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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Tips for Your Restaurant

Whether you’re an avid social media user or not, when it comes to your restaurant, it’s time to be one! Social media marketing can have an incredible effect on your restaurant’s sales – but you need to do it the right way. We’re here to help! Scroll down to read some of the top tips in the business that will make your restaurant stand out using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Let’s face it: Facebook has opened up an entirely new way to market for restaurants. Now, instead of owning a website, you can put all of your information including hours and menu, on your Facebook page! It’s a great free resource for anyone starting out in the business. With Facebook, you can connect with customers on a personal level, all while posting updates about your food and business.

Make sure you utilize your coversocial media image to show off your beautiful food, along with posting pictures, updates, events and specials going on around you city and restaurant. Use the tabs options for Facebook as well. Some examples of great tabs for restaurants include photos of food; locations; food deals; and featured menu items. Finally, try setting up some offers and deals for current and potential customers. This is definitely a great way to secure repeat business along with getting new customers. You can also run sweepstakes and contests too – perfect for giving away a gift card or two!

If you really want to get into marketing on Facebook, try out some ads and videos!


To perform great on Twitter, you’ll follow a lot of the same trends as Facebook. But, with Twitter, tweets are created and gone in an instant on someone’s timeline, unlike a Facebook post. On this social media outlet, the timing will be essential if you want your tweets to be seen. Think like your customer! Include tweets with links to your menu, images of your food and offers to entice them to follow you. Then, think about the time of day when your customer will be looking for these things the most. Dinnertime? Breakfast? It’s when your most popular service is.

Similar to Facebook, you can do sponsored tweets to get your branded tweet shown in more timelines, creating potential new customers! Cha-Ching!


Instagram is newer to the social media game, but it’s just as important as the rest of them. The reason? Instagram is primarily a photo sharing platform, and for restaurants who use it well it’s working out to their advantage. Any employee at your restaurant can take a regular photo they took at work and transform it into a great marketing image by using Instagram.

social mediaRemember to use trending hastags, whether it be National Bourbon Day or Eat a Cookie day – but only if it works with your photo. You can use niche hashtags that focus more on the area of your restaurant, say #Indianapoliseats for example.

Instagram is a great outlet because you can entice your customers to share their images of your food on their platforms, which lets you get involved socially and create a personal connection. Also, people love to see employees on social media so your restaurant or business feels more human. Snap a few pictures of your employees hard at work and share! It will show that you restaurant is a fun place to be and has great customer service. Finally just like the other two outlets mentioned, you can have photo contests on Instagram. Have customers share their best pictures of your menu items and in return enter them in to winning a gift card at your place! Essentially you’re sharing the wealth for everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the social media game for five minutes or five years. What’s important is that you use these tips to broaden your audience and generate more revenue as well as repeat and new customers!


Periscope: A New Medium to Connect with Customers

New Social Channel: Periscope

There’s a new social media outlet on the scene: Periscope. I know, I know, the last thing you want is another social media network to have to keep up with.

Well first, if using social media for your business, you should only be using the networks that make sense and your customers to better connect. So if you or your customers aren’t benefitting from one of your channels, move on from it!

Second, Periscope is different than your post-type channels and will allow your customers to keep up with you real time.

Periscope prebroadcast

Screen prior to starting your broadcast. Add a title that will be relevant to your live stream.

What is Periscope?

Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app, connects people all over the world in real time via smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Instead of posting words, pictures or video clips, Periscope allows you to broadcast so people can watch whatever you want them to see in real time.

“It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation,” Periscope explained. “While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience as place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.”

Periscope was launched in late March 2015, and had one million users in it’s first 10 days. It has been connecting people from all over the globe ever since. Simply log in, and either choose someone else’s live stream to watch wherever in the world, or start broadcasting your own.

People can interact with you too via text if you enable that option. So while you are broadcasting, people can connect with you and share thoughts, ask questions or just say “hi” in real time.

So How Can My Restaurant or Foodservice Benefit from This?

Businesses, entrepreneurs and more are capitalizing on Periscope to give fans, customers, etc. and inside look into anything. Often times tweeting out when they will be live streaming ahead of time, then again at the time they go live, businesses can quickly gain a following on Periscope and create a personal bond.

Periscope broadcast

Viewers have the ability to comment in real time, as shown in this screen shot.

For restaurants, there are many opportunities you can stream live on Periscope and involve your customers. A few ideas include:

  • Back of the House Behind the Scenes: To advertise, leave note cards on each of the tables which will be a neat opportunity for guests to see a “behind-the-scenes.”
  • Create an Entree: Advertise beforehand a time when you will be putting this entree together both in the restaurant and on social media. This not only is great for current customers, but may be intriguing to chefs and others around the world to learn about your cuisine and culture.
  • “A Day in the Life:” Are you popular with your customers? Do you have a large following? Give people a glimpse in the day in the life of you. You don’t live in that kitchen. (Well, almost.)
  • Host a Q&A Session: Choose a topic pertinent to your foodservice operation then host a Q&A. This will allow your guests or peers to learn more about whatever you are interested in sharing.
  • Chat with Regulars: Share a quick experience with followers or anyone that wants to find you with one of your regulars. Speak with them ahead of time, but if they are on board just have a quick conversation, share a laugh, anything with them! People will enjoy seeing that and will think of you the next time they’re in town, or if in town and looking for a great place to eat.
  • Use as a Teaching Opportunity: Host sessions to help your guests with tasks they can do in their own kitchen. For example how to cut properly, benefits of a good knife, cooking techniques and more.
  • Save and Share: Not everyone can be live when you are, and Periscope does allow you the opportunity to save your broadcasts. After broadcasting, save the video and share it through social media, your blog, etc.


Ready to get started? Here are some great resources on how to make the most of your Periscope experience!

Images from the Periscope website

new years resolution ideas

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Restaurant or Foodservice

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2017 everyone! With a new year means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to reflect and see what you can improve for the next 365 days. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas for your restaurant or foodservice with some blogs and articles to get you started. Please share your own resolutions in the comments below!

homer laughlin china

Vintage Homer Laughlin china advertisement–which you can still get today! Just search our website! Photo credit: jbcurio / iW / CC BY

1. Review How to Handle Upset Customers with Staff

Let’s face it, there are going to be times when customers are unhappy. It could be a weekly or daily occurrence–it happens! We are all human, different things make us tick or we make errors. In the foodservice industry, it’s extremely important that anyone serving customers, especially upset ones, handle the situation calmly and with the customer’s best interest in mind. Because at the end of the day, staff is angry or rude at a customer, it will reflect poorly on your business.

It’s important to help staff know how to handle difficult and stressful situations to bring everyone to a more positive solution. Below are a few articles to get you started:

2. Make Sure Food Safety is a Top Priority

Does your restaurant ensure food has met a food safe temperature before serving? Do employees know how long to wash their hands, and how often they need to? What about allergies, do you have a plan in place if you have a guest with food allergies? These and more are all important to ensure customers do not get sick from the food you serve.

new years resolution ideas3. Increase Budget for Equipment and Supplies

Ah, coming from a foodservice equipment and supply distributor, that headline sounds a little tricky and salesy, I know! But bear with me for a second. I’m going somewhere.

When you need to rely on something in life, do you buy the cheapest thing to get you through? Or if you need to make sure it will be there for you through and through do you spend a couple extra bucks? That definitely applies to equipment and supplies. You get what you pay for. Sometimes by spending a little extra, you will get more life out of a product (i.e. oven, refrigerator or even a knife) which in the long run saves money. The next time you purchase equipment, talk to your product consultant about all options and ask them what long term savings are. Sure, sometimes you might be on a tight budget and buying the cheapest thing makes sense. But other times, a little more upfront can go a long way in the long run.

Okay, and for one quick shameless plug, you can visit for anything you need for your restaurant or foodservice. We also have a nifty new “live chat” feature that goes to a real person here in Indianapolis if it’s more convenient than calling 800-215-9293.

4. Consider Social

If your restaurant isn’t using social media, you may be losing out on business. But you might not be! It’s definitely not for every business. However, if it’s something you have written off as not important without even trying…you may want to re-evaluate that. With many different platforms out there (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.!), it might be overwhelming. The National Restaurant Association put together “Social media options: Which is right for my restaurant” to help you determine which are best for you and your establishment.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Are you creating goals for the new year? Share below! Happy new year and Central wishes everyone a safe and happy 2017.

Image at top photo credit: Bob Jagendorf / iW / CC BY-NC

Fast-Food Industry Campaign to Win Back Millennials

When  you do a Google search for Millennials, the definition of the term is first on the page, but scroll down and you find articles on how Millennials are impacting the world. Headlines include “Where are Millennials?” or “The Millennials Are Coming!”. There are even articles on tips for successfully marketing to the generation. With many fast food restaurants experiencing decline in sales, research is pointing to Millennials as one of the factors.  Sources like the Business Insider and Wall Street Journal, report that young consumers are moving away from fast food and dining in at casual restaurants instead. Casual restaurants like Chipotle or Panera Bread and ones with healthier options. So what are fast food restaurants doing to combat this trend and win back Millenials? McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and even Burger King are taking on the challenge and implementing new marketing strategies to bring back a vital customer. Even if you aren’t in the fast food industry, the tactics these restaurants are using can be utilized for any food service establishment.

Reaching Customers Wherever, Whenevertaco-bell-app-twitter-hed-2014

If you follow Taco Bell on any social media site, you will get the message pictured to the right. Taco Bell has launched a new mobile payment and ordering app and blacked all their social media. This campaign was done to get attention in a surprising way from core customers who use social media. Taco Bell isn’t the only fast food restaurant working to make the industry mobile. Many restaurants are developing their own mobile ordering app to appeal to the Millennials who are on-the-go and want to be able to order their food and eliminate waiting in lines. The fast food industry is also enticing customers to sign up by offering special offers and deals exclusive to the app.

Instead of leaving social media, Burger King is utilizing the platform more than ever to stay relevant. Burger King’s strategies to bring back Millennials involve using nostalgia and staying current on social media . Burger King has used their social media sites to hype up the resurrection of the beloved chicken fries. In an attempt to appeal to those who loved chicken fries when they were younger, Burger King used Vine as way to grab the young consumers’ attention.  Instead of waiting for the customers to come to them, Burger King sought out the best platforms to reach Millennials and made sure their content was in line with current pop culture.

 Changing Up the Menu

McDonald’s has not only seen a decline in sales, but a decline of Millennials choosing their restaurant. Some have speculated that McDonald’s large menu could be to blame because too many options can be overwhelming. McDonald’s growing menu has added more “healthier” options due to the growing health conscious trend. Although they advertised their new healthier options with fresh vegetables, the sales still came up flat. Recently McDonald’s has taken a step back and said that they will be narrowing down their menu. Their newest campaign and attempt to be more transparent takes skeptics and reveals to them how their food is made and what is really in it. The campaign titled “Our Food, Your Questions”, includes advertisements of people asking about the infamous pink slime chicken nuggets and the grey frozen McRib. We will see in the next coming months how this pans out and if it appeals to Millennials or not.

Wendy’s may not be showing us what is in their food, but they are taking more risks with their menu. From the pretzel bacon cheeseburger to a variety of salads to the recent BBQ options, Wendy’s is trying to draw in the younger crowd by having not only more options, but unique ones. Their advertisements also reflect their effort by showing a group of young friends enjoying Wendy’s together and having a good time. Whether its with their modern redhead Wendy’s spokeswoman or ads with love songs dedicated to menu items, Wendy’s is customizing their marketing campaigns around Millennials.

Shop Central

Whether you’re a franchisee or have your own local restaurant, Central can equip you with the right tools to keep your business running smoothly. Check out our website or call one of our helpful Product Consultants at 800-215-9293.


Use Mobile Marketing for Immediate Results

Is your Smartphone always within reach? Have you named your Smartphone? Do you text with your friends and family more than your talk with them? Are you reading this on that phone right now? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions and you have NOT taken advantage of the benefits of mobile marketing you really need to swipe down for the rest of this article.

Your customer's Message to you is not always this clear

Your customer’s Message to you is not always this clear

Never Far From Our Phones

Even five years ago, text messaging was solely associated with teenagers tapping away with their thumbs about unrequited crushes and homework blues. Today, according to a report by mobile marketing firm Mogreet, 98% of all mobile consumers have access to text messaging and 95% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of their arrival. So why not use text message marketing to build a legitimate list of your establishment’s most rabid fans and instantly entice them to visit by offering valuable coupons or other offers. According to CMSText, another leading firm, redemption rates for text coupons run 10 to 30% on average – far higher than those of paper coupons.

How can you use this immediacy to your advantage? Think of a slow Tuesday night where many tables are free. Text a one-night ‘free appetizer’ offer to your customers and watch them stream through the front door. Overstocked on seafood? A quick text and it’s out the door and retained revenue. Last minute addition to your entertainment schedule? Let your customers know and watch them change their evening plans! The possibilities are almost limitless.

But What About Apps, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media

Mogreet Infographic – Mobile Customer Sales Funnel App Versus MMS

Mogreet Infographic – Mobile Customer Sales Funnel App Versus MMS

Tweets and status updates used to be a great way to reach customers, but with the monetization strategies in place at Twitter and Facebook you can no longer be guaranteed that your ‘free’ message will even be seen by your customers. If it does reach the recipient’s eyes, Mogreet says social clutter results in 71% of all tweets being ignored. These social platforms are useful when customers are seeking out information about your business, but now rarely have an impact when you are trying to get the word out quickly.

As for apps, Mogreet once again reminds us (via a fancy Infographic) of the massive filter that limits your customer base when using an app. Every company you encounter is asking you to install their app – which is usually just a copy of their website. While most Smartphone users have dozens of apps on their phones, typically they will only use a couple on a regular basis. Save your resources and beef up your mobile website alongside investing in a text messaging campaign.

More hints, tips and how to get started

Ready to start? First, find yourself a reputable mobile marketing company for the administrative and infrastructure functions.  To keep text message marketing from becoming the next wasteland of spam-filled messages, a number of strict regulations and standards have been adopted by the mobile industry. Choose a company that uses Shortcodes – those 6 digit ‘text numbers’ that identify a specific sender.

Next, build your customer list through ethical means. Use opt-in systems to ensure your recipients want to receive your messages, and respect their decisions if they decide to leave. You can use incentives and instant offers to entice your customers to sign up right at their tables. Invest in some additional table tents (cheap plug, we sell them at Central) and explicitly spell out the value your customer will receive. Also, make sure your staff is enthusiastic about the concept. Finally, remember to stay on message and limit your communications to a reasonable number. Your customer should never receive more than one or two messages per week unless it is for an immediate or extra-ordinary valuable offer.

Remember, the more rabid customers that sign-up, then more customers you can reach which will increase your revenue potential.  Just do it before your competition does!

Central Exclusive Cutlery

The Real Secret to Easy Cubed Watermelon – Central Exclusive Cutlery

"The Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon"

Still from YouTube video

Have you seen the YouTube video of the real-life fruit ninja who cubes half a watermelon in seconds with just a few cuts from his knife? He first makes two cuts perpendicular to the rind on each side for the watermelon, then separates the flesh from the rind with a circular cut. Finally, he scores the flesh with criss-cross cuts and places the whole melon in a large plastic bag. With a quick upside down flip he now has bag full of perfectly cubed watermelon!

Of course, the one step he forgot to mention is that you always need a great knife to make this job simple. If you are looking for the right knife to become a fruit ninja, we recommend using our Central Exclusive series knives. Plus, just in time for the summer watermelon season, they are on sale now through the end of August.

20% off Central Exclusive Cutlery

Central Exclusive products are specially chosen by our buyers for their quality features and construction at prices that provide significant value to our customers. In cutlery, we offer a variety of dishwasher-safe economy knives with hand-honed edges. They feature stamped, stain-free carbon steel blades for durability and textured polypropylene handles for slip resistance.

20% Central Exclusive Cutlery through 8/31/14

20% Central Exclusive Cutlery through 8/31/14

Choose from six models to find the right knife for each of your food prep needs. Included in the promotion are an 8″ or 10″ Cook’s knife, 12″ slicer, 8″ bread knife, 6″ boning knife and a 3 1/2″ pairing knife. We would recommend our 8″ scalloped edge bread/utility knife to tear through the tough rind of a watermelon.

But this offer is only good through August 31st, 2014…so order today.

Choosing the Right Knife for You

Cutting more than just watermelon and still pondering what knife you will need? Check out our blog on how to choose the right knife for any need. Click through to learn about blade types, handle construction and the best type of knife for your application. Of course, our helpful product consultants are ready to walk you through the different applications.

So, now that you’ve learned how to choose the right knife, and have saved 20% on your Central Exclusive knife purchase – it’s time for the demonstration via YouTube.


The Importance of Pinterest and Your Restaurant

Most businesses are aware that social media is crucial to a thriving customer base, but some are still indecisive about Pinterest – especially restaurants. Why the apprehension? Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media platforms, even for businesses. While they may not know it, restaurants can utilize Pinterest to visually brand their business, increase new customer potential and engage with followers.

Using Pinterest

Pinterest is simple to use, and relies on images to grab users’ attention. Pinterest acts like a virtual bulletin board where users pin images they like onto boards they create so they can share what they love with their followers.

Creating a Pinterest page for your business is easy aPinterestnd simple to do. You’ll want to set up your restaurant as a business account, verify your restaurant’s URL and link to the Facebook and Twitter accounts. When selecting a username, try to stick with your restaurant’s name if possible. Sometimes usernames are already taken, so you’ll need to get creative but don’t get too crazy – you’ll want to make sure it’s searchable for followers. Be sure to include a short description about your restaurant so potential customers will know more about you and visit in the future.

One of the main concerns most restaurants have when adding another social media page is time. Pinterest doesn’t require a large amount of time, but by installing the Pin It button to your website, users can pin your menu listings, blog articles (if applicable) and images with a direct link back to your website.

Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

With a restaurant, there are plenty of ways to visually promote your brand on Pinterest. Followers will be looking for beautiful pictures of your food, and even behind the scenes action.

When you create a board, keep in mind each one should deal with a specific topic. The board name should be simple, and include keywords for searchability. It’s perfectly fine to get creative with your board names, but shorter category titles are the easiest to understand. Here are some great topics every restaurant should be pinning about:

  • Food – The most obvious, but important category. Food boards are one of the most followed on Pinterest, so take advantage of it! Use your menu as your guideline and create boards that follow it; creating ones with your appetizers, pizza, pasta, dessert and more. If you’re known for specialty cocktails, create a board with those as well. You can also create boards based on what in-season produce you’re using and having specials for. 
  • Restaurant Tours – Pinterest users love “Pinterestbehind the scenes” shots at restaurants. It gives them a more personal feel and lets them see things they don’t get to on a normal visit to your establishment. Include shots of your dining room, bar, outdoor seating and kitchen(s). Post pictures of your friendly staff members and awesome customers (with their permission of course).
  • Merchandise – Does your restaurant sell merchandise? Add them to a Pinterest board! Pin your t-shirts, glasses and more to the board, and also pin products you recommend followers would enjoy such as your chef’s favorite kitchen tools and more.
  • Volunteer Work – Create a board dedicated to the charities your restaurant supports or the volunteer work you perform. This not only gives light to these charities and efforts, but also builds a positive reputation for your restaurant
  • Local Attractions – Support local businesses by creating a board dedicated to your neighborhood and city. Pin places to shop, fun things to do around town and other places to stop and enjoy a bite to eat or a drink.
  • Influences – Does your restaurant focus on barbeque, sushi, steak, pizza, pasta or drinks? Create a board filled with recipes to try out and new products to use. This will help inspire your chefs and followers with new ideas!
  • Brand – Create a board that supports what your brand is all about. If you’re a sports bar, pin favorite sport teams, if you’re a health-based restaurant, create boards involving fitness and healthy recipes or if you’re restaurant showcases live music pin musical acts from your shows. Think about your brand and make boards that follow suit.
  • Holidays – Some of the most popular boards to create are ones based on the seasons and whatever holiday is approaching. Followers love new recipes to try out or new crafts to create for the season, so be sure to do the same and create boards for the holidays!

Final Tips and Pointers

Remember, with all social media the final goal is to invite new customers to your restaurant. The more active you are on Pinterest, the better you’ll engage with followers. Be social with your followers and who you follow; whether it’s repining, commenting, liking posts or inviting others to post to your boards. After all, social is in the word social media!

Don’t focus on your own restaurant when pinnPinteresting, no one wants to have their news feed filled up with pins all about you. Practice the 80/20 rule from FSR Magazine where “80 percent of your pins contain helpful information, and at most, 20 percent of your pins self-promote.”

While Pinterest is fun (and addicting) you don’t want to fill up news feeds with hundreds of pins at once, so pin slowly to spread your content out over the course of weeks or months. You want your pins to be shown in followers’ news feeds throughout the year so you’re always on their mind!

Infographics and contests are hot on social media right now, and Pinterest is no different. Design a fun infographic about your brand or restaurant, or hold contests (best recipe, win a dinner for two, etc.). When creating boards and adding descriptions, use keywords for SEO purposes so your pins and website are easily found in online searches. Don’t forget to promote your Pinterest page by linking it to you website and other social platforms, as well as your blog.

At the end of the day, Pinterest is meant to be fun! So make your restaurant’s Pinterest page fun to follow and engage with. Sell your restaurant, but more importantly make a connection with potential customers.

social media tips for restaurants

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Restaurant Sales

Social Media: Take Out The Complications

Social media is such a part of today’s society–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube.  As a restaurant owner, you may find the concept of social media overwhelming and while many resources encourage businesses to create strategies and business plans, restaurants don’t necessarily have time for that. It’s all about serving the customer.

Instead of avoiding social media all together, or taking time out of your busy schedule to create a plan your staff might not even be able to follow, here are some ideas to start or ramp up your current social media efforts.

1. Share Information Customers Want To Know

Social media is powerful because it is more personable and includes so many other elements that can’t be used in traditional advertising. Share what items are on the menu and/or what your specials are that day. Even if that’s all your restaurant posts, it is something that can be done across most platforms:

  • Facebook and Google+: Image of food with full details on special
  • Twitter: Image of food with caption (only 140 characters are allowed so just pull what’s the most important)
  • Instagram: Photograph a menu or sign covering that day’s specials
  • Vine: Take a video snippet of the menu and then of the food

social media restaurant sales2. Use Images To Your Advantage

Words can sell a menu item. But you know what’s even more powerful? A picture. Post photographs across all platforms of your amazing dishes that will entice them in. Yes, it might take a minute to set up the area. Basically just don’t take a photo in a messy area.  Walk over to a cleaner spot to snap your photo.

3. But Do Use Words

You can take a picture of an amazing dish, but definitely take advantage of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to talk a little bit more. What are the specials? How much do they cost? What are customer favorites? Are there any events going on to promote?

4. No Time? Yes There Is.

Posts don’t necessarily have to be made in real time. There are social media tools out there to help you schedule ahead such as Facebook’s scheduler, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc., so you can prepare posts to hit customers throughout the day.

5. Let Customers Promote Your Restaurant

Let your customers be your advocates.  Run a contest, for instance on Twitter, that uses a hashtag to encourages customers to share something they love about your restaurant with others. Choose a winner at random and reward them with a free meal.

social media restaurants6. Be Real–Show Behind The Scenes

Instagram and Vine are great for short videos. Use these to give your customers an inside look of your restaurant, whether it’s a brief video of a chef preparing a dish, or a mix of shots from the kitchen to the dining room. If you’ve never used either of these social media platforms before, they make it incredibly easy to shoot the video on your smartphone. Download the apps and check it out!

7. Share General Tips and Knowledge

People use social media to learn, whether it’s mindless reading or to educate themselves on a certain topic, place, etc. Why not give them something? Building relationships will entrust a bond between your restaurant and that customer. So for instance, share a cooking tip, or advice on food safety that can apply to their home life.

8. Be Funny (If You’re Funny)

If you or someone at your restaurant that can post is funny–be funny! Obviously make sure it is appropriate because what you post on social media speaks for your brand.  Don’t let that hinder your restaurant or scare you away from being funny. Humor is a perfect way to attract customers.