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Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on Southbend, Pitco, and Star

Whether you are in the market for a new range, fryer, popcorn machine, or toaster, Central has the brands you know and trust. Southbend, Pitco , and Star brands provide high quality, durable commercial cooking equipment at competitive prices. Plus, Central offers free shipping on these brands! For items that are in stock and ordered by 5pm Eastern time, they ship the same day!

SouthbendSouthbend Griddle

Southbend offers commercial cooking equipment ranging from convection ovens to broilers to ranges. Their products are designed to withstand high-volume kitchens and come top rated by chefs and industry experts. The products’ energy savings, cooking speed, and safety contribute to extremely high satisfaction ratings. Southbend is committed to their customers and to innovation that will better serve the industry needs.

Pitco Fryers



Since 1918, Pitco has been the industry leader in designing and producing reliable fryers and pasta cookers. With laser cutting technology, robotic welding, and a reliable tank, rest assured that your fryers and pasta cookers are made with the utmost uniformity, consistency, and accuracy.  Plus, the company recently released their first ever Energy Star qualified high efficiency value priced fryer!


StarStar Manufacturing

Star Manufacturing provides solutions to busy kitchens in 5-star restaurants or concession stands. The product assortment ranges from popcorn poppers and hot dog rollers to griddles, impingement conveyor ovens and toasters, all built to make your kitchen more efficient.


Shop Central

Ready to purchase? Visit our website to browse all Southbend, Pitco, and Star products! If you need assistance in your decision, our Product Consultants are here to help! Call them at 800-215-9293 or chat live with them now. Speak to your Product Consultant about a free catalog, or request a copy online.

11 ways to cook up high-profit menu items

According to San Francisco Business Examiner, not since 9/11 have restaurants experienced such a rapid decline in customer count, volume and profit.

You’ve probably already heard this advice before: offer specials to attract customers; change out the menu often; analyze costs and take precautions against overspending.

But it’s also important to consider higher-profit menu items that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to prepare.

And studies actually show that comfort foods like hot sandwiches, homemade breads and appetizers are even more popular during tough economic times.

Following are three economical and space-saving countertop cooking appliances that can also help increase profits:


  • Grill a variety of different menu items – hot sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas
  • Easy to clean with a grill brush or sponge


  • Quickly toast English muffins, Texas toast, bagels
  • Two-sided toasting for faster cook times


  • Use minimal countertop space to cook a variety of menu items
  • Cook chicken fingers, egg rolls and French fries

Also consider a grill brush for easy cleanup; fry baskets to prepare a variety of menu items and a butter spreader to save valuable prep time.