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Tracey Rector is a Content Specialist for Central Restaurant Products, a food service equipment and supply distributor in Indianapolis. She writes for Central's catalog, website and blog and provides latest foodservice information on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Each year, Tracey attends the National Restaurant Association Show. She has also attended Vollrath University, Vulcan University and Social Media Examiner's Social Media and Blogging Success Summits.

Turbo Air: Creating Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigeration

Turbo Air

If you’re In the market for new commercial refrigeration and are looking to save money on energy use, look no further than Turbo Air. Turbo Air strives for less energy consumption and better performance throughout their line of commercial refrigerators and freezers, while keeping the size of the compressor the same.

Central Restaurant Products has Turbo Air’s full line of refrigeration products to help you find the solutions you need at competitive prices. Oh, and free shipping too!

Why Choose Turbo Air?

Turbo Air equipment includes several energy efficient technologies that save you money on utilities and prolong the life of your equipment. In fact, they have over 80 products qualified under the latest Energy Star guidelines. By purchasing Energy Star rated equipment, you could qualify for rebates from your utility company.

Other benefits include:

Self-Cleaning Condenser System

Turbo Air units are known for their self-cleaning condensers. When you have a high traffic area that produces a lot of dust, the ability of the condenser from properly reducing heat becomes compromised. This results in lessened efficiency. The self-cleaning condenser system cleans the condenser using a rotating brush that moves up and down 2-3 times per day. This prevents any dust build-up, which keeps your unit running efficiently.

Energy Saving Fan Controller

Every refrigerator has a fan motor, which runs continuously throughout the day to circulate cold air. The fan generates a lot of heat when in use. When the compressor is not running, that means the fan can start circulating warm air instead of cold.

To combat this, each Turbo Air refrigerator has a fan controller, which is used to strategically stop the fan motor from running once an increase in temperature is detected within the unit. This can translate into 15% to 25% in overall energy savings, as well as an increase in the lifespan of the compressor.

Larger Condensers

For higher efficiency, Turbo Air uses condensers sized 10% to 20% larger than the industry standard more efficiently draw heat from your condenser coils.

LED Interior Lighting

Turbo Air units use LED interior lighting, which not only are more energy efficient, but also use optimal light angles for enhancing your display effects.

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Central Exclusive Value Series

Central Exclusive and Value Series Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Great Features and Prices

In the market for a new commercial refrigeration or an ice machine? Central has you covered! Our selection of Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines has great features at great pricing! No matter what your budget is, these two lines of equipment will work for you. From merchandisers and coolers to prep tables and all of your ice needs, we have an option for you.

Plus, most items are in stock and have free same-day shipping. This will get the equipment you need to you as quickly as possible!

ExclusiveCentral Exclusive

Central Exclusive equipment are products designed with you in mind and can only be found at Central.  They have been hand-selected for you and your operation because of their high-quality design and construction. Central Exclusive equipment meets the extreme demands of a commercial kitchen, school cafeteria and all other foodservice establishments.

By choosing Central Exclusive equipment for your business, you can also take advantage of:

  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranties
  • Great pricing

Value SeriesValue Series

Our Value Series line of equipment meets our high quality standards but are priced lower than leading national brands. We feel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when trying to keep to your budget and making your customers happy.

All Value Series products must meet the following standards:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality grade materials and construction
  • Efficient performance
  • Reliability and durability

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Be sure to take advantage of great prices and quality products with our Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines. Plus, most items qualify for free same day shipping.

commercial kitchen equipment

The Importance of Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When outfitting a restaurant or foodservice operation, it is important to choose commercial kitchen equipment. It might be easy to run around the corner and pick up a residential unit. In the long run, it will be the more expensive route. If budget is an issue, you can work to find a commercial unit in your price range. But you need to know the reasons why residential items should not even be an option for your kitchen.

Proper Performance

When working at a restaurant, you are constantly using your commercial kitchen equipment. This type of equipment is constructed to handle the heavy duty use and abuse that a kitchen brings. There are many features of each to help it meet your needs.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are other elements of performance that are important for commercial kitchen equipment. For instance, different types of blenders, food processors, etc. will have a higher horsepower and better motor that is made to last. If you purchase a residential unit and use it in a commercial setting, it will not last long.

Then in other areas such as refrigeration or cooking equipment, they have larger capacities and more durable features. This will make your restaurant be more efficient.

Commercial is also important for some smallwares. For instance, airpots and coffee servers that are commercial grade will hold temperature much longer. So when you are debating spending a few less dollars on a residential product, know that it will cost you more long-term.

Think of it this way: If using residential equipment in a commercial kitchen, you are basically throwing money out the door.

Safety Features

Commercial kitchen equipment and supplies will have the proper safety features to keep your employees from injuries.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are also standards put in place on commercial grade equipment, including the NSF rating. The NSF label ensures the piece of equipment meets health standards and will pass inspection if the Health Department drops by.

Keep in mind, if you fail your inspection, it will cost to have the health department come back. And if your restaurant had to be shut down, you would have to pay again to have your health permit reinstated. Play it safe and make sure you use NSF rated equipment in the areas that require it. Learn more about commercial food equipment standards from the National Sanitation Foundation’s website.

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To find a wide selection of commercial kitchen equipment, let Central help! If you are choosing residential pieces for your kitchen due to price or for questions, we can help find the proper commercial pieces at the price point you need. Call us at 800-215-9293 or live chat!

foodservice industry news

Foodservice Industry News Week in Brief: September 9, 2016

Welcome to the end of the week! Check out this week’s top foodservice industry news stories, Central blogs and promotions for the week of September 5-9, 2016!

Foodservice Industry News

  1. Eater: The 23 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Fall 2016
  2. Fortune: Jimmy John’s Scraps Plan for IPO
  3. Nation’s Restaurant News: Menu Tracker
  4. QSR Magazine: The Fast Casual Empire in the Making
  5. Restaurant Hospitality: Hugh Acheson Punches up the Menu at Punch Bowl Social
  6. Restaurant News: Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries is Shaking it Up for National Milkshake Day
  7. The Verge: Amazon Rides into London’s Restaurant Delivery Wars
  8. QSR Web: 15K Restaurants Deploy Everything from Unicorns to Engaged Employees to Fight Hunger
  9. The Washington Post: Starbucks is Brewing Up Feel-Good Digital Civic Lessons to Go with its Coffee
  10. Fast Casual: Fast Casuals, Not Fine-Dining Brands, Leading Restaurant Segment in Design Innovation

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foodservice industry news

Foodservice Industry News Week in Brief: August 19, 2016

Welcome to the end of the week! Check out this week’s top foodservice industry news stories, Central blogs and promotions for the week of August 15-19, 2016!

Foodservice Industry News

  1. Eater: Restaurant chain removes short-lived ‘living wage’ surcharge
  2. QSR Web: Online or Offline – Ways your restaurant can tap into Pokemon Go craze
  3. Convenience Store News: Small fuel retailers call for even playing field
  4. HuffPost Food: Is Teff the new superfood?
  5. Restaurant Hospitality: New chef-driven food hall captures Chicago flavors
  6. Nation’s Restaurant News: Same-store sales fall in July for third straight month
  7. NY Daily News: Oreo’s new Swedish Fish cookies make a splash
  8. Food 52: 26 times fruits and vegetables disguised themselves as dairy and fooled us all
  9. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies: Military foodservice personnel home culinary skills
  10. Fortune: Inside McDonald’s bold decision to go cage free

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3 Essential Pizza Tools and Equipment for Your Restaurant

Pizza Tools and Equipment

People love pizza! The key to increasing regulars is consistent results and service. To make the perfect product over and over, you need the right pizza tools and equipment. Take some time to check your current tools and equipment. From here, determine what you can do to help your bottom line.

Pizza Ovens

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Deck and conveyor pizza ovens serve different purposes. Depending on the type of pizza you serve and your operation type, you might not be using the right oven. Deck ovens are great for crispy pizza. They use a conduction method of heat for an even bake. Also, they can accommodate several other menu items and provide the same great even bake. Deck ovens are an essential pizza tool for pizzerias and casual, full-service or larger scale restaurants. If you need something that cooks quick and is easy for any skill level, consider a conveyor oven. They provide a great pizza that you can deliver to your customer in a short amount of time. Plus, they are easy to operate and do not need the attention a deck oven would when it comes to cooking. Learn more about deck and conveyor ovens to find the best one for you!

marsal pizza oven

Image from Marsal ovens

Pans and Screens

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For the best final pizza product, using the right pizza pan or screen is crucial. Trays are great for a variety of crusts. They are great for the entire cooking and serving process to cut down on pizza tools used. For crispier crust, go with a pizza screen. Their perforated design allows the air to move through evenly for that perfect slice. Serving deep dish? There are a variety of deep dish pizza pan constructions to accommodate your budget. Pizza stones are another great option for crispy crust in artisan operations. Why? When preheated they transfer that heat to the product. Learn more about pizza pans and stones to determine if you are using the right serving and cooking pizza tools.

pizza tools pans and screens

Serving and Holding

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After the cooking process is over, you need the right pizza tools to hold and serve your pizza. Make sure you have the right tools to easily cut and serve. There are a variety of pizza tools, such as blades and rocker knives to make the process seamless. For delivery operations, make sure you have the right pizza holding cabinet.  This ensures your pizza stays warm. You need to have a cabinet that distributes heat evenly. You also need to ensure food remains at food safe temperatures. It can also be a challenge to maintain that heat if you need to deliver that pizza to a home. Invest in an insulated pizza bag that will ensure that pizza stays hot for customers. There are even some units with racks to help drivers pull out different orders. This pizza tool also helps prevent boxes from collapsing or smashing other boxes.

serving pizza
Let Central Help!

Looking for the right pizza tools and solutions for your restaurant or pizzeria? Central can help! Give us a call at 800-215-9293 and shop our pizza section. We have a variety of essentials to provide the perfect pizza that will keep customers coming back!

Vollrath University

Throwback Thursday: Central’s 2012 Visit to Vollrath University

Vollrath is a great manufacturer that makes solutions that will help your restaurant, foodservice, etc! Multiple times a year, they host Vollrath University to help those in the industry better understand Vollrath’s products and brand to help them better serve their customers. Central has groups that attend each year, and here is a snapshot of our visit in 2012!