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The Future of Transport – Cambro’s Cam GoBox Insulated Carriers

Go big or go home with this new style of food transport. Cambro’s new Cam GoBox insulated carriers provide high volume foodservice operations even more support when transporting food and beverages. These carriers are made out of expanded polypropylene foam, making them ultra-lightweight while still maintaining durability, strength, and superior insulation.

Due to their significant reduction in weight, compared to traditional food and beverage carriers, and quality design, the Cambro GoBox carriers are ideal K-12 operations. Designed with comfortable handles, they’re easy and safe to lift. They’re also stackable and fit securely on a one-size-fits-all Camdolly®, making transport a breeze with easy maneuverability.

Cambro Camdolly

Cambro Camdolly for GoBox food carriers. Central Model #250-87G.

It’s foam construction not only reduces weight for ease of carrying, it also offers superior insulation, keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold for up to 4 hours, whether your transporting product across town or across campus. This helps ensure foods remain at safe temperatures until serving. And the Cambro Thermobarrier specifically designed for Cam GoBox carriers eliminates space not in use, keeping foods hotter, or colder, for longer.

Cambro Thermobarrier

Cambro Thermobarrier for Cam GoBox carriers. Central Model #250-87B.

The Cam GoBoxes are versatile, perfect for transporting or serving chilled beverages, like milk and juice, to hot meals. Not only is the foam construction lightweight while able to hold heavy loads without losing its shape, it is also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. The inert material also withstands grease and most chemicals. The built-in label area also keeps menu tags in place and front and center for easy content identification. Additional ID labels are available here.

Cambro ID Labels for GoBox

Cambro ID Labels for Cam GoBox carriers. Model #250-87A.

The Cam GoBox is available in front load and top load designs. Available in 17.9 qt capacity, 23.6 qt., 37.5 qt., 48.6 qt., 63.4 qt., and 90.9 qt.

About Cambro

Since 1951, Cambro Manufacturing has been creating high-quality products for the foodservice industry. The plastic manufacturing leader began their company with the goal of creating hospital meal trays of the highest quality possible. Today, they produce widely-diverse products from Food Bars, Food Trays, Shelving, Tabletop Supplies, Food Storage, Food Transport and more. Through the years and addition of products, the guiding vision of the Campbell brothers has remained unchanged–to create and provide the most innovative, durable and highest-quality products for the foodservice industry.

Central’s assortment of Cambro products is versatile and suitable for many types of foodservice needs. We stock hundreds of popular Cambro products in our warehouse with same-day shipping available.