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Make your Kitchen More Efficient with Hobart Slicers

There are many items kept in the kitchen, that can contain bacteria and other hazards to food, if not cleaned properly. Food slicers are main items that are often found in most kitchens but require proper use and cleanliness.

There are different slicer options available to help keep your slicer clean while keeping your kitchen productive and efficient.

Removable parts

Slicers that have removable blades and as many parts as possible, reduce the risk of bacteria settling. Kitchen employees are also more likely to clean slicers, more frequently and thoroughly, if the parts are easier to take apart and clean.

When choosing a slicer, you should also consider one that offers a zero blade exposure at all times. This way the operator will have minimal exposure to the blade, even when the machine is apart and they are cleaning.

Considering a slicer that uses cobalt-edged knives, also offers more efficiency. It helps the knife stay sharper and have a longer life. Because the knife stays sharper, it reduces the time spent on sharpening and changing the blade.

A removable top cover is also helpful to keep your slicer clean. If the top cover can be taken off and brought to the sink or dishwasher, it offers a more thorough clean

Additional options

No volt release: This function allows for a “reset” of the machine if the power is lost. This reduces the risk of injury when the power is restored.

Home-Start: This function prevents an operator from starting in the middle of a stroke. The slicer must be brought “home” in order to begin. Some units also have an automatic shut off function after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Gas assist lift: This function allows operators to easily raise and lower the unit to clean underneath.

Shop Hobart with Central

Hobart offers a line of Heavy Medium Duty slicers for your needs! These offer the removable parts so that you can ensure the cleanliness of your slicing machine. Shop Hobart’s line of HS series slicers with Central, today!  Have questions? Call 800-215-9293 to speak to one of our knowledgeable product consultants!

Buying Guide: Slicers

Need help making a purchase? Central has you covered with a library full of buying guides you can conveniently find on our website

Today’s buying guide covers slicers.  Find this and all buying guides here, and check back after the release of our January master catalog (later on this month) for more.   ___________________________________________________________________________

What to Consider When Selecting a Slicer:

  • What you’re slicing
  • How much you’re slicing
  • How long you’re slicing


What Are You Slicing?

All commercial slicers are designed to slice meat.  A heavier duty machine is recommended for higher volumes of cheese.



How Much Are You Slicing At Any Given Time?

Manual slicers are convenient for made-to-order or small batches.  Automatic slicers help reduce employee fatigue and provide a consistent product.



How Long Are You Slicing?

  • Less than 2 hours or 700 slices – Light Duty
  • 2-4 hours a day or between 700 and 1400 slices – Medium Duty
  • All day operation or over 1400 slices – Heavy Duty



For more information, view this Slicer Buying Guide in full on our website, which also provides the list of our slicers by manufacturer, type and other factors to help you make a purchase.

Ready to order? Click here to view our food prep appliances in which you can find commercial hand and meat slicers.  And don’t forget to check out all of Central’s buying guides.