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Eat Out and Pitch In With the Great American Dine Out

One in four children in America face hunger. Not the type of hunger you feel when you skipped breakfast and didn’t have time for lunch, but the kind of hunger that comes when you don’t know when your next meal will come.

This kind of hunger has lifelong consequences including, weaker immune systems, ear infections, behavioral difficulties, impaired performance in school, more hospitalizations and among others.

YOU can help!

The third annual Great American Dine-Out is September 19-25, will you be involved?

Some of you may be asking; What is the Great American Dine-Out? Here is your answer.

The Great American Dine-Out is a one week event across the country in which restaurants donate funds to the Great American Dine-Out. The funds are then granted to “anti-hunger organizations that demonstrate effective work to help end childhood hunger.”

Here are a few things this money goes towards to help end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

  • Enroll more eligible kids in school breakfast, after-school snacks and meals and their families in SNAP
  • Bring community gardens and farmers markets to low-income neighborhoods
  • Teach at-risk families how to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy, low-cost meals at home
  • Increase awareness and understanding of childhood hunger and solutions to it

These are just a few of the things being done with the money raised by this event. Last year in Maryland, participation in school breakfast was increased by 7% and over 20% of eligible sites began participating in Afterschool Suppers.

These things are made possible thanks to restaurants such as

Buffalo Wild Wings


Joes Crab Shackhttps://blog.centralrestaurant.com/wp-content/uploads/rule.gif

Corner Bakery Cafe


McAlister’s Deli


People are making a difference, will you be involved?

For more information on becoming a participating restaurant, donating, or learning more about childhood hunger in America visit here.