mounted over a back to back cooking island and used for all types of cooking equipment
Backshelf Hood Used for counter height equipment. Normally located against a wall, but are also used as freestanding units
Eyebrow Hood Used for direct mounting to ovens, as well as some dishwashers
Pass-Over Style Hood Used over counter-height equipment when a plate pass-over configuration is required

When Are Hood Systems Required?

Hood systems are required in commercial kitchens where heating elements are used. Over stoves, fryers, grills, tilt skillets, etc. The size and type of system required depends on the type of equipment being used and the number of cooking units. Note that manufacturers now offer some ventless hood options where the units are self-contained with powerful fans. These units open up opportunities for kitchen design and use of the unit.

The size and style of restaurant hood system needed for a kitchen varies greatly depending on the equipment used and local codes. It is best to work through your specific kitchen layout with an industry expert for assistance purchasing the correct system. Our team of knowledge and friendly product consultants is always ready to help at 800.215.9293

What Hood Filter Does My Kitchen Need?

Two things to consider when selecting the right hood filter for your commercial kitchen are the volume of product being cooked and the visibility of the kitchen to customers. A high volume kitchen requires a heavy-duty filter to withstand the abuse it will be receiving, so a stainless steel or galvanized filter would best. Additionally, if the kitchen is visible to customers, a shiny filter such as stainless steel would be most attractive. Of these two considerations, the durability of the filter should be the primary concern.


  • Stainless Steel
    • Most durable and easiest to clean
    • Best for high-volume operations
    • Attractive, shiny finish
    • Most expensive material option
  • Galvanized
    • Strong and long lasting
    • High performance at an affordable price
    • Stands up to degreasers and cleaning chemicals
    • Metal may become discolored after using cleaning chemicals
  • Aluminum
    • Light weight and affordable
    • Prone to corrosion and damage
    • Attractive, shiny finish
    • Cannot use harsh degreasers and cleaning chemicals


  • Welded
    • Baffles are made from the same single piece of metal as the frame
    • Back and front are welded together
    • Rigid and durable design – won’t easily bend
    • Heavy duty and long lasting
  • Riveted
    • Made of multiple pieces held together by rivets
    • Series of individual baffles inside filter
    • Somewhat flexible allowing rivets to loosen over time
    • Less expensive, but less durable option

When Should Hood Filters Be Replaced?

There is no standard time frame of when hood filters should be replaced. While the filter could last a couple of years in some kitchens, it could last only 6 to 8 months in another. Factors to consider:

  • Type of filter
  • Type of operation
  • Level of maintenance

It is important to inspect hood filters on a regular basis for wear or damage. When a filter is damaged, it cannot effectively do its job and becomes a fire hazard. If a filter is worn, clogged, damaged, or has excessive grease build up, it should be replaced right away.

When purchasing a new hood filter, it is important to know that the actual size of the filter is about half an inch less than the size listed.There is no standard sizing for hood filters. Keep baffles vertical to measure your filter and know that the vertical dimension is followed by the horizontal dimension.


  • Actual size: 9-5/8″ x 15-3/4″ x 1-3/4″
  • Filter size: 10″x16″

Hood Filter Cleaning

Regular upkeep of your hood filter keeps your kitchen safe. If the filters are ignored, grease can build up and cause a number of problems including poor air quality, excess heat, increased utility costs, and fire hazard. A regular cleaning schedule will prolong the life of your filter and overall system, but keeping a safe and clean kitchen.

  • Dishwasher
    • Run commercial dishwasher on highest temperature
    • Avoid harsh cleaners
    • Inspect that all reside was removed before drying
  • Soak Tank
    • Investment that saves time and labor
    • Fill soak tank with water and add safe cleaner
    • Soak filter overnight and rinse in the morning before reinstalling
  • Hand Wash
    • Use hot, soapy water and non-abrasive sponge
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals
    • Dry immediately after washing

Time to Shop!

Have more questions? Or ready to design your restaurant hood system? Call us at 800.215.9293 for one on one assistance! You can also browse online at our full line of hood systems and components!

Frymaster Fryers

Frymaster: Top Choice for Fryers in the Foodservice Industry

In 1935, the company’s founder P.F. Ratcliff built the very first Frymaster fryer with focus on the open frypot and the master jet burner. Frymaster has remained the industry leader in product innovation, efficiency, reliabilities and durability since this first fryer, always keeping quality and the customer’s needs at the center of their operations.

Precision is the essence of Frymaster quality. Manufacturing a superior design produces the level of performance, reliability, and durability operators have come to expect from Frymaster. See the difference in Frymaster fryers for yourself!



Frymaster’s complete fryer portfolio offers a solution for every commercial kitchen! Choose from open and tube type, gas and electric, value, performance, high-efficiency and oil-conserving models. Frymaster fryers are high performing, low maintenance, and easy to operate.

Top Models:

Frymaster Fryers


The quality of the oil used in your fryer will directly affect the quality of the food produced, as well as the longevity of your equipment. Keeping the oil clean is done with a filtration system. Frymaster offers both built-in and portable filtration that make this process quick, easy, and convenient.

Top Models:

Frymaster Fryer Filter


With everything from casters and fryer filter paper to extra fry baskets and skimmers, Central has all of the accessories that your Frymaster fryers and filters could need.

Frymaster Accessories

Energy Star

Energy Star products are given their designation due to designs that cut your energy usage, contributing to a cleaner environment. These Energy Star products lower your utility bills due to the lowered energy usage and in some states, qualify for large rebates, making these products even better investments! Frymaster boasts 9 consecutive years keeping you connected in the most  energy efficient way possible offering several Energy Star rated fryers to bring efficiencies to your commercial kitchen. Learn more about Energy Star Rated Fryers from Central Restaurant Products.

Energy Star Rebates Map

Ready to Shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers hundreds of fryers, filters and accessories from Frymaster. Browse online or speak to one of our expert product consultants at 800.215.9293 for assistance finding the perfect equipment for your kitchen!

Blodgett Ovens

Blodgett – Reliable Commercial Ovens

Blodgett Ovens began in 1848 when Gardner S. Blodgett build his first oven for a Vermont tavern owner. Today, Blodgett is the leading manufacturer of commercial ovens in the world. Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, hospitals, institutions, small businesses and large corporations alike rely on the Blodgett name to do the job right. Durable, efficient and reliable, Blodgett offers every kind of oven your commercial kitchen needs in order to be successful.

Convection OvensBlodgett Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are one of the most popular pieces of commercial cooking equipment. Known for their speed and efficiency, Convection Ovens use fans to circulate heated air through the cooking cavity to help foods cook as much as 35% faster than conventional ovens.

Blodgett believes in offering operators real and lasting value by building products with exceptional materials and craftsmanship. That’s why Blodgett convection ovens are the industry benchmark for quality and reliability, providing decades of rigorous use in any commercial kitchen. Blodgett offers hundreds of convection ovens in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring operators the perfect oven for every unique commercial kitchen!

Blodgett Convection Ovens

Combi Ovens

Blodgett Combi Ovens

Combi ovens get their name because they offer three ways to cook from one unit: pressureless steam, convection heat, and a combination of the two. This unique ability makes it possible to steam, poach, roast, blanch, bake, rethermalize or reheat, prepare sous vide products, and in some models, proof. The ability to perform each of these functions make it possible for commercial kitchens to consolidate both a convection oven and a steamer into a combi oven, helping to justify the seemingly high cost of the equipment.

All Blodgett Combi ovens are manufactured to the same tough standards as the most respected convection ovens in the world. Fit, finish and features are painstakingly considered before the Blodgett nameplate can be applied. Blodgett’s goal is to bring operators all of the features they need without the bells and whistles they don’t. Whichever Blodgett Combi you select, you are guaranteed a quality oven that will improve product quality and increase yield while decreasing your labor and cleaning costs.

Pizza Ovens

Blodgett Pizza Ovens

The Blodgett Deck Oven line has set industry wide standards for excellence in baking
characteristics, performance and reliability. Simplicity of design and quality construction
throughout assure years of trouble-free operation. Blodgett provides the strongest warranty
in the business with a standard five-year door warranty!

Blodgett Pizza Ovens

Energy Star

Energy Star products are given their designation due to designs that cut your energy usage, contributing to a cleaner environment. These Energy Star products lower your utility bills due to the lowered energy usage and in some states, qualify for large rebates, making these products even better investments! Blodgett offers several Energy Star rated ovens to bring efficiencies to your commercial kitchen. Learn more about Energy Star Rated Convection Ovens from Central Restaurant Products.

Ready to shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers thousands of Blodgett ovens, steamers and more. Browse online or speak to one of our expert product consultants at 800.215.9293 for assistance finding the perfect equipment for your kitchen!

Waring Commercial Products

Blend, Prep, and Cook with Waring Commercial


Waring Commercial began in 1937 when the company introduced the first blender to the United States. Today, Waring is one of the leading manufacturers of professional appliances for the foodservice industry. Waring Commercial offers high-performance, large-volume food processors and blenders, heavy-duty heating appliances such as grills, griddles, toasters and deep fryers, and a variety of specialty products. Waring strives to provide innovative products to help operators blend, prep, and cook like never before. With 80 years of manufacturing expertise locally and globally, Waring is proud to offer continuously expanding collections of superior professional products.

Waring BlendersBlenders

From immersion blenders to heavy-duty food blenders, Waring makes it easy to perfectly blend even the most complicated recipes. Since Waring brought the first blender to American in 1937, Waring has developed top of the line blenders for every part of the kitchen.

Top Models:

Waring Toasters


Waring Toasters provides reliability with their rugged designed made to withstand the demands of even the busiest kitchens!

Top Models:

Waring Sandwich Grills

Sandwich Grills

Waring Sandwich Grills open up the possibilities of your menu! Unrivaled speed and consistency make Waring Commercial panini grills especially appealing to foodservice operators who demand quality and quantity in their output. Equipped with advanced heating elements located above and below the food item, the panini presses cut cooking time significantly and ensure uniform results.

Top Models:

Waring Food Processors

Food Processors

Waring Food Processors simplify prep work for every shift. With the ability to process liquid, chop vegetables, and so much more, Waring has the model food operators need to keep their kitchen running smoothly!

Top Models:

Ready to shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers hundreds of Waring products across each of their reliable lines. Browse online or speak to one of our expert product consultants at 800.215.9293 for assistance finding the perfect equipment for your kitchen!

Vulcan Commercial Cooking Equipment

Vulcan: Done to Perfection

Vulcan History

The Vulcan name first appeared in 1890 with the formation of the Vulcan Gas Heating Company. Through the early 20th century, both the Vulcan and Hart companies grew and continued to add product lines until 1949 when Vulcan-Hart was formed as Hart Manufacturing Company acquired the Vulcan name and line of commercial products.

Since that time, Vulcan-Hart has become one of the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. The company continues to work ahead of the curve through research and development to provide operators with top quality kitchen equipment.

Vulcan Commercial Cooking Equipment


Vulcan manufactures ranges and fryers, griddles and heated holding with everything other kind of commercial cooking equipment in between! Their broad line of commercial, industrial and professional cooking equipment has been recognized by professional kitchen chefs and operators for its quality, energy efficiency and consistency.


Versatile and dependable, Vulcan’s commercial and professional ranges are built to work hard in operations of all sizes. Innovative features help you improve productivity and deliver the high-quality, consistent professional results needed to keep diners coming back to your restaurant for more.

  • Vulcan SX36-6B
    • 36″ wide range with (6) cast iron burners and (1) standard oven
    • LP or Natural gas operation
    • Stainless steel construction
  • Vulcan  60-SS-6B-24G
    • 60″ wide range
    • (6) cast iron burners, (1) standard oven, (1) baker’s width oven, 24″
    • LP or Natural gas operation
    • Endurance Range with most reputable bake in the industry
  • Vulcan EV36-S-6FP
    • 36″ wide range
    • (6) burners, (1) baker’s width oven
    • Electric operation
    • Porcelain bottom and door back

Convection Ovens

Vulcan commercial convection ovens provide consistently superior results. With either gas or electric models and a host of optional features and configurations suited for every professional foodservice need, you’ll find no greater value in convection ovens.

Vulcan Convection Ovens

  • Vulcan VC44GD
    • Double stack gas convection oven
    • LP or Natural gas operation
    • There are two independently operated stainless steel doors
    • Energy Star rated
  • Vulcan VC4GD
    • Single stack gas convection oven
    • LP or Natural gas operation
    • Unique heat recovery system to recirculate air and save energy
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Energy Star rated
  • Vulcan VC44ED
    • Double stack electric convection oven
    • 208V or 240V electric connection required
    • 60 minute timer with audible alarm so operator can hear in even the busiest kitchens


Vulcan innovative fryers are easy to operate and maintain, maximizing your productivity and minimizing your restaurant’s operational costs. With faster recovery, they’re designed to be the most profitable pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen, day in and day out.

Vulcan Fryers

  • Vulcan LG300
    • 35-40 lb. oil capacity
    • LP or Natural gas operation
    • Freestanding Economy Fryer
  • Vulcan 1ER50A-2
    • 50 lb. oil capacity
    • Electric operation
    • Quicker Recovery and More Surface Area with Flat Ribbon Heat Elements

Energy Star

Energy Star products are given their designation due to designs that cut your energy usage, contributing to a cleaner environment. These Energy Star products lower your utility bills due to the lowered energy usage and in some states, qualify for large rebates, making these products even better investments! Vulcan has put in countless hours of research and development to product cooking equipment that exceed these strict regulations to save you money in the long run. Learn more about Vulcan Energy Star Rated products from Central!

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Central Restaurant Products offers thousands of Vulcan products across every product line. Browse their products on our website or talk one on one with a expert product consultant at 800.215.9293 to find the perfect Vulcan equipment for your commercial kitchen!