Troy Carlier
Ext. 8336

The food service industry is a fast paced, always changing process.   It is hard to find people who you can depend on, and know they will be there when you need them. You need a product consultant who has experience, knowledge and the ability to go the extra mile for you.

With more than 9 years in the foodservice industry, I am that consultant.  I have worked in a variety of foodservice applications, from small local restaurants to large national chains and government food programs.  My exposure to many different types of cooking environments enables me to suggest to you the products best suited for your cooking needs.

Let me do the work for you; I want to make your ordering process as easy as possible!  In addition to making your experience smooth, I make the extra effort to help you find the hard-to-find items, including custom-made items and products not advertised in our catalog or on our Web site.

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