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Tip of the Day: Sanitizing Methods

There are two common forms of sanitizing systems for dishwashers: High Temperature Sanitizing and Chemical Sanitizing. The Differences?

High Temperature Sanitizing Machines

High temperatures sanitizing dishwashing machines use heat to sanitize dishes and glassware. These machines require a booster heater to raise the temperature of the final rinse to 180°. Some machines require the separate purchase of a booster heater.

Unlike the Low Temperature Chemical Sanitizing machines, these do not require regular purchasing of chemicals, however, they typically use slightly more energy than a chemical sanitizing machine.

Chemical Sanitizing (Low Temperature) Machines

These machines use a chemical bath to sanitize dishes and glassware, thus requiring a monthly purchase of chemicals. However, these machines reduce water heating energy costs.

They are usually less effective when washing grease-laden wares as opposed to high temperature units, and dishes may not dry as effectively if humidity in the dish room is too high.


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Tip of the Day Tuesday: What Commercial Dishwasher Fits Your Facility?

Whether you are operating a small coffee shop, a chain restaurant, a school cafeteria, or anything in-between, having clean dishes is a must! To have the cleanest dishes, in the shortest amount of time, using as little water and energy to do so, is on the forefront of many operator’s minds. Knowing which commercial dishwasher best fits your facility can set your facility up for success!

The first step in determining what kind of dishwasher best suits your operation is to identify what type of dishwasher and the capacity your facility requires. The chart below will help you identify what type of dishwasher you need based on the number of meals served a day, number of dishes used per guest, and how frequently tables are turned. Once the type of dishwasher is identified, you have two options for sanitizing: high temperature sanitizing machines and chemical sanitizing machines. As the names denote, high temperature machines utilize heat to sanitize dishes and chemical sanitizing machines utilizes a chemical bath to sanitize dishes.

There are pros and cons to each type of sanitizing method – read more about the differences in our Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide!

Dishwasher Types

Looking for cost savings when operating your dishwasher? Try out these tips!

  • Turn machines off at night
  • Replace torn wash curtains
  • Repair leaks
  • Replace worn spray heads


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