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Intermetro: A Storage System for Every Application!

Who is Metro?

Intermetro has aimed to make the world more organized and efficient for over 80 years. Now, Metro offers over 30,000 products ranging from wire shelving and heated cabinets to food pan carriers and special application carts. Each product is carefully designed to expertly meet the needs of commercial operators, no matter the size of their kitchen! So, what are two must have Metro products for your kitchen? The Metro Mightylite and Metro Shelving!

Food Pan Carriers


The MightyLite Insulated Pan Carrier from Metro is the top pick from chef’s! Extra strong, extra light weight, and extra insulated. The pan carrier is designed to make moving hot or cold food easier – making it perfect for catering! The Mightylite has ergonomic built-in handles, safe holding for 5+ hours, a 270 degree swing door for easy loading, and advanced polymer foam construction for unbelievable strength. See the incredible strength for yourself here!




Shelving in a commercial kitchen is essential. For storing ingredients, ware-washing, and so much more, your shelving will be used each and every day. Intermetro offers wire, plastic, solid, and adjustable shelving, all made with uncompromised reliability and flexibility to fit the needs of your unique configuration. A variety of materials and finishes are all offered to fit every application. Which finish best fits your environment?

  • Stainless Steel: for the most aggressive applications and environments
  • Chrome Plating: the “real” Nickel-chrome finish for dry, low humidity environments. Metro’s chrome finish includes a protective lacquer coat
  • BRITE: economical, chromate finish for dry, low humidity environments. Provides the look of chrome and includes a protective lacquer coat
  • Metroseal 3 Epoxy: corrosion resistant finish for wet or high humidity environments. Microban antimicrobial product protection is built into the finish to keep the product “cleaner between cleanings”
  • Standard Epoxy: a plastic aesthetic and basic protection for dry environments. Black epoxy is NSF listed for dry environments.

But it’s not just the finish that is important to consider when picking shelving for your commercial kitchen. The application of the shelf will also dictate the style that is needed:

  • Vented: shelf design allows for easier loading and unloading of product, as well as good air circulation for drying and temperature regulation (to help prevent mold!). Vented shelving is also generally lower in weight which allows for easier mobility
  • Solid: shelf design is ideal for messy areas like food prep and ware-washing to control spills and store small items because the surface is easy to clean

Need more information on Intermetro shelving before making a decision? We completely understand! We know that Metro sets the standards for durable and innovative shelving, and we know that with thousands of options, it can be overwhelming! See the video below from Metro comparing their industry leading shelving and call one of our helpful product consultants at 800.215.9293 for one on one assistance. If you are ready to shop, browse online with Central to see all of the great products that Metro has to offer!

Southbend Manufacturing – Heavy Duty Commercial Cooking Equipment since 1898

Who is Southbend?

In 1898, Southbend Manufacturing began their journey as one of the most reliable manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. Since the opening of their doors, Southbend has streamlined their processes for perpetual innovation in an ever changing industry, making them the global leader in heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment today.

Southbend offers everything from ranges and convection ovens to fryers and steamers to complete your commercial kitchen!

Restaurant Ranges

Southbend offers three lines of restaurant ranges: Ultimate Ranges, S-Series Ranges, and Electric Ranges. Each line offers unique advantages. Which is right for your commercial kitchen?

Ultimate Ranges

The Ultimate Range is available in five sizes and over 1,200 configurations. These ranges are engineered to perform and built to last! Features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Higher BTU’s and High Efficiency Snap Action Thermostat for easy control
  • Cast iron grates
  • Manual gas shut off
  • Metal Knobs

S-Series Ranges

Southbend’s S-Series restaurant range offers a quality, versatile range for commercial foodservice applications. 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ widths and a number of top configurations are available. Configurations include combinations of open burners, griddles and hot tops. Additional features include:

  • Stainless steel front, sides and removable shelf
  • Individual, removable cast iron grate tops
  • Smooth, polished 1/2″ steel griddle plate with raised sides available thermostatic or manual
  • Removable crumb drawers under burners
  • Metal knobs with red stripe

Electric Ranges

The Electric Range is available in several configurations to accommodate any kitchen. Standard, Convection, and TruVection base are available. Features include:

  • Stainless Steel Front, Top and Sides
  • Hatchable to Pass Through 26″ Opening
  • Includes 6″ NSF Listed Legs
  • Front Serviceable
  • 36″ Cooking Height

Ready to Shop?

Central has partnered with Southbend to offer their complete line of heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment, including the Ultimate Ranges, S-Series Ranges and Electric Ranges. Browse online or call one of our helpful product consultants for one on one assistance at 800-215-9293

Pitco Frialator

Pitco: The Fryer Experts

Pitco Frialator had their beginnings in 1918 with the goal of creating simple and reliable kitchen equipment for professional frying. As the company celebrates 100 years of service this year, their goal remains the same and Pitco continues to design and produce equipment that makes it easy for food service operators to offer the best in fried foods!

The Pitco Difference

Pitco was voted Best in Class by Dealers, Operators, and Overall for their Freestanding Floor Fryers in 2017. And for good reason! Pitco fryers are available in a wide variety of sizes with premium features such as fully automated filtration, SmartOil Sense, and InfinityTouch. Long lasting, high temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency to help your fryer last. Backed by parts and labor warranties, Pitco stands behind the quality of their products!

Pitco Best in Class

Product Offerings & Top Selling Models

  • Fryer Accessories & Parts
    • From fryer baskets and fryer filter powder to casters and fryer brushes, there is a plethora of accessories and parts that you may need at some point when owning your commercial fryer.

Energy Star

What is Energy Star? It is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency designed to help save consumers money while also protecting the environment through products that utilize less resources. In the food service industry, these more efficient products lower utility bills and in many areas, even qualify you for sizable rebates. Learn more about Energy Star, read our recent blog post here.

The Pitco VF35 is the first ever value priced fryer that is energy star rated. The 35 lb. fryer features a stainless steel tank, front, door, sides and back splash for long term durability as well as a lower flue temperature to generate more production per BTU. The gas control valve prevents gas flow to the burner until the pilot is established and the temperature limit switch safely shuts off all gas flow when the fryer temperature exceeds the upper limit. This value fryer boasts 70,000 BTU while using 35% less gas and giving the same production level as a 35C+S! Easily cook 55-60 lbs. of french fries per hour with this power horse while using less energy!

Rebate: depending where you live, qualify for rebates between $75 to $1900!

Ready to shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers Pitco’s entire line of available products online! Browse online and give us a call at 800.215.9293 to speak with one of our friendly product consultants for one on one assistance.


Garland Ranges

Garland Electric Ranges – Unmatched Performance & Durability

Garland, a division of the Welbilt brand, has been manufacturing top quality ranges since 1864 where their operations began in a small Foundry in Detroit. Over the last 150+ years, Garland has engineered ranges inspired by chefs to unleash your unlimited culinary creativity through unmatched performance and durability. The company has listened to the needs of chefs and created ranges so intuitive and adaptive, it helps you take food further!

Garland Electric Ranges

Advantages of Electric Ranges

Depending on the application, electric ranges can be the perfect solution for your commercial kitchen. The biggest advantage? Many see an added layer of safety in electric ranges due to the fact that a standing pilot light is not required at all times. For many churches and schools who only use their range a few days a week, the electric range poses simplicity and safety as a key advantage.

Speaking of safety, Garland electric ranges feature over heat protection where elements that are turned on for more than 8 minutes without a pot or pan on it, automatically has its power reduced! No more accidental burns to your staff!

An additional advantage is the simplicity of upkeep. No need to remove and clean grates after each use! Garland’s high-performance elements on their electric ranges are sealed to provide greater heat  and easier clean up! No more sauces or crumbs falling in small cracks that are impossible to clean.

The Garland Advantage

Garland Electric Ranges are designed to simplify operations in your commercial kitchen while performing at the highest level. With a 10″ high standard backguard, sealed elements to provide greater heat and easier cleaning, a durable stainless steel exterior, and so much more, Garland Electric Ranges are an easy choice.


Garland Ranges offers hundreds of ranges in various sizes and styles, but if those do not fit your needs, Garland allows your kitchen to build for your future and your specific needs. Add broilers, griddles, casters, change sizes, and so much more while always providing performance that the competition can’t match.

Shop with Central!

Ready to shop? Shop with Central and save on top quality ranges from Garland! Have questions? Call 800-215-9293 to speak with one of our helpful protect consultants!

Metro: Vendor Spotlight

Intermetro Corporation

Since 1929, Metro has been on a mission to make the world more organized and efficient, starting with the industry standard for wire shelving. Metro’s mission has remained constant through the years as their products evolved and grew. From shelving to carts to cabinets and more, Metro products are built for durability and increased productivity. 

Innovation with Metro

Metro puts their customers first by creating innovative products that simplify the kitchen and with unrivaled performance. Two prime examples of such innovation is the Mightylight carrier and the MetroMax 4 shelving:


The mightylite is an ultra lightweight, ultra strong insulated carrier designed to help operators move hot and cold bulk food more easily. It is 60% lighter than traditionally molded carriers, keeps food safe for 5+ hours, easily stacks, is easy to clean, and completely recyclable.

For more information, check out this video from a recent visit from Metro!

MetroMax 4 Shelving

MetroMax 4 shelving from Metro is made of corrosion-proof polymer with Metro’s proven stability and unrivaled value. The shelving is built to hold up to 600 lbs per shelf, it is easy to clean, and comes with a wide range of options.

Save Big!

For a limited time, enjoy low prices AND free shipping on Metro’s entire assortment, with additional savings on Metro holding cabinets! Same day shipping available on several Metro items.

Promotion excludes Mightylite food pan carriers. For questions, call 800.215.9293 to speak with one of our knowledgeable product consultants.

Buying Guide: Food Pans and Layouts

Food pans are essential to the foodservice industry. They start in the food prep area then make their way to display in a steam table, hence their other name: Steam table pans. Each food pan manufacturer has different construction types and benefits to best fit your foodservice establishment.

Pan Sizes

There are a variety of food pan sizes to best fit your current table’s configuration which all depends on the types of food you are serving. In some instances, it is beneficial to use a full size pan, while in others, you may want to break things up and use multiple food pans in the same well. With Central’s selection, options are endless.

Below is a diagram to show the different food pan size offerings from Central:

Food Pan Sizes

When dividing up a steam table, you will need to use adapter bars. Adapter bars enhance the steam tables presentation but more importantly, eliminate gaps that may cause steam loss. They also reduce energy consumption.

Below is a diagram to show the different ways adapter bars can be used with multiple sizes of food pans in the same well:

Food Pan Sizes

Adapter Bar Key

Adapter Bar Color Key

  • Blue: 20″L — Model# 101-002
  • Red: 12″L — Model# 101-001
  • Green: T-Shaped — Model# 913-V17


From stainless steel gauges to reinforced corners, there are many factors to consider when shopping for a food pan.

Steel Gauges

Stainless Steel Gauges

When choosing a gauge size, keep one thing in mind: The lower the gauge number is, the thicker the steel will be. So, for instance, a 22 gauge food pan will be thicker than a 24 gauge. Foodservice operations that depend heavily on using food pans may want to consider a lower gauge for durability.

Pan Corner


If you have had to get a food pan out of a steam table before, you know at times it is not the easiest task. Many food pans now are “anti-jamming” or have a tapered or angled ramp on the corner for easy lifting. Others include coved corners for easy serving or pouring.

Pan Edge


Food pans with a flat edge will keep the pan tight in the well and promote easier handling with a larger gripping area.

Decorative Pans

Decorative Pans

Food pans are not just limited to rectangles and squares. Today, manufacturers have different shapes, such as Vollrath’s Super Pan® Super Shapes that are designed to fit in existing food pan wells but liven up the presentation with unique designs or shapes. These decorative food pans also have their own adapter bars.


There are many accessories you can add to your food pan purchase to make things easier or more efficient for staff that include:

Disposable Pan Liner
  • Wire grates: Ideal for draining, cooling and more
  • False Bottoms: Hold food above the pan bottom for draining
  • Disposable Pan Liners: Perfect for easy clean-up and can be used in both hot and cold settings
  • Disposable Pan Covers: Plastic that fits over a pan and shrinks once put in an oven for a tight-fit
  • Lids: Available in a variety of options from hinged and flexible to one that can be used with different food pan sizes

Ready to shop? Browse our wide variety of shapes and sizes on our website or call one of helpful product consultants for one on one assistant at 800.215.9293!

My KitchenAid Mixer Does What?!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It is a season full of giving, cheer, baking cooking, and cooking delicious meals. We know how important delicious meals and desserts are to our friends throughout the food service industry, and time is very limited in your busy kitchens, especially this time of the year! Today, we want to share some great recipes to put to use something you probably already utilize everyday in your kitchen: your KitchenAid mixer!

While the KitchenAid mixer is a great option for mixing bread dough, cakes and mashed potatoes, the hub attachments offer possibilities of culinary magic, all while saving you time and energy. Check out these recipes to try this Christmas season!

Commercial KitchenAid Mixer

#1: Food Grinder Attachment

The Food Grinder attachment serves many purposes. The powerful motor makes it easy to quickly grind meat, fruits and vegetables, dry bread or cheese! Recipe possibilities for this Christmas?

#2: Slicer/Shredder Attachment

The slicer/shredder attachment makes varying slices of fruits and vegetables, as well as fine or coarse shreds of vegetables, nuts and cheeses. The item includes two slicers and two shredder cones and is dishwasher safe & easy to attach. Great ways to put this attachment to work:

#3: Citrus Juicer Attachment

Quickly and easily juice citrus fruit with this attachment! The attachment utilizes the power of the mixer’s motor to get the job done right! The innovative design allows the juice to fall directly into the bowl, pitcher or cup below.

Wow your guests with freshly squeezed juices! One of our current favorites? Grapefruit juice with lemon and orange! (Juice combined from 3 grapefruits, 3 orange, 2 lemons). Have fun experimenting with juice combinations, or add the juice to cocktails, and more!


We want to hear what is your favorite thing to make with your KitchenAid Mixer! Share with us in the comments! Have more questions about KitchenAid products? One of our helpful product consultants would be happy to answer them – call us at 800.215.9293!



Commercial Milk Coolers

Milk Coolers: Cold Wall vs Forced Air | Which Is Best?

Commercial Milk Coolers are generally thought of as essential in school cafeterias for young children, and they are! However, they are also very applicable for hospitals, churches, college campuses, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other foodservice establishments! Milk Coolers serve as a way to reduce labor and delivery time and additionally, the ability to easily store and serve drinks or snacks can dramatically increase sales!

Milk Coolers come in many different forms: top-access, side-access, dual-sided, cold wall and forced air. So what is the best option for your establishment? Let’s go over some major differences.

Cold Wall

Cold Wall Milk Coolers utilize a cold-wall evaporator where tubes are installed directly into interior walls of the unit. The cooling is then even spread through all walls of the unit, providing a “cold box.” This method of cooling is well-suited for tightly packed storage of product. With no internal cooling systems to take up space in the cabinet, a high volume of product in the unit is again supported through Cold Wall cooling.

Cold Wall Milk Cooler

Forced Air

Forced Air Milk Coolers are powered by a fan mounted inside of the unit. The unit worked similarly to a window air conditioner unit where the fan vents out the back of the cooler. Inside the cooler, the fans circulate air over an evaporator coil which removes the heat from the air and cools the units and contents inside.

When shopping for a forced air unit, know where the fans are located. Top mounted fans allow for fuller storage in the cabinet because the fans take up less space inside the cabinet, and also allows for better air movement.

Forced Air Milk Cooler

Ready to Shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers a wide array of options in Milk Coolers. Browse online or call one of our helpful Product Consultants to friendly assistance in your purchase at 800.215.9293!