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  1. Central Restaurant Products

    Wow, ‘haven’t seen that one yet Bill. We’ve been reading more about restaurants going digital in general and when we went to NRA, they had all kinds of apps for restaurants. We asked one of the vendors if going digital would take away from customer service and they said it would actually better service as servers would have more time to focus on the customer instead of getting orders, etc. This POS system is the first I’ve seen. I think this would be a great topic to our Facebook page to ask the restaurants. Why don’t you jump over there and we’ll see what everyone thinks? (www.facebook.com/CentralRestaurantProducts)

  2. Barry /Truffles Restaurant

    I never write on these forms, but Greg Otterman. from sales, deserves recognition. Greg is very personable and knows his products. In very tough economic times, Greg realizes how difficult things are and does his best to show us all our options. Central, you are very lucky to have a employee such as Greg.

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