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Commercial Milk Coolers

Milk Coolers: Cold Wall vs Forced Air | Which Is Best?

Commercial Milk Coolers are generally thought of as essential in school cafeterias for young children, and they are! However, they are also very applicable for hospitals, churches, college campuses, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other foodservice establishments! Milk Coolers serve as a way to reduce labor and delivery time and additionally, the ability to easily store and serve drinks or snacks can dramatically increase sales!

Milk Coolers come in many different forms: top-access, side-access, dual-sided, cold wall and forced air. So what is the best option for your establishment? Let’s go over some major differences.

Cold Wall

Cold Wall Milk Coolers utilize a cold-wall evaporator where tubes are installed directly into interior walls of the unit. The cooling is then even spread through all walls of the unit, providing a “cold box.” This method of cooling is well-suited for tightly packed storage of product. With no internal cooling systems to take up space in the cabinet, a high volume of product in the unit is again supported through Cold Wall cooling.

Cold Wall Milk Cooler

Forced Air

Forced Air Milk Coolers are powered by a fan mounted inside of the unit. The unit worked similarly to a window air conditioner unit where the fan vents out the back of the cooler. Inside the cooler, the fans circulate air over an evaporator coil which removes the heat from the air and cools the units and contents inside.

When shopping for a forced air unit, know where the fans are located. Top mounted fans allow for fuller storage in the cabinet because the fans take up less space inside the cabinet, and also allows for better air movement.

Forced Air Milk Cooler

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