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Tuesday Tip: Coffee Brewers and Vessels

I like to argue that coffee is one of the greatest joys in the world, and it’s an easy topic to argue while I type up this post, taking periodic breaks to sip on my third cup of the morning. For many, myself included, coffee is a morning ritual that sets the standard for each and every day. And today is shaping up to be a great day.

It comes as no surprise, then, that coffee is a constant on menus across the globe. From chic coffee houses to the hole-in-the-wall tavern on the corner of Sketchy and Main, every type of operation offers coffee. That’s why it’s important to make sure your coffee brewer is the right one for your needs.

Not every coffee brewer is created equal. They come in a variety of styles and features, and the right one for your type of operation may not be right for another. It’s important to ask yourself before committing to a certain type, how much coffee do you serve on a daily basis? If it’s a lot, consider an automatic brewer with a high capacity. Not so much? You may only need a small capacity pour over type.

What’s the difference between pour over and automatic? I’m glad you asked!

The main difference is a water connection. Pour over coffee brewers are great for serving coffee in low volume, requiring water to be poured in. Since they don’t require a water line, they are easy to transport. Automatic coffee brewers, on the other hand, are best if you’re serving up large quantities. They require a water connection that allows for a constant supply.

Now let’s talk vessels.

Decanters are great for individual serving, holding a smaller amount of coffee. They pair well with brewers that feature warming plates, retaining heat for extended periods of time.

Airpots are great for storing larger capacities that need to retain their heat for long periods of time. These require brewers capable of pouring directly into them, perfect for catering events or self-serving operations.

Thermal carafes do the job for individual serving as they hold coffee in smaller capacities. They’re durable and often aesthetically pleasing, fitting perfectly with the farm to table theme. They are great for temperature retention also, capable of sitting out for long durations without needing placed on a hot plate. 

That’s the gist! Browse all of our coffee equipment and supplies here. If you still can’t decide which brewer is right for you, we’re always here to help! Give us a call at 800.215.9293 to speak with one of our knowledgeable product consultants to get the expert advice needed to make the right decision for your type of operation.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a refill. Cheers.

Warm Up with the Perfect Cup of Coffee from These Local Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

What’s better than the perfect cup of hot coffee to help you get through a cool day? Even if you’re not living in a 90’s sitcom, local coffee shops have the best vibe and service. If you are traveling this fall, be sure to keep these coffee shops on your agenda.

These are but a few incredible places to grab that sought-after cup of joe. We would love to hear about your favorite local coffee spot. Tell us about it in the comments!

Durango Joe’s Coffee

Colorado, New Mexico | Website

Durango Joe’s coffee shop is a welcoming coffee shop that cares about people! They love to work and serve people, from the coffee farmers to their customers. They explain they directly partner with their coffee farmers across the globe and share the same goal. Their menu has a wide variety of delicious coffees from their Mosaic Blend and Columbia to the Red Mountain Blend and coffee from Costa Rica. You can also enjoy espresso drinks and delicious signature drinks. Why not a Vanilla Latte made upside down with caramel sauce laced on top? They have you covered! You can also choose other cool drinks and teas, from chai tea lattes to iced pomegranate green tea. Plus, every morning you can enjoy delicious fresh pastries, breakfast burritos and sandwiches.

Durango Joe’s has been serving local communities since 2004. Their website explains it began with owner Joe Lloyd’s grandfather Doctor Leo Lloyd who served the Colorado’s Durango community for over 40 years. Joe and his wife LeAnna have continued the tradition of serving others through their coffee shops. Joe is active within his community and loves everyone that walks into the doors at each of their seven locations. So if you’re looking for a great cup of coffee and great people, stop by!


Hampton Coffee Company

New York | Website

If you find yourself in The Hampton’s this fall, you must stop by one of Hampton Coffee Company’s six locations. This independently-owned and family operated coffee shop opened its doors in 1994 as a small espresso bar and coffee micro-roastery. The business grew and today they are now known as Long Island’s largest independent coffee roaster retailer! In addition to their stores, you can also find their brews in many of the restaurants in The Hamptons.

The Hampton Coffee Company also does everything they can to help the environment! Some examples include UPS Carbon Neutral mail orders, Energy Star-rated equipment, solar panels and eco-friendly cups. In addition, they do everything they can to make sure you have the best and freshest cup of coffee available! They avoid using vacuum-packed bags or warehouse their coffee. They always deliver and serve it fresh. In fact, you can visit their Coffee Roastery and Coffee Experience Store to learn more about how it is all done!


Paramour Artisan Coffee

Wamego, KS | Website

When you visit a website and the first thing you see is “Best java around,” you know you’re going to get a great cup o’ Joe! This Midwest coffee shop has been serving their local community for 25 years. It all began when Owner Jim Hovind worked under Sal Bonavita and Alfred Peet—the founder of the famous Peet’s Coffee. Paramour explains the shop was inspired by these two coffee legends, and in in tribute to Peet who has since passed. Their mission? To serve great coffee.

Their location in downtown Wamego, Kansas not only has a wide variety of fresh daily brews, but also delicious pastries! Be sure to grab a peach cobbler muffin or bacon-maple scone with your coffee. If you will not be in the Wamego area, you can still get Paramour’s coffee! You can buy their brews on their website, with most orders shipping within two days. If you’re a business owner looking for a great coffee blend to add to your shop, they handle wholesale inquiries too! It’s a great addition to your coffee shop, restaurant or retail operation.


Types of Coffee Beans and Roasts

Coffee coffee coffee – we just can’t get enough of it, right? Whether you run your own coffee shop, or just like to make your own at home, it’s important to know the types of coffee beans so you can make the best cup of Joe! There are several factors to consider that affect the coffee flavor, including the bean type, the region it was grown in and the roast type.

Types of Coffee Beans

The two types of coffee beans you’ll find more than any other variety are the Arabic bean and Robusta bean. These are the most common in their pure form or in coffee blends.

Over seventy percent of all coffee beverages are made with the Arabic bean. The Coffee Arabica bush is grown all over the world, and dTypes of Coffee Beansepending on the region, creates a difference in taste. Soil, temperature, weather and vegetation all play part in the flavor of a bean. “For example, Ethiopian Arabica beans are known for their smooth, easy flavor with a floral finish while Kenyan Arabica beans have a more bitter taste. Arabica beans grown in Latin America are also slightly bitter tasting with a cocoa flavor and nutty finish. The favorite Arabica beans grown in Colombia are very bold in taste with a dark texture and walnut after taste,” explains Coffee.org.

Robusta beans are primarily grown in Brazil, Vietnam and Africa. This type of bean has twice the amount of caffeine than the Arabic bean, and less oil which leads to a more bitter taste. Robusta beans can be found in coffee blends and good espressos. Instant coffee and canned coffee grounds also often contain a blend of Robusta beans.

Roast Types

Did you know that when coffee beans are first picked, they’re actually green? This is to ensure maximum freshness before they are roasted. Coffee beans cannot be used until they are roasted properly, and there are several varieties of roasts to know about!

Light RoastsCoffeeSign

This type of roast is preferred for those new to coffee because of it’s mild taste. Light Roasts are light brown in color and have no oil on the surface of the bean because it’s not roasted long enough for the oil to break the surface.

Popular light roast names include Light City Roast, Half City Roast, Cinnamon Roast and New England Roast.

Medium Roasts

For a stronger flavor profile, coffee consumers can go with a medium roast. This type of roast still has a non-oily surface but medium roasts have a more balanced flavor, aroma and acidity. Medium roasts are more preferred in the United States, often being referred to as the American roast.

Popular medium roast names include City Roast, American Roast, Breakfast Roast and Regular Roast.Types of Coffee Beans

Medium – Dark Roasts

Medium – dark roasts have a rich, dark color and have some oil on the surface of the beans. This type of roast has a heavy body, and the flavors and aromas of the roasting process become noticeable. Medium – dark roasts sometimes have a spicy taste.

Popular medium – dark roasts are called Full-City Roast, After Dinner Roast or Vienna Roast.

Dark Roasts

Dark roast beans are shiny because of oil present on the surface of the bean, which you can sometimes see in the cup when the roast is brewed. This type of roast is dark brown in color, with a bitter and smoky or even burnt taste. The flavor of the coffee bean’s origin is overpowered by this style of roasting process and the amount of caffeine in usually decreased. Dark roasts are used for espresso blends.

Popular dark roast names include French Roast, Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, Continental Roast, New Orleans Roast, High Roast and Spanish Roast.

So, there you have it! The types of coffee bean and roasting process all provide a hand in what the final flavor will be. If you’re looking for coffee shop supplies or items for your coffee bar, shop Central now! Questions? Ask a knowledgeable Product Consultant by calling them at 800-215-9293 or chatting with them live now!

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