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Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: September 14

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Check out these five stories from the foodservice industry from September 10-14.

New York Soda Ban To Be Put in Place March 2013

From Nation’s Restaurant News

It’s official–come March 2013, those in New York City will have to say goodbye to all their favorite sugary beverages in capacities over 16 ounces.  The law was passed on Thursday September 13 by the New York City Board of Health.  Nation’s Restaurant News reported the new changes will impact restaurants, sports venues, movie theaters, street cars and delis but not retail food and convenience stores (they are under the jurisdiction of the state and aren’t regulated under this new ban).  While this is a win for those who wanted the ban to be put in place, many restaurants and other foodservices impacted aren’t happy with it at all.  NRN quoted the National Restaurant Association, who said the ban “unfairly targets restaurants and is a misguided tactic to impact the obesity problem.”

Beef Products Inc. Files Lawsuit Against ABC News. Inc.

From Huffington Post

The nation was stunned earlier in the year when news, photos and video of “pink slime” was released–so much so that Beef Products Inc. (BPI) said it led to the closure of three plants and 700 layoffs.  ABC News was one of the sources that reported on the issue, and BPI has filed a defamation lawsuit with them for $1.2 billion in damages.  Huffington Post reported BPI has claimed ABC’s coverage of their meat mislead customers into thinking the product wasn’t healthy or safe.

McDonald’s Announces They Will Post Caloric Information On All Menu Boards

From McDonald’s

While some states have made posting calorie counts on their menu boards mandatory, McDonald’s announced they will add caloric information to all menu boards in the United States.  Voluntarily.  In a September 12 press release, McDonalds’ President Jan Fields made the announcement the information will be added to restaurant and drive-thru menus to help customers and employees “make nutrition-minded choices.”  The information was already available, but now will easier for customers to find. Fields also stated that later in the fall, they will introduce a voluntary e-learning program to approximately 750,000 employees to help build their knowledge on calories, nutrition and the menu items they offer.  They will be making some other changes as well, read the press release for all information.

Central Posts Food Safety Resource Guide for National Food Safety Month

From The Central Blog

In honor of food safety month, Central has posted a Food Safety Resource Guide.  The way food is handled, served and stored must be a top priority for all types of foodservices, and we want to ensure all foodservices have the tools and resources they need.  The guide includes blogs, buying guides, products and general tips for food safety.

One High School’s Way of Upgrading for New USDA Standards

From The Times of Northwest Indiana

For the schools across the country looking for ways to update their cafeterias, Chesterton High School in Chesterton, Ind. is a good example to follow.  According to the school’s Director of Food Services, Kay Nallenweg, they’ve removed their fryers and will no longer fry their foods, but will bake them.  Nallenweg told the Times of Northwest Indiana she felt like they had offered healthy foods in the past, but will now have more.  And so far, it’s gone over really well with students.  She also added Chesterton High School has remodeled their cafeteria to have a “food court” atmosphere with items made to order.