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Blenders vs Choppers vs Processors

Food Processor vs Blender vs Chopper – Which Do I Need?

Ensuring that you have the right equipment in your kitchen is essential to the success of your business. Just like you are not going to make french fries in a steamer, you are not going to make a smoothie in a chopper. Some kitchens may see that they need a food processor, a blender, and a chopper; however maybe you can get by with just one! It all depends on what the equipment is being used for. Let Central help you figure out what you need!

Blenders vs Choppers vs Processors

Food Processors 

  • Purpose: Strong and sharp blade to easily cut raw, hard-to-chop ingredients
  • Good Foods to Use For: nuts, carrots, onions, etc.
  • Recipe Ideas: nut butters, pesto, curry paste, hummus, homemade salad dressing
  • Bonus: Many food processors utilize attachments which allows operators to slice, dice, grate, grind meat, puree vegetables, knead dough, and more!

Food Blenders

  • Purpose: To combine ingredients that have a liquid base
  • Good Foods to Use For: soups, cocktails, smoothies, salsa, etc.
  • Bonus: Operators are still able to chop and grind with a blender, but this is meant to be done with softer foods unless otherwise noted. Many commercial blenders can still chop and blend hard ingredients if done properly.

Food Choppers

  • Purpose: Quickly cuts fruits, vegetables and meats in uniform pieces
  • Good Foods to Use For: onions, diced chicken, peppers, lemons, etc.
  • Bonus: Want to give the same results every time? Food choppers give operators the option of changing out blade sets to get the size of cut desired. Want 1/4″ slices of onion on each burger? That’s quick and easy to do with a food chopper!

Food Processor vs Blender vs Chopper