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Shop ENERGY STAR Qualified Vulcan Cooking Equipment and Save in Multiple Ways

At the beginning of the year, Central was excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s largest commercial cooking equipment manufacturers, Vulcan, for an exclusive deal.

Through March 31, 2012, customers can take advantage of the lowest price and free shipping on all Vulcan cooking equipment at Central.

Additional to this promotion, there are other ways to save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

By outfitting a kitchen with ENERGY STAR qualified equipment, it could save your business 285 MBTU per year.  This is the equivalent of around $2500.  (MBTU stands for one million BTUs).

Several U.S. utility companies provide rebates for those who purchase energy efficient equipment too.

In ENERGY STAR’s September 2011 publication for restaurants, Putting Energy into Profit, their very first cost saving tip is to buy ENERGY STAR qualified equipment.

So as opposed to just looking at short term costs, ENERGY STAR recommends to think in terms of life-cycle costs.  These life-cycle costs include the purchase price, annual energy costs and other long term costs associated with the equipment.

“High-efficiency appliances could cost more upfront, but significantly lower utility bills can make up for the price difference,” they explain.

Vulcan is a part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, who has many recognitions for their innovative products.

ITW recently received 10 of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies’ 2011 Best in Class awards.

The Best in Class awards are given to foodservice equipment and supply manufacturers who go above and beyond.  FE&S describes them as “the best of the best among foodservice equipment supplies and manufacturers.”

When reviewing potential candidates for Best in Class, FE&S looks at the following seven factors: Product quality, product value, product design and aesthetics, service and support, sales representation, product inventory and availability and product information and availability.

To add to Vulcan and the ITW Food Equipment Group’s resume, in early 2011, they were awarded ENERGY STAR’s highest honor, the Sustained Excellence award.  In a March 2011 press release, it’s explained this award “is given to a select group of organizations that have consistently exhibited leadership across the ENERGY STAR program.”

This was their second consecutive year winning the Sustained Excellence award and previously earned ENERGY STAR’s Partner of the Year award in 2008 and 2009.

Central has ENERGY STAR qualified Vulcan convection ovens, holding and transport cabinets, proofing and holding cabinets, griddles, fryers and steamers. By purchasing Vulcan ENERGY STAR qualified equipment, you’re guaranteed durability, reliability and savings—all while helping the environment at the same time.

Here are a few more great resources about Vulcan and ENERGY STAR.  And if you’re ready to start shopping, check out all of Central’s
ENERGY STAR qualified Vulcan cooking equipment