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Central Celebrates Annual “1010” Day Event

Every October 10 Central celebrates 1010 Day, a company-wide outdoor event for employees to have lunch, play games and spend some time out of the office to mingle with other departments.  If there could be a theme for the event this year, it would be “It’s cold!”  The wind was blowing and temperatures were in the upper 40s, which is quite a change from years past when it was 75°F and sunny.

Everyone pulled through though, as there was food to eat and games to play.

Lunch was catered by Jug’s Catering, with fried chicken, biscuits and apple butter, vegetables, pasta salad and vegetable lasagna on the menu.  For the games, the line up consisted of bingo, M&M spitting contest, cornhole, hula-hoop, ring toss, hole-in-one golf, football toss and baseball throw.

In addition to the food and games, this year’s event required special attire.  The event planning committee wanted to do something a little different for employees and designed a 1010 Day shirt.  Once these shirts were printed, each employee received one to wear for the day.  (Needless to say, because of the weather, most people had on long sleeves and jackets along with their shirts). 

1010 Day was created by Central’s previous owners 11 years ago and has taken place almost every year since.  When the event was created, Central was located in downtown Indianapolis at 1010 Central Ave., hence the name 1010 Day.   (We’ve since moved to a larger location northwest of downtown at 7750 Georgetown Rd.)

Despite the weather, it was a great event–and a great way to celebrate Central’s 31 years in business.

Be sure to check back soon for a photo slideshow of the event.

Central’s Founders Day Celebration

Last Friday, October 8, Central celebrated our Founders Day event which is a fun filled afternoon of food and games.

The name Founders Day originates from an event from our previous location, 1010 Central Ave. in downtown Indianapolis.  It was known as 10/10 Day.   We have since moved to the northwest side of the city and have brought back the event—renaming it to Founders Day.

The weather could not have been more perfect at 80°F and sunny—not a cloud in the sky.  The warmer-than-usual weather definitely worked out to our benefit for the outdoor festivities.

Lunch was served at 12 p.m. in our Warehouse by Jugs Catering.

Employees enjoyed fried biscuits with apple butter, pasta salad, green beans, cheesy au gratin potatoes, fried chicken and veggie lasagna—with cookies for dessert.

Door prizes were distributed toward the end of the lunch and games followed shortly after from 12:45 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Employees played the traditional games from previous Founders Day celebrations (Bingo, M&M spitting, Cornhole, Football Toss and Tug-O-War).

The crowd heavily gathered around the dock area for the M&M spitting contest.  Staff Accountant, Matt Patrick, won the first round (42”) and National Accounts Sales Manager, Scott Ebbert, won the second round (43”). Totals include rolling.

After the M&M spitting contest, the crowd moved to watch the Cornhole Tournament and Football Toss.

After several rounds of Cornhole, Product Consultants Steffan Lawler and Scott Reynolds took first place.  Matt White, customer care specialist, and Harold Lloyd, maintenance, took second.

Product Consultant Rryan Christmas was crowned winner of the Football Toss and the day concluded with a game of Tug-O-War.

Everyone crowded around the two teams then was suddenly surprised as Director of Logistics, Dave Delp, pulled up his truck to help his team be victorious.

They attached the ends of the rope to the truck and were ready to start pulling. The other team, while defeated by the truck, gave it their best shot. After the truck’s victory, the ropes were removed and the real game began.  The team without the truck was crowned winner. (Team included: Scott Ebbert, Jeff Niewiadomski, Kelly Hinds, Mike Kern, John Fischer and Greg Seigel).

Overall, Founders Day was a great break from the normal work day for Central employees to get together and enjoy the nice weather.  For next year’s Founders Day, it is hoped to add a three-legged race, water balloon toss, relay race and two person tug-o-war to the agenda.