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Buying Guide: Dishwashers

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Today’s buying guide covers dishwashers.  Find this and all buying guides here, and check back after the release of our January master catalog for more.  


What to Consider When Selecting a Dishwasher

  • Size and Style Needs
  • Sanitizing Method
  • Energy Efficiency


What Size and Style Will Fit the Needs of Your Facility?

When selecting a dishwasher, first determine what type and capacity your facility requires. Dishwashers are rated by the number of dishes or racks (approximately 20 dishes) they can effectively wash in an hour.

Properly sizing a dishwasher depends on several factors:

  • Anticipated number of meals served a day
  • Total number of dishes used per guest
  • Frequency of table turns




What Sanitizing Method is Best for Your Facility?

There are two forms of sanitizing systems for dishwashers:

  • High temperature sanitizing machine
  • Chemical sanitizing machine

High Temperature Sanitizing Machine

  • Uses heat to sanitize dishes and glassware
  • Requires a booster heater to raise the temperature of the final rinse to 180°
  •  Some machines require the separate purchase of a booster heater
  • Does not require the purchase of chemicals
  • Does not damage flatware and plastics
  • Dries dishes more effectively
  • Uses slightly more energy than a chemical sanitizing machine

Chemical Sanitizing (Low Temperature) Machine

  • Uses a chemical bath to sanitize dishes and glassware
  • Requires monthly purchase of chemicals
  • Reduces water heating energy costs
  • Less effective cleaning power when washing grease-laden wares
  • Dishes may not dry effectively if humidity in dish room is too high


Energy Efficiency

Operators should be aware of energy efficiency when selecting a dishwasher. With energy and water costs rising, choosing the most energy efficient unit can have a big impact on overall energy use.

  • Dishwashers can consume up to one-third the energy used in an operations, mostly due to the cost to raise water temperature.
  • Dishwashers are rated on water efficiency by gallons of water used per rack washed. Choosing a machine with lower water usage will help the operator increase efficiency.

Energy Star rates commercial dishwashers based on energy efficiency and water usage. Commercial Dishwashers that have earned the Energy Star rating are on average 25% more energy and water efficient than standard units.

Additional Energy Saving Tips:

  • Turn machine off at night
  • Replace torn wash curtains
  • Repair leaks
  • Replace worn spray heads


For more information, view this Dishwasher Buying Guide in full on our website, which also provides the list of our dishwashers along with the manufacturer, type, sanitizing method, racks per hour, gallons per rack, standard booster, energy star rated and door clearance.

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