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Central Exclusive by BFM

Central Exclusive by BFM, offers a wide variety of Material options for seating and tables. Knowing your material options will help you when deciding what type of furniture fits your needs.

Synthetic wood

Very commonly found in the restaurant and hospitality industries. It has a classy and durable look, that is versatile. Synthetic furniture is either fully synthetic or mixed with stainless steel or aluminum framing.

Plastic (resin) 

Is lightweight and makes for easy arranging on your patio. It is easy to clean and resistant to weather and stains. Plastic is usually stackable.


Great for outdoor use, with proper care your furniture will look terrific for many seasons. Aluminum is easy to maintain, rust free, coordinates well with other types of furniture, weather resistant, and lightweight- yet sturdy.

Steel and Wrought Iron

heavier than other types of outdoor furniture, which makes it great, even for windy areas. Iron framed chairs require cushions for comfort. They are simple to maintain but occasionally may require some paint touch-ups. May require cushions for a more comfortable feel.


 is a very versatile material, that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can have a classic or modern look so that you can match it to almost any décor. It is easy to clean, lightweight, and you can add cushions to it, to change the look.

Who is BFM Seating?

BFM Seating provides quality commercial seating and tables at prices you can’t beat! For over 60 years, BFM has used their experience in food service and hospitality to bring you the best furnishings for your businesses needs. They directly import products and insure that high standards are being maintained.


Ready to purchase?

Are you ready to purchase your furniture? Shop Central Exclusive by BFM with Central, today! Have questions? Call 800-215-9293 to speak to one of our knowledgeable product consultants!

Foodservice New Year’s Resolutions: Prepping for a Successful 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to break out the New Year’s resolutions again. While most people look to improve on themselves each year, if you’re a restaurant owner, it’s good to look at resolutions for your business for the coming year as well! Here are some resolutions to consider in order to prep for a successful 2017.

What’s on the Menu?

The start of the year is as good a time as any to change things up, and start looking at your menu. If your restaurant has seasonal menus, start looking at what your Spring menu will be. What’s going to be in season? If your menu is more static, do an audit! If items aren’t selling as well, why not try something new and switch it out? It’s up to you to know what’s working and what isn’t, but don’t be afraid to try! You never know when you’ll hit on the next staple of your restaurant!

Clean Your Equipment

Photo via jarmoluk via Visual Hunt

I know, I know…it can be a hassle to clean equipment outside of simple cleaning duties. Nobody really wants to pull out the condensing unit of their reach-in every month. But going the extra mile and following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions is invaluable to prolonging the life of your equipment, and while we certainly appreciate the business, we want you to enjoy your investment as long as you can! Check out some of our cleaning supplies online and get started!

New Year, New Look

Another resolution to consider is changing out your decor and trying a new presentation for your establishment. We’re not saying you need Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible to come in and completely redo your restaurant, but making little changes can bring a fresh approach to things, and also impress your customers! For example, you could change up your dinnerware or flatware to a new pattern. If you have table coverings, changing those up can add a little extra color as well! If your furniture is getting stale, there is a wide variety of really cool colors and designs to check out. Distressed metal has been very popular with its aged look. Variety is the spice of life, so go for it!

Top Photo via Taylor Davidson via Visual hunt


Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Happy Spring, everybody! As the weather gets warmer, that means it’s time to start looking at outdoor furniture for your restaurant. There are so many different options, that we thought we’d share some of the benefits of these types of outdoor furniture.

Aluminumaluminum chair

Aluminum is great for outdoor use. It is lightweight, yet sturdy, and best of all, it will not rust! Aluminum furniture is versatile; it coordinates well with other aluminum products as well as wood, wrought iron and even granite. It is made to endure most weather types as well, so you have less to worry about if your restaurant is in a wet environment.


Teakwood furniture adds a classy look to your outdoor furniture. Typically, teakwood teakwood chairfurniture comes with an aluminum frame or base, so it offers the same great features as aluminum, but with the additional good looks of teakwood.

One of the benefits of teakwood is that it withstands most weather types and requires little care and no preservatives or treatment of any kind to protect it from the elements. Teakwood is extremely durable as well. If you keep your teakwood outdoors, it will age to a handsome silver gray in 6 to 9 months, or you can maintain its brown color with teak oil.

Steel and Wrought Iron

Looking for something with some “oomph?” Steel and wrought iron is heavier than wrought iron chairother types of outdoor furniture, which makes it great even for windy areas. Not only does steel and wrought iron look great, but Central carries several stackable models for easy storage.

To maintain your steel and wrought iron furniture, simply wash occasionally with mild soapy water, then towel dry. Wipe furniture with a clean, dry cloth frequently. If small areas of the finish come off, you can use touch-up paint to fix it up.

Resinresin chair

Resin outdoor furniture is lightweight and stackable for convenient storage. Resin furniture is easy to keep clean with just water and a towel. It is resistant to everything from weather, like salty sea air, to stains and chlorine.

Wickerwicker chair

Another popular style is synthetic wicker. Wicker provides a light, comfortable look to your outdoor space. It is lightweight, and requires minimal maintenance as well. The synthetic wicker mimics the look of woven natural fiber. You will see a lot of outdoor sofas that use wicker for the seat and back, and come with colorful cushions to accentuate the look.

Shop Central

Now that you’ve seen what types of outdoor furniture are available, click here to check out our website to find the outdoor furniture that best fits your business! Choose from chairs to tables to chaise lounges and more! If you need assistance, our helpful product consultants are standing by to help you with your purchase. Live chat or call 1-800-215-9293.

Invest in Commercial Grade Furniture from Grosfillex

A chair is just a chair, right? You sit down, you stand up and the chair does it job. While at your home, you chair gets used only a couple of times a day. However, at your restaurant, bar, cafeteria or patio – your customers get up and sit down hundreds of times a week. That is a lot of wear and tear. Could your residential grade dining set take that abuse year after year?

Trust in Commercial Grade

A couple of months ago we sat down with Bruce South, Director of Sales for Grosfillex Furniture, to talk about what makes a chair ‘commercial grade.’ Quite simply, he said it is all about the load and safety testing, as well as designing to commercial grade standards. Your home furniture may have gone through quality control testing during construction, but the overall design was likely not based on a set of commercial standards to ensure durability, stability and consistent weight capacity. Bruce reminded that when you put a dining chair in a public setting, the owner is opened up to liability concerns with the customer who is using it. Commercial grade furniture has that extra layer of ‘reassurance’ that it will hold up to rigorous customer abuse.

For example, the frames of metal chairs and bar stools sold for the home typically use 20-22 gauge steel frames. A Grosfillex chair with metal frame is constructed from a more robust 16-18 gauge steel. The resin and plastic materials used in commercial outdoor chairs also follow strict standards to hold weights of 300 lbs. and larger.

Products with the ASTM International mark meet stringent specifications

Products with the ASTM International mark meet stringent specifications

ASTM International Creates the Standards

ASTM International is an organization that has been publishing technical standards for products and services since 1898. They created and continue to maintain over 12,500 commercial and consumer standards. In the furniture sector, there are standards for everything from “standard performance requirements of plastic chairs for outdoor use” (ASTM F1561-03) to a “Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Upholstered Furniture” (ASTM E1537-13). While following these standards is completely voluntary, the manufacturers who choose to display the ASTM mark are must follow the standards they have identified.

Why is this important to you? These standards are designed not only to dictate quality of construction, but also to ensure durability over the long run. While commercial furniture might be more of on investment at purchase time, less maintenance and breakage in the future will keep your costs down in the years to come. Spend a little more now, and save lots more later!

Take a Look at Central’s Grosfillex Assortment

Click to shop the Grosfillex assortment at Central!

Click to shop the Grosfillex assortment at Central!

Grosfillex has been a great partner with Central Restaurant for many years. We carry a large assortment of their colorful and stylish outdoor furniture including chairs, tables and chaise lounges made from durable, commercial grade resins and polymer plastics. Grosfillex also offers several styles of indoor/outdoor seating that feature aluminum or steel frames and legs. You can complete the set with table tops and sets made from melamine,  wood edge or laminates.

The Grosfillex Moon style chair works great indoors or outdoors

Central recently increased its assortment of Grosfillex indoor dining chairs. Check out the Moon or Plazza designs that are attractive enough to indoor use, but durable enough for outside dining or poolside. The Moon style shown is available in variants of Green, Blue, Gray and bright White. The Tempo and Domino series are indoor chairs with metal legs and contemporary designs in colors that include Fern Green and the new Raspberry. Check them all out online!

Central is Here to Help

Even if you don’t find the Grosfillex model you are looking for on our website, our knowledgeable Product Consultants would be happy to special order it for you! Whether you are buying a single replacement or outfitting a 200 seat ballroom, you’ll find the help, advice and great price to get the job done. Just give us a call at 800-521-1277, or start an online chat with us right now!

Refrigeration and Furniture: Central’s New Products

Refrigeration and Furniture: Latest Adds!

When you check out our Central Restaurant Products’ latest master catalog (released today, Monday July 7th), you’ll find 401 pages full of everything you’ll need for your restaurant or kitchen. You will also find hundreds of new and exciting products, including many from our Refrigeration and Furniture categories. Here’s a look at a few of the additions. If you are not on our mailing list, remember to request your new catalog now!

Expanded Central Exclusive Refrigeration

Last year, Central introduced our new line of Exclusive Reach-In Refrigerators and Pizza Prep Tables. This year, we expand that selection with our new Glass Door Merchandisers, Undercounters and Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables. These full featured items are durable and include free shipping along with a two year parts and labor warranty. They also carry a five year warranty on the compressor.


If you are looking for great quality on a budget – you can’t go wrong with our Central Exclusive models.

New Traulsen Milk Coolers at Central

Traulsen Milk Coolers

Traulsen has always been a trusted name in refrigeration, and they recently expanded their expertise to milk coolers. Central now advertises their new line-up of high quality forced air models with free shipping. Each model has a 100% stainless steel cabinet design inside and out. They are lockable with front sliding doors and lift-up top entry. Choose from single or dual access units in sizes that hold from 8 to 16 crates of milk.

Granite Table Tops

Granite Table Tops with Plywood Core

Real granite tables give your restaurant a fantastic upscale look. The downside has been cost and weight. This July, Central added another great option with Art Marble granite table tops with an inner plywood core. Both cost and weight are reduced significantly. Central offers these new tops in sizes from 24″Wx30″D to 30″Wx72″D. Plus, round sizes up to 48″. They are available for quick shipping in five attractive colors: Uba-Tuba II, Giallo Gold, Black Galaxy, Kasmir White and Ruby Red. Central carries compatible table bases as well. Upgrade today!

New Value Series Metal and Wood Seating

As seating trends change, Central keeps up with the times. We’ve added over a dozen new styles and color options to our Value Series metal and wood seating that are perfect for your dining room. These Value Series products are carefully selected from top vendors to provide a quality, durable chair for those on a budget. Choose from several School House styles and slat or ladder back options. You’ll find a chair that both your eyes and your wallet will admire.

New Value Series Dining Room Seating

Synthetic Teak Outdoor Furniture

New Synthetic Teak Outdoor Furniture

The Teakwood look is hot right now, and many are turning to synthetic teak furniture to keep the beautiful look without the maintenance of real teak. Central has added new styles of faux teak outdoor chairs and tables – several of which are Central Exclusive models. They feature powdercoated aluminum frames in black or silver. Tables are available in many sizes as well as matching table bases. Stay up with the trends with furniture that will weather the long term.


Stay Tuned for More New Products

Over the next few Mondays, we’ll continue to feature new products on the Central Blog, including a  bonus blog on Cooking Equipment tomorrow. Can’t wait? Check out all our new products on our website.


Kidsitter 597-018

The Kidsitter™ is More than Just a ‘High Chair’

If you run a restaurant or other establishment with family seating, you know it is important that your littlest guests are safe and happy. Because without happy children and infants, their parents not patronize your place as often.

The Problem with the ‘High Chair’

Everyone is familiar with the conventional high chair or booster seat. It works for grat toddlers, giving them a seat at the table like everyone else. But parents with infants have no great choice for placing their child. They are usually forced to place their infant’s car seat in one of the several undesirable locations – on the tabletop, balanced on a nearby chair, or sitting on a dirty floor. Some servers may even suggest flipping a current high chair upside-down, creating a top-heavy stand. It is usually inconvenient, unsafe and detracts from the entire dining experience.

Kidsitter™ to the Rescue

KidSitter™ 2 in 1 :Logo

The Kidsitter is more than just a high chair

Central Specialties Foodservice (CSL) saw these problems and looked to solve them for restaurant owners. The result was the next revolution in child seating — the Kidsitter™. It is actually a two-in-one chair that offers a unique and exclusive design for child and infant seating options that are unavailable from other commercial high chair manufacturers.

For toddlers, it functions as a traditional high chair with comfortable seating and a safety strap. But, with a quick flip of the seat, it converts into a stable dock for almost any design of infant car seat. The Kidsitter’s™ structure is spaced to accept the weight and balance of an occupied seat, and the extra long safety strap keeps the seat secure even during the wildest temper tantrum. The infant and seat are now safely and securely part of the dining experience and conversation.

The Kidsitter™ in action

The Kidsitter™ offers a secure place for your customer’s car seats

The innovations and advantages of the Kidsitter™ do not end there. KidSitters™ are durable and resist the nicks and scratches caused from everyday use. The strong, lightweight plastic is easy to clean, using even the strongest commercial cleaning solutions.

For an extra charge, the KidSitter™ is available with casters (ask your product consultant) and all units can be stacked to save space. Central Restaurant offers the Kidsitter in several frame and base colors too.

Learn More Through Central Restaurant

Because videos can explain the features and applications of a product better than any text description, CSL created an informative video on their Kidsitter™. Check it out here, or watch the video on Central Restaurant’s product page for Kidsitter™ Multi Use Plastic High Chair – where you can easily order it today and keep your new moms and dads happy the next time they dine out with you!

More Spring Cleaning! Today’s Topic: Renovation!

Spring is a time for renewal. The rain moves in and the flowers start to  bloom. If this has you feeling like you need to make some changes to your restaurant consider new outdoor furniture.

An easy way to update your outdoor furniture is aluminum furniture. Aluminum furniture is lightweight, easy to maintain and easy to store. It is also weather-resistant and will not rust if properly maintained.

Central Restaurant Products offers many styles of aluminum chairs and tables. See below for a list of popular items.

The aluminum side chair has an 18″ seat height and is stackable for easy storage.

model # 407-003

The aluminum arm chair is also stackable with a 17″ seat height.

model # 407-044

The aluminum bar stool has a seat height of 29 3/4 but is not stackable.

model # 407-005

If you are interested in coordinating tables consider some of our outdoor tables. Aluminum chairs coordinate well with wood, metal or granite table tops.

For more information on aluminum furniture visit our knowledge base or contact your Product Consultant at 800-222-5107.