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Vollrath’s Direct Contact Heating System Warms More Efficiently

Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System

Vollrath never fails to provide efficient foodservice equipment and supplies, and it especially includes the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System.

Vollrath’s innovative thinking enables them to provide some of the best products and they certainly stayed true to their goal with their Direct Contact Heating System. 

This system uses a high efficiency warmer with heating elements that are in contact with the water as opposed to being on the outside of the element.  This saves so much heat as there aren’t any vents.

There are many features and benefits with the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System, one of the largest being its low amount of wattage usage.

Chef Rich of Vollrath explains because they are more efficient at transferring energy into the water, the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System has enabled them to use a 700 watt element. Other warmers typically need 1200 watts or more.  Many foodservices with this 700 watt element can put three of these units on a standard 120V/20 amp circuit whereas other units using 1200 watts or more can max out with one or two. It’s extremely important to never overload your circuit.  Once at 80 percent, it’s time to re-evaluate because one should never exceed 80 percent of a circuit.

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Central’s Top 10 Wish List

We’re less than 10 days from Christmas!   We have compiled a list of 10 items in stock you can still order for the upcoming holiday. Our list has a wide variety of items perfect for anyone on your Christmas list—or yourself! If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, click on the link to view them online or contact a Product Consultant at 800-222-5107.

1. Magnetic Silicone Mitt, 803-040

Embedded Magnet & Hanging Loop Allows For Convenient Storage

Magnetic Silicone Mitt #803-040

  • Made by: Oxo
  • Features: Ribbed surface, embedded magnet, hanging loop, protects up to 600°F
  • Dimensions: 12″L
  • Other offers: Outstanding limited lifetime warranty

2. Countertop Warming Tray with Accessories, 01k-001

Portability and Versatility-A Must For Any Buffet

Countertop Warming Tray #01K-001

  • Made by: Fusion Commercial Foodservice
  • Features: Adjustable temperature control, cool-touch handles on warming tray, skid-resistant feet
  • Dimensions: 251/2”Wx15”Dx51/2”H
  • Other offers: One year limited warranty

3.  Food Warmer – 18 Quart Roaster Oven, 815-044

The Convenience of a Conventional Oven in a Portable Unit

Food Warmer #815-044

  • Made by: Hamilton Beach
  • Features: Includes 18 quart removable pan with lift out rack, +200°F to +450°F temperature range
  • Dimensions: 121/2”Wx181/2”Dx12”H

4.  Jumbo Cupcake and Muffin Pan #266-017

Heavy Duty, Long Lasting Aluminized Steel Construction

Jumbo Cupcake/Muffin Pan #266-017

  • Made by: Chicago Metallic
  • Features: 15 cup capacity, glazed finish that keeps from sticking, produces 8 3/16 oz. cupcakes or muffins
  • Dimensions: 177/8”Wx257/8”Dx113/16H

5. 16 Gauge Full-Size Aluminum Sheet Pan, 115-100

Great for Baking and Storage

16 Gauge Full-Size Aluminum Sheet Pan #115-100

  • Made by: Advance Tabco
  • Features: 16 gauge, aluminum, medium duty, concave bottom for even baking
  • Dimensions: 18”Wx26”Dx1”H

6. Coated Cake Pan, 087-044

Coated Surface Keeps Baked Goods From Sticking

Cake Pan #087-044

  • Made by: Special Offer through Central!
  • Features: 26 gauge, aluminized steel with glazed coating, straight sidewalls
  • Dimensions: 9″Diam.x2″H

7. Ice Cream Scoop, 987-013

Heat Warms Defrosting Fluid in One-Piece Handle and Makes Dishing Easy

Ice Cream Scoop #987-013

  • Made by: Zeroll
  • Features: 4 oz. capacity, coated colored end cap, aluminum construction, for both right and left hand use, 20 dips per gallon
  • Dimensions: 5 `/4”L handle
  • Other offers: Your choice of original high luster aluminum or anodized Teflon® coated which protects against corrosion

8. Elongated Ice Cream Scoop, 994-007

Perfectly Balanced for the Perfect Scoop

Elongated Ice Cream Scoop #994-007

  • Made by: Zyliss
  • Features: Elongated metal scoop, digs through the hardest ice cream, white-slip handle, dishwasher safe
  • Other offers: Has four star product rating on Central website

9. White Bib Apron, 06K-012

Your Kitchen Won’t Be Complete Without This Standard


White Bib Apron #06K-012


  • Made by: Arden Companies
  • Features: Spun of 100% poly fabric, one pen/thermometer pocket, white, waist ties
  • Dimensions: 34″Wx32″L

10. Sauce Cup, 725-014

An Upscale Look for Condiments


Sauce Cup #725-014


  • Made by: American Metalcraft
  • Features: Stainless steel, 21/2 ounce capacity, perfect for salad dressings, sauces, butter, etc.

Holiday catering food safety tips

Congratulations to Nancy R. of Ash, NC – winner of a really cool reversible black and white wet-erase marker board.

Today’s winner is going to get something really UNcool- a Fusion triple well warmer. ( a little food warmer humor, haha.)

Central Restaurant Products

This warmer is ideal for buffet lines, concession stands and other venues where foods need to stay warm – it keeps hot foods hot, appetizing and ready to serve.

It comes with three third-size food pans, three covers and a pan frame. The warming tray can be used alone, or with the pan frame to securely hold food pans. Adjustable temperature control: Off, Low (150°F), Medium (175°F) or High (200°F). There are cool-touch handles on the warming tray and skid-resistant feet for safety.

We published a holiday catering guide a few weeks ago with some helpful info on making the most of holiday catering season. It include some broad tips and tricks for catering events and parties, but I thought I’d go into greater detail today on some of the food safety guidelines surrounding buffets and catering.

This information comes from FoodSafety.gov – pretty much the leading authorities on food safety! (Plus, a lot of our product consultants are CFSP, so they’re also a great resource for food safety issues.)

  • Cook foods thoroughly before the party: Pull out your food thermometer and use the mimimum cooking temperatures chart.
  • Keep hot foods hot: Use chafing dishes, crock pots, and warming trays to keep hot food hot. Use a food thermometer to make sure that the internal temperature of the food is 140° F or higher.
  • Keep cold foods cold: Store cold foods in the refrigerator until serving time. On the buffet table, place plates or bowls of cold food on ice.
  • Follow the Two-Hour Rule: If the food’s been out at room temperature for more than two hours, throw it out! After two hours, bacteria can easily multiply and cause foodborne illness.
  • Wash those hands: Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after you handle food.

Also check out this USDA podcast on keeping food safe on the buffet table; and this USDA video about not letting foodborne illness ruin your holiday!

Come back tomorrow to find out who won the Fusion warmer, it could still be you! Go to CentralRestaurant.com and enter to win.

Post-event wrapup: NAFEM 2009, Orlando

The 2009 NAFEM Show, held in Orlando, Florida, this month at the Orange County Convention Center featured several common trends in foodservice products and equipment, including food safety, green/sustainability trends, multi-function appliances, and appliances that increase productivity and decrease prep time.

Tarrison offers an induction range with a concave surface, like a wok. Chefs love induction ranges for their powerful and precise heating capabilities; hotels and caterers are beginning to embrace them for the safety aspect– no open flame. View Tarrison’s flyer here.(PDF)

Chef Revival – The fully-insulated Rotissi-glove couples protection up to 350°F with the dexterity needed for easy handling. Chef Revival also offers a variety of chef and service apparel—much more than just your average cook’s whites.

Robot Coupe, known for its rugged, high volume food prep blenders, unveiled the new and improved CL50 Ultra. It prepares 1,200 servings in three hours or less and has dozens of attachments for versatile processing.

Hatco – Known for warming equipment, Hatco introduced the Glo-Ray Max Watt Foodwarmer, which holds food at the optimal serving temperature, but with more space and higher clearance. Hatco also introduced a sexy new black heated glass shelf—a heated shelf for self-service with a more modern presentation.

Tradeco – Their trendy square china has been around for a while, but is growing in popularity as chains restaurants struggle to be distinct from their competition. Tradeco also offers a variety of colors in their popular Celebration line of dinnerware.

Vulcan unveiled a new Energy Star certified convection oven and hot holding cabinet in one. Operators can now take food straight from the oven and load it into the cabinet for instant hot-holding. This unit offers energy-savings, labor-savings and space-savings—a triple threat!

No more flipping burgers

Vulcan also had on display a gas (or electric) rapid-recovery griddle, now available with an upper plate, allowing the operator to grill on both sides without flipping.

Blakeslee – I got a chance to see how far we’ve come in dish-machine technology—Blakeslee had on display a dish machine from 1912! The all-manual unit actually had a crank that was used to lower and raise dishes from the tank. Their current line of dish machines are much more advanced—reducing both water usage and the energy used to heat dishwater.

Cleveland Range’s new “Mini” Combi Oven Steamer is, obviously, a convection oven and steamer in one, with dozens of capabilities, including cook-and-hold, slow-cooking, and features that allow the operator to program frequently used recipes into the system for one-touch cooking.

Cooper-Atkins offers dozens of different HACCP monitoring systems for food safety, including TempTrak, which provides around-the-clock monitoring and alerts, and user-friendly software for keeping the numbers organized and stored.

San Jamar introduced the Saf-T-Wash Food Sanitizer, designed to thoroughly sanitize product, increasing the shelf-life of produce and reducing costs by eliminating the need for expensive chemicals. The unit attaches to the faucet, using your water line to combine sanitizer with water. It easily switches back and forth from water to sanitizer.

Scotsman’s new Prodigy Nugget® Ice Machine is one of the most energy-efficient ice machines available. It’s Energy Star certified, and comes equipped with an alert system for operation and maintenance, so in addition to using less water and electricity than typical ice machines, it also helps reduce costs associated with service calls.