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Frosted Glass from BevAir RC-500

The RC-500: Frost and Flair from Bev-Air

Coughlin’s law: never show surprise, never lose your cool.

If you are familiar with that, or any of the other Coughlin’s laws (including the many unfit for print here), you may be a fan of the bartending practice of flairing. You also likely one of the few true admirers of the 1988 movie Cocktail, where actor Bryan Brown dispensed that sage advice to his bartender apprentice Tom Cruise.

And if you or your bartending employees are prone to juggling cocktail shakers, twisting and flipping bottles of liquor, or maybe even setting your bar aflame to amuse your customers – we may have a new tool for your arsenal.

Check out the Beverage Air RC-500 Glass Froster

The Bev Air RC-500 at NAFEM Show 2015

The Bev Air RC-500 at NAFEM Show 2015

When our purchasing team saw the Beverage Air RC-500 as a prototype at the 2015 NAFEM show in Anaheim, California, they knew this was a practical product with serious potential. The RC-500 is a small, counter mountable unit that uses a blast of CO2 gas to instantly frost a beer, champagne or cocktail glass. No need to store glasses in a large glass chiller unit for several hours. You chill whatever glass you need on-demand with a simple lever, an attention getting ‘whoosh’ of compressed gas and an added bonus LED light show projected onto the glass.

How does it work? You simply mount the dispensing head to your bar or work counter and hook it into any Liquid CO2 cylinder with a probe attachment. You can get these from your carbonated beverage supplier. Hide the tank under your counter or in a remote area and you are ready! That’s it. It requires no electrical connection and the froster only uses two AA batteries to power the LED light show. Best of all, this method will not affect the taste, carbonation or temperature of your drinks. The CO2 gas turns moisture into a frost that adds to the visual appeal of your glass while ensuring a cold, satisfying beverage experience.

Find the Beverage Air RC-500 Glass Froster from Central Restaurant

Get your Glass Froster from  Central

Production Model of the Rapid Chill Glass Froster

Central Restaurant recently added the RC-500 glass froster to our website. It is now available for immediate shipping at a competitive price. But, you don’t have to wait for the latest industry products to show on our website before you can purchase them! Our product consultants have access to most items from all the industry’s leading manufacturers. Want something that you don’t see or need a custom configuration? Just give us a call at 800-215-9293 and our team will do it’s best to source and special order your item! Our consultants are available via online chat as well.

And if your establishment isn’t into all that flash and flair but still needs to frost a glass or two just remove the two AA batteries that power the pretty little LED lights.

Cool Under Pressure: The Portacool Islander™ Patio Cooler

Does your business use an outside patio to expand your available dining area? If so, you may have invested in an outdoor patio heater to keep your patrons toasty when temperatures dip due to the cool night air, or during the shoulder seasons around summer. These heaters are a reasonable investment that improves patron satisfaction and minimizes empty outdoor seats.

Did you know there is a product that can have the same effect on your business during those hot summer days? Central Restaurant offers a simple solution that can bring down the ambient temperature of an open patio area up to 30°F – regardless of the humidity. It’s called the Portacool Islander™ and factory reps recently stopped by to explain the ins-and-outs of this unique piece of equipment to our product consultants.

What is the Islander™?

Portacool Equipment has been used for years on the sidelines.

Portacool equipment on the sidelines.

You may have not heard of the Islander™, or its manufacturer Portacool, LLC, but you’ve likely seen some of their other products in the background of your TV. Their industrial-sized cooling machines can be seen on the sidelines of many professional sports to keep athletes cool, or inside massive factories and warehouses where traditional HVAC systems are ineffective. A couple of years ago, the company set its eyes on the hospitality industry and the Portacool Islander™ was born. Featuring a stand-up design, the Islander™ can cool a 600 sq. ft. (14′ radius) patio, indoor space or valet stand up to 30ºF; using simple water and a 120V outlet. Check out this overview video for a clearer picture of its capabilities.

As the training presentation stressed – the Islander™ is not an air conditioner! It is not a messy mister that sprays water all over place. It’s not a fan that just recirculates stale, hot air. Instead, the Islander™ uses evaporative cooling to economically cool your space without chemicals. The Islander™ is designed to be portable too and weighs just 165 lbs (with an empty water reservoir) and can be wheeled wherever you need comfortable patrons and significantly cooler air.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

The simple concept of Evaporative Cooling

The simple concept of Evaporative Cooling

Think of the refreshing chill against your skin when exiting a swimming pool on a hot day. That’s evaporative cooling! The simple explanation: warm ambient air is cooled by the natural process of changing the water droplets on your skin into water vapor, leaving you feeling refreshed. Portacool’s technology improves the efficiency and effectiveness of this technique using their KUUL® media pad. The KUUL® pad is made of fluted cellulose sheets glued together. When warm air drawn into the machine and water from the Islander’s reservoir are pulled across this ‘media’ pad, the air’s temperature can be dropped up to 30º and routed through the fan to the top of the unit. The cooler air exits the unit from four sets of louvers about seven feet above floor level. The result is a more comfortable environment with minimal maintenance requirements for about a dollar a day in water and electricity costs. The KUUL® pads are user washable and will last about three to five years. They are chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot.

Is it Right for You?

If your employees or customers deal with uncomfortable hot air environments, the answer is likely ‘YES’. Still, during our training Portacool offered answers to some of the concerns you may have with adding a Portacool to your hospitality arsenal:

Q: My location is very humid, will it still work?
A: While the Portacool Islander™ is most effective when the temperature is above 85˚F and relative humidity 75% or lower, harsher conditions have been shown to also offer significant relief.

Islander Airflow Examples

Islander Airflow Examples

Q: Our patio is much larger than 600 sq. ft.
A: The adjustable louvers on the Islander™ allow you to direct air where needed. Strategic positioning of one or more units can cool areas of larger size.

Q: Does the water rust the unit parts?
A: The Islander™ uses a non-corrosive plastic fan blade and hub, non-corrosive plastic plumbing fittings, and a non-corrosive plastic trough retainer. Plus, the plastic fan blades and hub are quieter running than metal blades.

Q: Portable air conditioners and fans are loud. Will the Islander™ disturb my patrons as well?
A: Air conditioners have loud compressors and require a place to ventilate the heat generated from the compressor. The only ‘moving’ part of the Islander™ is a small fan to draw air throughout the unit. The noise levels generated by the unit will easily blend in with the ambient noise generated by a patio filled with happy patrons.

Q: An evaporative cooler uses water, so it must be some form of a misting system.
A: The Islander™ does use water, but not in a volume that will get you wet or spray liquid. Whether you’re feet away or right up close, what you get from an evaporative cooler is a refreshing and chilled breeze!

Q: Where should I use an Islander™?
A: While an outdoor dining patio will benefit greatly from an Islander™ unit, other applications to consider are open indoor areas (no exhaust vents needed) or poolside. Employees at a valet or outdoor Security stand will also appreciate the comfort generated by a unit. For straight-line air circulation in a warehouse, Portacool has many other industrial solutions available. Ask your product consultant.

Shop Central for your New Portacool Islander!

Portacool Islander

The Portacool Islander

Now that you understand the operation and possible applications of a Portacool Islander™, remember that Central Restaurant is the perfect place to purchase your new Islander™. Ordering one online is easy. We offer a competitive price on the PACLND-02 and include free shipping. We also have easy and affordable lease financing options.

Still have questions? Call us at 800-215-9293 and one of our product consultants will be happy to provide all your answers. You can also chat online with us.

All images courtesy of Portacool, LLC via training materials.

Get Ready for the Season with Outdoor Furniture

While spring is struggling to be sprung in many parts of the country, it won’t be long before those warm summer nights will lead to a patio full of customers at your bar or restaurant. As you are sweeping that final dusting of snow off your deck, it is a great time to evaluate the condition of your outdoor dining furniture. Frayed, discolored or worn furniture can hurt your customer’s outdoor dining experience.

If it is time to replace we have great news! Central Restaurant has a great selection of stylish and functional outdoor dining chairs, tables and other furniture. Plus the below styles are all 10% off through April 30th.


Largo Synthetic Teak Arm Chair

Synthetic Teak is Style without the Upkeep

For a great beach vibe, many restaurants have turned to teakwood. While this tropical hardwood looks great and lends to a nautical atmosphere, to keep natural teak looking its best takes a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Because the average restaurateur does not have the time or labor for this maintenance, many are now turning to synthetic teakwood. Synthetic teak looks just the real thing but can be simply washed with mild soap and warm water ensuring years of trouble free usage.

Central carries the Largo outdoor arm chair, side chair as well as bar height versions with either a silver or black aluminum frame. Pair with a matching synthetic teak table top to complete the tropical experience. The chairs are stackable too for easy transportation or off-season storage.


Cocoa Beach Arm Chair

Contemporary Style with the Cocoa Beach Chair

For a more contemporary look, Central offers the Cocoa Beach chair with a synthetic wicker seat and back. The woven resin material is totally encased in the metal frame to eliminate fraying. It’s flowing lines are accentuated by the titanium silver powdercoated frame. The carbon colored weave will stand up to the harshest environments year after year without showing wear. Like all these Central Exclusive chairs, this model comes with a one year warranty against defects in workmanship.

Central also carries this style in side chair, arm chair and bar stool versions and will look great on a beach front patio, casual cafe sidewalk or inside the pool area and all versions are stackable.

Modern Style with the All-Aluminum South Beach Chair

South Beach Aluminum Bar Stool

South Beach Aluminum Bar Stool

This very popular seating style is perfect for a modern, upscale look. The South Beach features a powercoated aluminum frame construction with Titanium Silver finish. This style is extremely weather resistant and easy to clean making it perfect for a poolside bar. Choose from an arm chair, side chair or bar stool for many seasons of trouble-free use.

Shop With Central

Looking for more advice on selecting the right outdoor furniture for your outdoor diners? Our product consultants have the knowledge and resources to help you out. Give us a call at 800-215-9293 or chat live with us now. Plus, on orders placed before April 30th, we’re offering 10% off outdoor furniture from our Central Exclusive line and BFM Seating. Happy summer!

G.E.T. Melamine Dinnerware Withstands Tough Use

If you own and operate a high-volume restaurant, you know that dinnerware that can withstand rigorous, daily use is a must. Melamine dinnerware is the perfect solution for your foodservice operation because of it’s construction, cost and the ability to keep up with busy services.

Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware

Why is melamine dinnerware such a popular choice in restaurants and eateries across the globe? There are many benefits for this type of dinnerware, including being scratch-resistant and shatter-proof. Melamine is a compound made up of melamine resin with other sMelamine Dinnerwaretrengthening materials, meaning it can withstand all of the trips, falls, drops and scrapes that come on a daily basis. These plates, cups and bowls won’t show off all of the scratch marks from forks and knives, either.

Melamine dinnerware will actually save you money during your initial purchase but also over time because of how well it holds up in the front and back of the house. Unlike china dinnerware, you can count on melamine for not shattering and breaking.

If you’re looking for more stylish and colorful dinnerware, melamine is the way to go. G.E.T. offers a wide variety of colors and patterns for any occasion. From simplistic plates with bright colors, to specialty pineapple-shaped drinkware, G.E.T. has melamine dinnerware for every function and theme! If you’re concerned about melamine not looking classy enough, it has a glossy finish that closely resembles china.

Melamine is also heat resistant, and stays cool to the touch. So, when servers are rushing out with hot food they won’t have to risk burning their or your customers’ hands. Melamine also dries faster than any dishware, so it saves time on washing and drying. You can also recycle melamine dinnerware, plus it’s dishwasher safe!

Shop Central

Central now offers over 1,400 G.E.T. products, with the majority being pieces of melamine dinnerware. We’ve got everything from plates to specialty drinkware. Looking for help and need to talk to someone? Call one of our helpful Product Consultants at 800-215-9293 or Live Chat with them now!

Showcase Your Bottle Selection While Drawing More Sales with True Combination Bar Units

Looking to make the most out of a small space? Check out True Refrigeration’s line of combination Back Bar Refrigerators and Direct Draw Beer Dispensers for the answer! They are perfect for adding additional capacity to an overworked bar area or helping you expand into the draft beer arena.

It's the best of both worlds - showcase your bottle selection while keeping a favorite beer on tap.

It’s the best of both worlds – showcase your bottle selection while keeping a favorite beer on tap.

Small Footprint, Big Potential

This True TDB-24-48 measures only 24-1/2″ wide, but can hold a half-keg along-side 144 12 oz. beverage cans in that small footprint. A stainless steel counter top adds even more functionality for storage or drink preparation. Imagine placing this unit at a secondary bar location in your establishment (maybe even a separate banquet room) or as a simple way to offer a popular beer on tap.

This True back bar unit is available in several door configurations as well. For back-of-the-house applications, choose the TDB-24-48 with two solid doors. Want to show off your bottle options in the front-of-the-house? True’s TDB-24-48-1-G-1-LD has a solid door on the keg side and a glass door with LED lighting on the shelved side. Finally, you can show everything you’ve got with the TDB-24-48G-LD that features two glass doors.

Built Like a True Product

Cramming all those features into this unit did not sacrifice any of the durability or performance you see in your other True Refrigeration products. The oversized, environmentally-friendly forced air refrigeration will still maintain consistent beverage temperatures and provide years of  trouble free service.

Protect lour stock with integrated door locks

Protect your beer stock with integrated door locks

The glass door models use “Low-E” thermal glass to minimize cold loss and include LED lighting standard to illuminate and showcase the product much better than any fluorescent lighted models. Integrated door locks make sure your product is safe and secure even when unattended. The two shelves are configurable to hold up to 144 12 0z. cans or bottles. Of course, this model is NSF-7  listed for the storage of packaged or bottled product.

For a perfect draft product, fan motors are designed to direct large volumes of cold air directly into the 3″ diameter stainless steel insulated beer column. This unit will  provide many thousands of quality beer pours over its lifetime.

Central is your True HQ

Central has been a valued partner with True Refrigeration for many years. We’re able to offer you the best advertised price, along with free shipping on any True product. On in-stock items, we’ll ship them out to you on the same-day when ordered before 5 p.m. Eastern.

And when you still have questions, our trained product consultants are there to help on the True TDB-24-48, or any other True product. You can reach them by phone at 800-215-9293 – or start a live chat right now. So, don’t wait any longer. Order your new True TDB-24-48 combination Underbar Cooler/Direct Draw Beer Dispenser today and draw yourself some incremental alcohol sales.

Food Prep blog

Food Preparation: Central’s New Products

Food Preparation: Latest Adds!

Central Restaurant Products released its latest master catalog on July 7, featuring hundreds of new and exciting products, including many from food preparation! Let’s take a look at some of the additions to our food prep category in our 401 page July 2014 catalog (request yours now).

Vollrath Slicersvollrath slicer

Just in time for our current promotion, we added the Vollrath line of electric slicers. These medium duty slicers are designed to meet the challenges of any high-use operation.

These units come with an exclusive non-stick coating, which is great for cutting trickier items such as cheese. The low friction carriage system provides an outstanding smooth glide motion, helping reduce user fatigue.

These slicers are available in both manual and automatic carriage operation. Choose from belt-driven or gear-driven transmission for manual models.

Remember, until September 5, these slicers will be 15% off as part of our Vollrath promotion. Order yours today and save!

KitchenAid Immersion BlendersKitchenAid Immersion Blender

Brand new from KitchenAid, these immersion blenders are flexible to blend various types of ingredients for different blending needs.

These units come equipped with a powerful, yet quiet .5 HP motor. They have a lighter weight, making it easier on the operator for longer blending.

These blenders have 2 speed settings, and a removable blending arm that is dishwasher safe. Choose from an 8″, 10″ or 12″ arm.

Value Series French Fry CutterValue Series French Fry Cutter

Save time and money with this french fry cutter, a part of Central’s Value Series line.

This cutter will slice potatoes into nice, even slices. Its ergonomic handle makes for easy operating. This heavy duty cast iron unit has sturdy legs, which provide stability on countertop surfaces.

Choose from a 3/8″ or 1/2″ cut. Replacement blades and pusher blocks are also available.

Globe Patty PressGlobe Patty Press

Globe recently released a new line of hamburger patty presses. Using a patty press is perfect for portion control and saves on food costs.

Globe’s patty press has a small footprint, making it easy to store on a countertop or in a cabinet. It has removable parts for easy cleaning.

These units are available in either a 4″ or 5″ diameter configuration. Want to switch between sizes? No problem! Conversion kits are available which allow your existing Globe unit to create both 4″ and 5″ patties.

CDN Folding Thermocouple ThermometerCDN Thermometers

CDN’s ProAccurate® compact folding thermocouple thermometer is another new addition to our catalog. This model is water resistant and shatterproof, with a temperature range of -58°F to +572°F. It is accurate to +/-2°F.

This thermometer is made of food-safe ABS plastic with BioCote®, and antimicrobial agent. It has a stainless steel tip and LCD display, which can be backlit for low light conditions.

This thermometer is available in black, white, red, yellow and green. This is perfect for color-coding for specific foods.

Looking for More?

To find all of our latest food prep adds on our website, click here. Keep checking back to our blog to see all of our latest adds for July 2014.




cooking equipment

Cooking Equipment: Central’s New Products

Cooking Equipment: Latest Adds!

Central Restaurant Products’ latest master catalog was released on Monday July 7 with hundreds of new and exciting products, many being cooking equipment! Take a look at some of the latest additions to our cooking equipment category and find all new products in our July 2014 catalog (request yours now) or on our website.

combi oven cooking equipment

Vulcan Boilerless Combi Ovens

Combi ovens can be complicated so Vulcan simplified them for the everyday user and came out with ABC series combi oven steamer. This great all-in-one piece of cooking equipment only has three knobs for temperature, time and humidity.  The humidity level control automatically adjusts after the temperature is set.

You can find versions of this combi oven in both electric and gas. With this oven you can bake, steam, roast, air-fry, rethermalize, proof, finish, poach, stew and defrost.

Toastmaster Electric Ranges

Toastmaster released their line of electric ranges in a wide variety of configurations to best fit any food service operation.

Toastmaster electric ranges cooking equipment

These ranges have Baker’s width ovens that feature aluminized steel liners and a +200°F to +550°F thermostat.

Hot plates are 12″x24″ with a 0°F to +850°F temperature range and round French plates are 0°F to +750°F. Griddles are 1/2″ thick with a 0°F to +450°F temperature range. Configurations include:

  • (3) hot plates
  • (2) hot plates and (2) round French plates
  • 36″ griddle
  • (6) round French plates
  • (2) round French plates and 24″ griddle

Blodgett Full-Size Convection Ovens

Blodgett convection ovens cooking equipment

Blodgett’s new convection ovens are perfect starter ovens or for small scale food service operations.

These ovens have solid state manual controls and are available in gas or electric in single or double stack. Gas models use 45,000 BTU (per compartment) in natural or LP gas. Electric models are available in 208V or 220/240V, single or three phase.

These pieces of cooking equipment have a +200°F to +500°F temperature range and feature a 60 minute manual timer, two-speed 3/4 HP fan and 11 rack positions.

Five chrome plated racks and adjustable stainless steel legs are included as well.

Nemco Super Shot Steamer

Nemco Super Shot Steamer cooking equipment

Did you know you could instantly revive cold foods? Nemco released the Super Shot Steamer which uses hot steam to instantly blast moist heat into cold foods. This allows food service operations to warm soft breads, buns and rolls within 15 seconds. This piece of cooking equipment is also great for melting cheese or reheating pre-cooked foods.

Nemco designed this steamer to be compact and easy to use. Simply plug it in and add plain tap water. A push-button action will deliver a full pulse of steam to the product. This steamer has a perforated diffuser pan and trivet combination that won’t clog. This unit can hold a 2-1/2″ half-size food pan.

portable outdoor grill cooking equipmentValue Series Portable Outdoor Grill

Just in time for summer, one of Central’s latest adds to our Value Series line of products is a portable outdoor grill. This light duty charcoal grill has an aluminized steel construction and one person adjustable top grid.

This piece of cooking equipment has steel legs with large 6″ swivel casters for easy transport. It can also fold down after use for easy storage.

Looking for More?

Find all of our latest product adds to our cooking equipment on our website. Keep checking back to our blog to see all of our latest adds for July 2014.

Combi oven

Vulcan Combi Ovens: Ultimate Ease of Use

Vulcan is one of the leading commercial cooking equipment providers, having received 12 Best in Class Awards from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FE&S). Vulcan has top products in many cooking product lines, including charbroilers, ranges, fryers, and ovens.

One of the newest products from Vulcan is the ABC Series combi oven. Combi ovens combine convection heating and steaming to create an amazingly versatile product!

Just Set the Temperature, Time and Go


Vulcan ABC Series combi oven

This full-size combi oven is boilerless, which allows direct steam creation for optimized cooking capability and production – with minimal energy and water consumption. It also features an auto-reversing fan with electronic braking system.

The Vulcan ABC Series combi oven is easy to use with only three knobs—temperature, time, and humidity. The oven has large LED displays with a timer range that is continuous up to 24 hours. Temperature range is 80° to 450°F.

The humidity range is adjustable from 0-100%. Patent-pending humidity level control automatically adjusts after setting temperature. This humidity control ensures accuracy for repeatable results while providing efficiency in energy and water usage.

The Vulcan ABC Series combi oven has an all stainless steel cooking interior, top, and sides. It is fully insulated for optimal heat retention inside the cooking compartment. Three halogen lights are built into the door behind heat reflective inner glass. This combi is available in gas or electric. The electric model comes in 208, 240, or 480V. This combi oven is perfect for all establishments, including schools, restaurants, and health care facilities. Use it for a variety of applications – baking, steaming, roasting, rethermalizing, poaching, stewing, and more!

Central and Vulcan

Look for the new Vulcan ABC Series combis in our upcoming July catalog! If you want to check it out now, shop online, or call one of our helpful product consultants for more information.

For a limited time, you can get the Central Edge with the Vulcan ABC combis. The Central Edge includes over $700 in added value at no additional cost and includes a single hollow carbon filter system. This filter system will help to remove excess scale build-up to extend the life of your oven.