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Pitco Frialator

Pitco: The Fryer Experts

Pitco Frialator had their beginnings in 1918 with the goal of creating simple and reliable kitchen equipment for professional frying. As the company celebrates 100 years of service this year, their goal remains the same and Pitco continues to design and produce equipment that makes it easy for food service operators to offer the best in fried foods!

The Pitco Difference

Pitco was voted Best in Class by Dealers, Operators, and Overall for their Freestanding Floor Fryers in 2017. And for good reason! Pitco fryers are available in a wide variety of sizes with premium features such as fully automated filtration, SmartOil Sense, and InfinityTouch. Long lasting, high temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency to help your fryer last. Backed by parts and labor warranties, Pitco stands behind the quality of their products!

Pitco Best in Class

Product Offerings & Top Selling Models

  • Fryer Accessories & Parts
    • From fryer baskets and fryer filter powder to casters and fryer brushes, there is a plethora of accessories and parts that you may need at some point when owning your commercial fryer.

Energy Star

What is Energy Star? It is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency designed to help save consumers money while also protecting the environment through products that utilize less resources. In the food service industry, these more efficient products lower utility bills and in many areas, even qualify you for sizable rebates. Learn more about Energy Star, read our recent blog post here.

The Pitco VF35 is the first ever value priced fryer that is energy star rated. The 35 lb. fryer features a stainless steel tank, front, door, sides and back splash for long term durability as well as a lower flue temperature to generate more production per BTU. The gas control valve prevents gas flow to the burner until the pilot is established and the temperature limit switch safely shuts off all gas flow when the fryer temperature exceeds the upper limit. This value fryer boasts 70,000 BTU while using 35% less gas and giving the same production level as a 35C+S! Easily cook 55-60 lbs. of french fries per hour with this power horse while using less energy!

Rebate: depending where you live, qualify for rebates between $75 to $1900!

Ready to shop?

Central Restaurant Products offers Pitco’s entire line of available products online! Browse online and give us a call at 800.215.9293 to speak with one of our friendly product consultants for one on one assistance.