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Davidson’s Family Restaurant

For our final Guest Writer blog entry featuring our employee’s memorable and extraordinary dining experiences from around the country, National Account Sales Manager Scott Ebbert shares with us Davidson’s Family Restaurant in Lakewood, NY.

Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This family owned diner has been open for 60 years and serves a variety of items such as fish, chicken, burgers, steak and homemade pies.

“They treat everyone like family,” Ebbert says.

Guests who visit Davidson’s are welcomed by its nautical feel.  Fish caught from the ocean are hung as well as pictures of lighthouses.

“(It’s a) family diner,” Ebbert describes.  “Orange booths, wood chairs and a nautical theme on the walls.”

Ebbert has been going to Davidson’s since he was a child.  He and his family went there every Friday night and says the food is as good as it has ever been.

“I was there last in May of 2009.”

Out of the variety of menu items Davidson’s serves, there’s one thing Ebbert has to get every time.

“Whenever I go back for a visit, I have to have an order of the fried cod,” Ebbert says. “It’s cooked in a tempura batter.  It is not greasy.  I normally do not care for fish and this is the best stuff on Earth!”

He usually gets a side of coleslaw and fries with his order and says they have applesauce and salads as well.


We hope you have enjoyed our employee’s stories about memorable and extraordinary dining experiences around the country.  Next week we will begin a series devoted to you, our customer, with all information you need to know regarding Central.

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