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Frymaster Fryers

Frymaster: Top Choice for Fryers in the Foodservice Industry

In 1935, the company’s founder P.F. Ratcliff built the very first Frymaster fryer with focus on the open frypot and the master jet burner. Frymaster has remained the industry leader in product innovation, efficiency, reliabilities and durability since this first fryer, always keeping quality and the customer’s needs at the center of their operations.

Precision is the essence of Frymaster quality. Manufacturing a superior design produces the level of performance, reliability, and durability operators have come to expect from Frymaster. See the difference in Frymaster fryers for yourself!



Frymaster’s complete fryer portfolio offers a solution for every commercial kitchen! Choose from open and tube type, gas and electric, value, performance, high-efficiency and oil-conserving models. Frymaster fryers are high performing, low maintenance, and easy to operate.

Top Models:

Frymaster Fryers


The quality of the oil used in your fryer will directly affect the quality of the food produced, as well as the longevity of your equipment. Keeping the oil clean is done with a filtration system. Frymaster offers both built-in and portable filtration that make this process quick, easy, and convenient.

Top Models:

Frymaster Fryer Filter


With everything from casters and fryer filter paper to extra fry baskets and skimmers, Central has all of the accessories that your Frymaster fryers and filters could need.

Frymaster Accessories

Energy Star

Energy Star products are given their designation due to designs that cut your energy usage, contributing to a cleaner environment. These Energy Star products lower your utility bills due to the lowered energy usage and in some states, qualify for large rebates, making these products even better investments! Frymaster boasts 9 consecutive years keeping you connected in the most  energy efficient way possible offering several Energy Star rated fryers to bring efficiencies to your commercial kitchen. Learn more about Energy Star Rated Fryers from Central Restaurant Products.

Energy Star Rebates Map

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You are in the kitchen of your popular cafe at lunch time ready for a good crowd. You just launched a new special consisting of gourmet grilled cheese with a side of handcut fries or the soup of the day. Orders start flooding in, but your equipment has seen better days and can’t keep up. What are you supposed to do now?!

Garland, Frymaster and Cleveland offer unparalleled kitchen equipment ranging from  ranges and ovens to fryers, griddles, and so much more! Rest assured that your equipment can handle the lunch rush.


Since 1864, Garland has been producing kitchen equipment made to withstand the fast-paced environment of high-volume kitchens. From ranges, induction, counter-top equipment, and more, Garland has the piece you need for a complete kitchen.




Did you know that Frymaster has been awarded Overall Best in Class 15 consecutive years? This is no coincidence for the leader in commercial fryers who continually exceeds expectations in precision and quality. Set up your kitchen for success and shop Frymaster’s vast array of fryer options!

Frymaster Fryer

Cleveland Range

Cleveland Range is a leading manufacturer and designer of steam cooking equipment with a long and proud history of serving the foodservice industry with quality and innovative cooking devices. With main products of steamers, steamer-ovens, kettles, and braising pans, Cleveland Range will help you simplify your kitchen.



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How to cook up profits with your commercial fryer

A fryer can be a great way to cook up high profit menu items that are actually healthy too – but it’s important to choose the right equipment for your specific operation so you don’t end up wasting valuable time and resources.

Here’s a few things to consider when shopping for a commercial fryer.

Consider menu

Open pot fryers have heating conductors outside the frypot and deep internal sediment collection zones. They perform well in many frying applications, but are ideal for light- to medium-breaded items such as French fries and prepackaged foods. This type of fryer allows every inch of the frypot to be easily accessed and cleaned.

Tube type fryers have heating conductors inside the frypot and wide sediment collections zones below the conductor tubes, making them the best choice for foods that are fresh battered or heavily breaded, such as fresh fish and onion blossoms.

Flat-bottomed fryers have no sediment collection zones making this type of fryer best suited for food items that float on top of the oil during the fry cycle. Wet battered fish is ideal for this fryer.

Menu Trends
According to Frymaster’s Fit Frying website, one of the major trends right now involves small plates, mini meals, appetizers, and little bites.

“Whether experimenting with flavors, or thinking about weight control, people are interested in ‘portioned indulgence.'”

Leading snacks include calamari, wings, cheese sticks, and fried zucchini, all of which can easily be handled by a 10, 15 or 30 lb. capacity countertop fryer.

For more information, check out Frymaster’s 5 Factors for Fit Frying.

Other models are specifically designed for preparing high volumes of breaded chicken and fish.

Next consider what percentage of your menu you’ll be using the fryer to prepare. If your establishment specializes in catfish, French fries and chicken tenders, you could be using the fryer for up to 90% of all dishes prepared. However, if you’re only using the equipment for a few small appetizers, you probably don’t need a 90 lb. fryer.

Also think about the space you have available in your kitchen and the flow from one end to the other. According to NAFEM, proper flow will prevent backtracking by personnel, decreased productivity and inefficient use of labor.

Countertop fryers are ideal for lower-volume operations. A floor model fryer is a better option for high capacity frying and for achieving maximum output.

Gas vs. Electric
Ask a product consultant whether a gas or electric fryers is right for you. It may depend on how your kitchen is equipped, recovery time and energy efficiency. In addition, some gas fryers may also require an electrical connection.

What else do you need to go with your fryer? All gas fryers require a safety quick disconnect hose. The quick-disconnect prevents accidental disconnects when gas is on, eliminating the chance of gas leaks. The gas connector cannot be disconnected until the gas valve is shut off and cannot be opened until the gas connector is properly attached.

Last, most floor fryer models also offer the option of locking casters for added portability.