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The Real Secret to Easy Cubed Watermelon – Central Exclusive Cutlery

"The Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon"

Still from YouTube video

Have you seen the YouTube video of the real-life fruit ninja who cubes half a watermelon in seconds with just a few cuts from his knife? He first makes two cuts perpendicular to the rind on each side for the watermelon, then separates the flesh from the rind with a circular cut. Finally, he scores the flesh with criss-cross cuts and places the whole melon in a large plastic bag. With a quick upside down flip he now has bag full of perfectly cubed watermelon!

Of course, the one step he forgot to mention is that you always need a great knife to make this job simple. If you are looking for the right knife to become a fruit ninja, we recommend using our Central Exclusive series knives. Plus, just in time for the summer watermelon season, they are on sale now through the end of August.

20% off Central Exclusive Cutlery

Central Exclusive products are specially chosen by our buyers for their quality features and construction at prices that provide significant value to our customers. In cutlery, we offer a variety of dishwasher-safe economy knives with hand-honed edges. They feature stamped, stain-free carbon steel blades for durability and textured polypropylene handles for slip resistance.

20% Central Exclusive Cutlery through 8/31/14

20% Central Exclusive Cutlery through 8/31/14

Choose from six models to find the right knife for each of your food prep needs. Included in the promotion are an 8″ or 10″ Cook’s knife, 12″ slicer, 8″ bread knife, 6″ boning knife and a 3 1/2″ pairing knife. We would recommend our 8″ scalloped edge bread/utility knife to tear through the tough rind of a watermelon.

But this offer is only good through August 31st, 2014…so order today.

Choosing the Right Knife for You

Cutting more than just watermelon and still pondering what knife you will need? Check out our blog on how to choose the right knife for any need. Click through to learn about blade types, handle construction and the best type of knife for your application. Of course, our helpful product consultants are ready to walk you through the different applications.

So, now that you’ve learned how to choose the right knife, and have saved 20% on your Central Exclusive knife purchase – it’s time for the demonstration via YouTube.


Buying Guide: Cross Contamination Prevention

Need help making a purchase? Central has you covered with a library full of buying guides you can conveniently find on our website

Today’s buying guide covers cross contamination.  Find this and all buying guides here, and check after the release of our January master catalog for more.  


Using Color-Coded Products to Prevent Cross Contamination

  • Introduction
  • Meaning behind colors
  • Types of utensils


Color Code to Prevent Contamination

  • The sixth largest contributing factor to foodborne illness is cross contamination (An Introduction into the Food Service Industry, 2004).
  • While there is no substitute for thorough cleaning and sanitization after every use, color coding your food prep smallwares is a good way to lessen the chance of cross contamination.
  • Color Coding allows employees to quickly identify which cutting boards, knives, cut resistant gloves and utensils should be used for a specified food. Example: By using only yellow smallwares for chicken and only green for vegetables, you can ensure that raw chicken never comes in contact with vegetables for the dinner salad.


The Meaning Behind the Colors

The following guideline is widely accepted as a way to identify and separate the tools needed in preparing certain foods.

Tip: Color coding different departments of operation is another way to help reduce cross contamination. For example, all red colored items will be used in the butcher’s shop, while white colored items will stay in the bakery.


What Food Preparation Items can be Color Coded?

Cutting Boards
There are a variety of shapes, sizes and costs for any customer to ensure cross-contamination is never an issue.  See all Cutting Boards.


Knives (Cutlery)
Can be coordinated with cutting board colors to ensure certain colors are only used for particular food items.  See all Cutlery.


Cut Resistant Gloves
Can be coordinated with cutting board colors to ensure that certain colors are only used for particular food items.  See all Cut Resistant Gloves.




For more information, view this Cross Contamination Prevention Guide in full on our website.

Ready to order? Click here to view our food preparation items, or click on the links above for cutting boards, knives and cut resistant gloves.  And don’t forget to check out all of Central’s buying guides.

Dexter Sani-Safe Cutlery and Utensils

If you’re looking to purchase cutlery and utensils, take a look at our Dexter Sani-Safe Cutlery and Utensils promotion.  This selection of cutlery, turners and spatulas are 20 percent off.

This promotion is available until December 17, just in time for holiday parties and catering events.  There is a wide variety of options for sani-safe cutlery and utensils.  There is one item for almost any job!

Dexter sani-safe cutlery and utensils are built to be tough and sanitary.  A textured, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean polypropylene handle withstands both high and low temperatures.

An impervious blade-to-handle seal provides the utmost in sanitary qualification.

The stain-free, high-carbon steel blade has an individually ground and honed edge which makes it excel for commercial use.

All of these items are made in the United States and are NSF certified.

Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the world.  They provide The Dexter Edge which is professional cutlery designed, built and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough.

Dexter notes they have listened to their customers and are determined to excel at what’s most important to them—sharp knives right out of the box and long-lasting, easily restored edges.

View a full list of items available for this promotion here.

For more questions about Dexter sani-safe cutlery and utensils, contact a Product Consultant at 800-222-5107 or view the cutlery or utensils on our website.