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Get to Know Types of Beer Glasses

With the craft beer craze showing no sign of slowing down, it is a good idea to know the different types of beer glasses.  Beer glassware is more than a way to convey beer to your mouth, some glassware is designed for a specific purpose.  So, if you plan to hop on (no pun intended) the craft beer bandwagon, it is wise to use glassware that enhances your beer experience.  As such, we have compiled the most common types of beer glasses and their distinguishing characteristics.

Types of Beer Glasses – Common Types and Characteristics

  1. Pint Glasses – Are the most common type of beer vessel in the United States and are commonly used in restaurants.  As its name implies, this glass holds a pint (16 oz.) of beer and is a suitable choice for Ales, IPAs, Lagers, and Stouts.
  2. Beer Mugs – Mugs are sturdy, come in many sizes, and the thicker glass acts as an insulator keeping your beer cold longer.  Also, the handle does more than give you something to hold onto, it keeps your hand from warming your beer.
  3. Steins – Steins and mugs have similar shapes and handles, but there are differences.  The biggest distinction is the hinged lid that protects your beer from bugs, dirt and etc.  But, a less common distinction is that steins can and are made out of different materials like silver, stone, and wood.
  4. Tulip Glasses –  Tulip glasses enhance the aroma, flavor, and head of your beer.  Generally used with hoppy or malty beers, these glasses have a small stem with a foot and an outward curving lip atop the bowl.  Much like a snifter, the bowl at the bottom lets you swirl your beer around in a classy manner.

Now that you know a bit more about some common types of beer glasses, it’s time to hit your local pub and show off that knowledge!  Want to enjoy your drinks at home?  Central has you covered with a wide range of glassware to choose from.  Visit our website, live chat, or call        1-800-215-9293 to speak with a product consultant today!  Cheers!

Showcase Your Bottle Selection While Drawing More Sales with True Combination Bar Units

Looking to make the most out of a small space? Check out True Refrigeration’s line of combination Back Bar Refrigerators and Direct Draw Beer Dispensers for the answer! They are perfect for adding additional capacity to an overworked bar area or helping you expand into the draft beer arena.

It's the best of both worlds - showcase your bottle selection while keeping a favorite beer on tap.

It’s the best of both worlds – showcase your bottle selection while keeping a favorite beer on tap.

Small Footprint, Big Potential

This True TDB-24-48 measures only 24-1/2″ wide, but can hold a half-keg along-side 144 12 oz. beverage cans in that small footprint. A stainless steel counter top adds even more functionality for storage or drink preparation. Imagine placing this unit at a secondary bar location in your establishment (maybe even a separate banquet room) or as a simple way to offer a popular beer on tap.

This True back bar unit is available in several door configurations as well. For back-of-the-house applications, choose the TDB-24-48 with two solid doors. Want to show off your bottle options in the front-of-the-house? True’s TDB-24-48-1-G-1-LD has a solid door on the keg side and a glass door with LED lighting on the shelved side. Finally, you can show everything you’ve got with the TDB-24-48G-LD that features two glass doors.

Built Like a True Product

Cramming all those features into this unit did not sacrifice any of the durability or performance you see in your other True Refrigeration products. The oversized, environmentally-friendly forced air refrigeration will still maintain consistent beverage temperatures and provide years of  trouble free service.

Protect lour stock with integrated door locks

Protect your beer stock with integrated door locks

The glass door models use “Low-E” thermal glass to minimize cold loss and include LED lighting standard to illuminate and showcase the product much better than any fluorescent lighted models. Integrated door locks make sure your product is safe and secure even when unattended. The two shelves are configurable to hold up to 144 12 0z. cans or bottles. Of course, this model is NSF-7  listed for the storage of packaged or bottled product.

For a perfect draft product, fan motors are designed to direct large volumes of cold air directly into the 3″ diameter stainless steel insulated beer column. This unit will  provide many thousands of quality beer pours over its lifetime.

Central is your True HQ

Central has been a valued partner with True Refrigeration for many years. We’re able to offer you the best advertised price, along with free shipping on any True product. On in-stock items, we’ll ship them out to you on the same-day when ordered before 5 p.m. Eastern.

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Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2014: Restaurants Gear Up For The Big Game

Super Bowl 2014 Spending

It’s that time of year again: The Super Bowl. The big game is one of the restaurant and retail industry’s largest revenue sources driving in massive amounts of traffic and increasing sales in food, apparel, televisions and more.

According to the National Retail Federation, total spending is estimated to reach $12.3 billion with 77 percent of that being food related.

“Restaurants and bars will see their share of fans; the survey found 10 million fans will enjoy the game from their favorite local establishment,” they said.

From their research, 39 million Americans will throw a Super Bowl party of sorts for the event and 62 million will attend one.

Super Bowl chicken wing salesFan Favorites and Boosts in Sales

To gear up for the Super Bowl, restaurants have to be prepared to serve customer favorites, one of those favorites being chicken wings.

Chicken wings have become a top menu item among Super Bowl viewers. In fact, the National Chicken Council said 1.25 billion wings will be consumed for the 2014 game; 20 million more than in 2013. This also means the ranch and bleu cheese will be flowing.

Pizzerias also see a massive boom for the Super Bowl as it is one of their highest sales days of the year. Not only do the pizzas sell fast, it is a great opportunity for delivery drivers too.

“Delivery sales of pizza spike the most during close Super Bowl games,” explained Pizza.com. “On Super Bowl Sunday, pizza delivery drivers can expect $2 tips to sometimes soar as high as $20.”

Among the wings, pizzas, dips and other staples of Super Bowl parties, a drink of choice among restaurant guests and party goers is alcohol.  One might think beer would top the list, which it does, but according to QSR Magazine, craft beers, hard ciders, sparking wins and flavored liquors will be requested this year too.

Super Bowl restaurantsArea Restaurants

Cities that host a Super Bowl experience more traffic and exposure than they could ever imagine.  This exposure builds in the months leading up to the game and peaks the week of. Restaurant business in particular sees a massive boom from area residents and out-of-town guests participating in activities and events.

This year is East Rutherford, N.J.’s year to shine at Metlife Stadium, however, being just a skip, hop and jump away from New York, N.Y. has caused some confusion. The media and television personalities have referred to this year’s big game as being held in New York, which is untrue.

The distance between the two cities brings on a situation unlike any other state–both cities share efforts and reap the benefits. One possibly more than the other.

“The official Super Bowl Host Committee estimates the game will bring in between $550 and $600 million in revenue to New York and New Jersey,” CNN reported.

With quite a bit of the spotlight on New York, East Rutherford’s Mayor, James Cassella, hopes the town just breaks even, despite hosting the actual game and more events.

Either way, restaurants in both states will see a boost in traffic. Central Restaurant Products’ hometown, Indianapolis, hosted the 2012 Super Bowl and it has really changed the vibe of the city since. And in terms of restaurant sales, they skyrocketed for the locations close to  festivities, but even jumped for restaurants over an hour away.

Just as Indy and all other Super Bowl hosting cities have experienced, New Jersey and New York will have this great opportunity to showcase their cuisine and show their residents and guests from all over the world what they are all about.

Super Bowl NY restaurants

“Forty Ate”

New York will have pop-up restaurant Forty Ate, a creation of Danny Meyer, for the week. It is a modern steakhouse that will serve lunch and dinner, as well as “bar bites” throughout the day.

“Forty Ate will provide diners the ultimate Super Bowl experience,” their website said. “Danny Meyer’s renowned Union Square Events (USE) in collaboration with the Renaissance New York Times Square hotel will operate the Dining Room and Bar, which is designed by GMR marketing.”

The website added Forty Ate will feature NFL artifacts, the full set of 47 Super Bowl rings and appearances from NFL players who will be dining there.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start Your Engines for Great Food and Drinks!

It’s that time again when summer begins; the weekend where we relax and cookout with family and friends, thank our veterans who fought for our country and freedom and enjoy the beautiful weather.  But here in Indianapolis, it also means something else:  it’s the weekend for the Indianapolis 500, also known as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” with more than 250,000 permanent seats, and infield seating increasing the capacity to around 400.000.

The race started in 1909 as a hot-air ballon race, but quickly evolved that year into auto races after the track was re-constructed with bricks, making it easier and less dangerous for the drivers.  Locals quickly picked up the nickname for the track:  “The Brickyard.”   Formula One Race Car

This year will be the 101st anniversary of the annual Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, and every year the race has a pace car for the first lap, with a celebrity driving and leading the pack.  This year’s pace car driver is famous and fiery Food Network host, Guy Fieri, who is a classic car collector.  He will be driving the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; it is the fastest production car offered by GM, with its top speed coming in at 205 mph.

The Milk Mystery

As time has gone by traditions have been established, not only in terms of pre-race ceremonies (at 5 a.m., an explosive is set off to signal the opening of the gates), but also in terms of the food and drinks served at the race track.  As most of us know, each year the winner of the 500 race reaches for a tall bottle of cold milk and takes a long gulp from it.  But why milk?  Why not champagne, or even Gatorade?

The mystery of the milk started in 1933.  Louis Meyer had just won the race (his second Indy 500 win), and for some odd reason, he asked for a glass of buttermilk. (Now, if it were me and I was all pumped up after winning, sweaty, and hot, milk would be the LAST thing I’d think of drinking!)  But, evidently, for Meyer, who had grown up in Yonkers, NY drinking the beverage for years, milk was what he wanted, and it’s what he got.

Fast forward three years, and here Meyer was in the winner’s circle again.  And—what do you know—he requested the good ole’ tasty buttermilk.  But this time, a newspaper photographer caught him drinking it, as well as holding up three fingers:  one for each of his wins.  The photo ran on the front page of many newspapers the next day.

Rumor has it that a dairy executive saw the picture and realized the marketing opportunity.  He promised to supply milk to the winner the next year (although he had not realized that Meyer was drinking buttermilk, not milk).  Milk has been a staple for the winner at the Indianapolis 500 since then, except for a time during 1947-1955.  Victorious Formula One Racecar Driver


These days, winners are given the choice of milk—whole milk, two percent or skim.  Two Southern Indiana dairy farmers are chosen and the bottles are etched with the words “Indianapolis 500 winner,” creating a pseudo-trophy for the winner as well.  So, while the milk is a chilled delight to drink for the winner, it’s also become a great reminder of the history and legacy of the Indianapolis 500.

Traditional Food Offerings

For years now, the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich has become a well-known staple among the track concession stands.   There are a line of vendors inside the Speedway waiting for you to try one, or if you aren’t attending the race, Mug ‘n Bun, on Indianapolis’ West Side, is known to have one of the best recipes in the state.

Beer, of course, is another staple when it comes to the race.  While attendees are welcome to bring their own, the beer must not be brought in bottles, as the glass could be a danger to the track as well as to other attendees.   Most people who come to the race bring coolers full of beer, but in case the cooler becomes empty (as in most cases), vendors have plenty brews to sell.

Peanuts are actually considered bad luck at the Indy 500; legend has it that a crashed car in the 1940s was found with peanut shells in the cockpit.  In 2009, however, peanuts were re-introduced to the concessions.

New Ethnic Food and Drink Offerings

While many people enjoy the traditional Midwestern food as much as the roars of the cars flying by on the track, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is now offering unique ethnic food and drinks that are as diverse as the drivers competing in the race.

Such offerings include:

Crab Rangoon, a crab-stuffed Chinese wonton, for only $5.Grilled Seafood and Meats

Vegetable lo-mein, a Chinese noodle dish, for $5.

Shish kebab, skewered meat, for $7.

Po’ Boy, a sub sandwich recipe that started in Louisiana, available with pork, shrimp or catfish, for $7.

Walking taco, a Southwestern mixture of chili, cheese and corn chips that you can eat on the go, for $5.

For those over 21 that what something a little stronger than beer during the race, IMS has those attendees covered with drinks, including:

–“2.5-Mile Mojito,” a Cuban-inspired cocktail with rum, sugar cane, lime and mint, for $6.

Margarita, the original cocktail from Mexico; made with tequila, for $6.

Bloody Mary, the vodka and tomato morning pick-me-up, for $6.

IMS also has some great dessert offerings as well, including:

Apple dumplings, for $4.

–The Midwestern State Fair staple:  Elephant Ears, for $5.

Root Beer Float (non-alcoholic), for $5.

Strawberry shortcake, for $5.

Concession stands are located at various places around the IMS grounds, including the Pagoda Plaza, the Coca-Cola Pit Stop, Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, and other locations.  Visit www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com for more information.

Celebrating at Home

Many of us (me included) don’t have a chance to get down there to the race….but wait!  We have some great drink recipes created specifically for the 2012 Indy 500, so although you won’t hear the roar of the engines, you can at least hear it on TV!

Green Light Appletini (recipe at GoCocktails.com)

Ingredients:  Appletini mix, regular vodka, water, Granny Smith apple garnish

Pole Day Punch (recipe at Sparklingice.com)

Ingredients and Recipe:  2 bottles of Black Raspberry Sparkling ICE, 1 bottle of dry red wine, ¼ cup of Triple Sec, ¼ cup of Apple-flavored vodka, 2 sliced peaches, 2 sliced Granny Smith apples, 1 cup fresh strawberries, 1 cup fresh raspberries, 1 cup seedless red grapes, 1 sliced lemon, 1 sliced lime, 1 liter club soda.

Prepare all fruit and transfer to a large punch bowl.  Add wine and Sparkling ICE, stir to combine.  Refrigerate overnight.  Add club soda before serving to guests.

Start Your Engines (recipe from Aria Bar at The Fairmont, Mill; ariaChicago.com)

Ingredients and Recipe:  1.5 oz Absolut Wild Tea vodka, 1 oz. pineapple juice, .5 oz. orange liqueur, 1 oz. Grenadine.

Pour all measured ingredients into the metal part of the shaker.  “Start the engine” by mixing fervently in a Boston shaker and serve over ice in a Collins glass; add an Amarena Cherry on top.

Whether you’re going down to enjoy the race live or staying home to celebrate with friends and family, remember to have a great time, but stay safe!  It’s a great weekend to be here in Indianapolis!

Which Beer Glass Should I Choose? — Infographic

In a Beer Institute press release, data had shown there was $23.6 billion in beer sales for 2011, a jump of nine percent.  Restaurants are responsible for 24 percent of those sales and Beer Institute President Joe McClain said restaurants have a large impact on introducing great brands of beer to customers.  One of the most important aspects to serving any drink is choosing the perfect glass.  There are five different beer glass categories to choose from.  Choosing the right glass will make your customers happy and can bring some extra money into your business.

Check out Central’s selection of beer glasses on our website. 

Which beer glass to choose


Embed this infographic on your site

Week in Brief: March 11-17th, 2012

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for March 11-17.

 America’s Best Irish Bars:  12 Pubs From Across the Country That Offer the Best Irish Bar Experience

From thedailymeal.com, read the article here

From a great beer list to the the huge flat-screen TVs playing rugby, there are certain qualities that distinguish a “good” Irish bar from the “best” Irish bar.  Thedailymeal.com goes into these obvious details, such as the way the bartender pours a pint, the dark wood furnishings that populate the place, and the atmospheric feeling that you’re just down at home.  The website also offers a slideshow with what it believes to be the 12 best Irish bars in America.

Read full article at TheDailyMeal.com


Top 10 Most Popular Beers for St. Patrick’s Day: Report

From huffingtonpost.com, read the article here

Even though the holiday is celebrating an Irish saint, many of the most imbibed beers happen to be from America, with Boston’s own Samuel Adams coming in at #1.  Many would think that Ireland’s Guinness would come in at #1, but astoundingly, it doesn’t even rank in the top 5!  “The black stuff,” as the Irish call it, comes in at #6, behind Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken, and even Corona Light.  It’s still more popular in cities where high Irish-American populations live though, such as Boston, New York and Chicago.

Read the full list and article at huffingtonpost.com


Restaurants Look to Capitalize on ‘March Madness’

From nm.com, read the full article here

With the college basketball tournament among us, many restaurants are trying to take advantage of our ‘madness’ through games and contests, especially through the use of social media.

Applebee’s is utilizing their Facebook page with its Fan Fanatics contest to entice its guests.  The contest rewards people with Applebee’s gift cards the more they play and interact with the brand.  After each round of the NCAA tourney, whoever has the most points, acquired through posting on Applebee’s Facebook page, uploading a photo or tweeting a post on Twitter, receives $500 in Applebee’s gift cards after the National Championship Game on April 2.

The chain hopes their nearly 2,000 restaurants across the nation will be filled during the tourney, and they are encouraging fans to come in by promoting half-price appetizers at night and a unique “Fans Watch Here” invite that can be created from a tab on Applebee’s Facebook page.

Domino’s Pizza is also doing social media promotion for March Madness, by running a contest on Facebook called “The Road to Domination.”  Fans need only to “like” Domino’s on Facebook to play and are immediately eligible to fill out a tourney bracket.  Players are able to win thousands of giveaways, including Parmesan Bread Bites and 20-ounce Cokes, but the grand prize winner receives a trip for two to the 2013 NCAA Final Four in Atlanta.

Little Caesars Pizza is running a promotion that if a No. 16 seed upsets a No. 1 seed the chain will give away a free order of Crazy Bread to anyone that comes into the store on Monday, March 19, and says the word “crazy.”

Buffalo Wild Wings is doing something a little different with its “More March” promotion.  Fans can visit the “More March” tab on BW3’s FB page and vote on which other month they would like to lose to add more days in March for more basketball.  Basketball fans can also visit any participating BW3 location and fill out tourney brackets on site.

Read the full article at www.nm.com

Risks: More Red Meat, More Mortality

From nytimes.com, read full article here

According to a study published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine and reported by the New York Times, eating red meat increases your risk of death from cancer and heart disease.  The study included men and women over the course of 16 years, and researchers found that those that ate more red meat were less physically active, more likely to smoke and had a higher BMI.

Previous studies had linked red meat and mortality, but the new results were alarming.

“When you have these numbers in front of you, it’s pretty staggering,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Frank B. Hu, a professor of medicine at Harvard.

Read the full article at www.nytimes.com


Schools Can Take ‘Pink Slime’ Off Lunch Menus

From nytimes.com, read full article here

After the fallout from the “pink slime” scandal, the USDA finally decided that when fall arrives schools can stop serving an ammonia-treated ground beef filler often served to schools.  Last week, the Agriculture Department came under fire after critics described the filler as “pink slime,” and many Americans urged the USDA to ban it.  Their response was that it was safe; yet, to be safe, the department will offer a choice of beef made with the filler, or less lean bulk ground beef without it.file4531272158954

Read the full article at nytimes.com


Hot? What to Drink to Cool Down

The weather in our neck of the woods has been unusually hot these last few weeks. People are flocking to the pools, taking refuge in the air conditioning, and drinking a lot of cold beverages. We came across an article today, originally posted by Food and Wine, that covers what types of drinks will help you cool down.

In the Northwest, where the weather is ranging from the high 60°F mark to the low 80°F mark, try a 2008 Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay.

In the midwest or Northeast, where temperatures are reaching 80°F to 100°F try a 2008 Weingut Fred Loimer Lois Grüner Veltliner ($14) or a 2009 Clifford Bay Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc ($10).

In the West, where temperatures are nearing or surpassing the 100° mark try a 2009 Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde ($10). And for those REALLY hot in the Southwest, where temperatures are 110°F and above, skip the wine and have a cold beer. Try Stella Artois ($10 for a 6-pack). Need help keeping those drinks cold or keeping your wine fresh. Try these products. 

Keep your wine fresh by extracting the air from the bottle with this pump.

Store your wine horizontally without the fear of spillage with this wine stopper.

Keep your wine cold with this polycarbonate wine bucket.