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Manufacturer’s Spotlight: True

Refrigeration is a necessity in every kitchen, but choosing the right system for your needs can be tricky. We are here to help.

True refrigeration is the industry-trusted name that has been manufacturing their quality refrigeration equipment in the U.S.A. since 1945! Choosing True refrigeration could mean saving money and the environment. As we have talked about in a previous post, investing in Energy Star rated equipment can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings a year.

Why Choose True?

  • An ENERGY STAR partner, committed to eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Earth-friendly Ecomate foam insulation
  • Every single unit manufactured is run tested for quality assurance
  • Heavy duty shelves that won’t chip or peel like some competitors’

Shop the TRUE EXTRAVAGANZA and save money on hundreds of items! Buy with Central Restaurant Products and benefit from The Central Advantage.

The Central Advantage:

  • Trusted industry provider since 1981
  • Order with Confidence–Free expert consultation before you buy
  • Everyday, low wholesale prices
  • 15 ways to pay, including instant financing
  • Get it fast–Same day shipping on thousands of products
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed!

Now through December 31, 2010 buy a True refrigeration system and save!

Saving Money and the Earth

Going Green is a more efficient way to operate and you can save money on your water bills, electric bills, taxes and more while decreasing the amount of pollution. Explore these links for more information.

  • If you are interested in saving money and reducing pollution, consider Going Green. This site can help you determine the changes you can make to save money and the Earth.  Also, find information about grants, loans and incentives available for businesses going green.
  • Energy Star products can save you money while fighting global warming. Use their savings calculator to determine how much you could save.
  • If you are budgeting for remodeling, look into grants and loans offered by the government.

Questions? Contact your Product Consultant at 800-222-5107.

Spring Cleaning Continues! Today’s Topic: Going Green!

Today’s Topic: Energy Efficiency and Becoming Green While Saving Some Green!!

Are you looking to become green or save money by upgrading to energy efficient equipment? Energy Star rated equipment is your answer!

Energy Star rated equipment is a hot topic in these changing times. Americans using Energy Star saved enough energy in 2009 to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 30 million cars! Even better, Americans saved $17 billion on their utility bills!

Although Energy Star equipment will cost more now the equipment will save you money on your monthly bills. Central Restaurant Products offers more than 100 Energy Star rated products.

Use this list of popular links for more information.

For more information on Energy Star products, visit Central’s Energy Star Resource Page or call a product consultant at 800-222-5107.

Resources on energy efficiency

Here’s a list of sites and resources on energy efficiency I’ve been gathering…