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Central Restaurant Products Google Trusted Store

Central Restaurant Products Awarded Google Trusted Stores Badge

Central is excited to announce we have been awarded with a Google Trusted Stores badge! Check out the press release below. 


Google Trusted StoresCentral Restaurant Products, which offers restaurant equipment and supplies, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting Central’s website, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with  and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like Central attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

Founded in 1981, Central Restaurant Products is one of the nation’s leading distributors of commercial restaurant equipment and supplies.  Central has product consultants with industry experience available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday at 800-215-9293.  They also have a showroom open to the public at 7750 Georgetown Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46268. To shop online, request a catalog, sign up for email promotions or find their blog and social media platforms, visit CentralRestaurant.com.

Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: December 23

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for the week of December 19 through December 23.

Arby’s Raises over $2 Million for Share our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign
From QSR, Read Blog

Image: Share Our Strength

We’ve really enjoyed seeing how successful Share Our Strength has been this year with the “No Kid Hungry” campaign.  From events such as the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry or other promotions, they are truly working hard to achieve their goal to end childhood hunger in America.  Arby’s is one of several restaurants helping Share Our Strength meet their goal.  QSR reported Arby’s recent announcement that they have raised over $2 million in the fourth quarter for the cause.  Read more about Arby’s involvement here and visit Share Our Strength’s website for more information.

Top Searched Restaurants on Google for 2011
From FastCasual, Read Article

In a recent article from Fast Casual, they reported on Google’s Zeitgeist list that covered the top searched restaurants on Google this year.  It was a mix of all types of restaurants with some being McDonald’s, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway and Papa John’s.  But who topped the list?  You’ll just have to check out the article for yourself and find out! Read the full article here.

Wendy’s Taking in the No. 2 Spot for Fast Food Chains
From Wall St. Cheat Sheet, Read Article

Image: Reverendb/MorgueFile

Normally the order of top fast food chains started with McDonald’s, then Burger King then Wendy’s.  But it looks as though Wendy’s is moving into second place.  According to a Wall St. Cheat Sheet article, Wendy’s will have $53 million higher sales than Burger King–but we won’t know for certain until the end of the fourth quarter.  Either way, Wendy’s has been working hard this year and even working on a few different redesigns of their buildings.  To read more about how they are possibly going to take the No. 2 spot, read the Wall St.’s article here, and to learn more about the redesigns, view this Huff Post Food article.

Airports Becoming More Nutritious
From USA Today, Read Article

It’s easy to slack off when it comes to eating healthily during the holidays, especially when traveling.  But it looks as though foodservice establishments in airports across America are providing healthier menu items for travelers.  USA Today covered a survey which reported 15 of the country’s biggest airports now offer healthier menu offerings.  According to the study, many airport foodservice establishments are offering more low-fat, vegetarian and cholesterol-free meals.  Read more about airports becoming healthier here.

Holiday Recipes
From Delish.com, Go To Website

Image: Cohdra/MorgueFile

And finally, 2011 is coming to a close and Christmas is just days away!  (So if you haven’t started your shopping, you  better get started.  And as a side note–restaurant gift cards make an excellent present).  We always are excited to see what kinds of recipes Delish.com has, so here are a few that you can bookmark and possibly cook up for the holiday weekend.

Central wishes you and yours a very happy holiday!


Central’s Week in Brief: September 9, 2011

restaurantEvery Friday Central brings you stories from the week that you might have missed, but that are definitely worth a look. We’ll feature food news covering everything from the weird to the wonderful in the world of restaurants, schools, the military and more.  It’s our way to help you go into the weekend with a little extra knowledge and maybe even a project or recipe to try out!

1)      Zagat, the worldwide restaurant guide, has had a pretty big week.  First, they released their annual National Fast Food Restaurant Survey which covered 103 different chains.  The 6,064 diners surveyed named Subway as the top Mega Chain, Five Guys as best Large Chain and Starbucks as the number one Quick Refreshment.   Click here for a more comprehensive list of the survey results. 

After releasing the survey, it was then announced that the company was being bought out by web giant Google.  Zagat founders, Nina and Tim Zagat, plan to stay on to help with the guide’s expansion and  assist Google in connecting more easily with local businesses.

2)      Like Google, Dominos Pizza is also looking to expand its reach…all the way to the moon.  The Japanese arm of the pizza chain announced that they are planning to build a base on the moon which will cost about $21 billion for construction, transportation and equipment.  The goal of the base is to be available for those who may one day be working and eventually living on the moon.   However, there is no actual date for when the project will begin.

3)      With a rise in popularity, ultimately there will be a backlash.  The current food truck trend is no exception to this rule.  Food trucks all over the country have been running into regulations and lawsuits over everything from proximity to tax issues.  This is where Bert Gall comes in to save the day.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “A senior attorney at the Institute for Justice, Gall directs the institute’s National Street Vending Initiative, which bills itself as ‘a nationwide effort to vindicate the right of street vendors to earn an honest living by fighting unconstitutional vending restrictions in courts of law and the court of public opinion’.”  So if your food truck is in trouble, Bert Gall is the man to have on your side.

4)      This month is the 17th Annual National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM).  NFSEM encourages a focus on food safety education and training within the foodservice industry.  This year, there will be free weekly training sessions, tips and downloads all available at www.ServSafe.com/nfsem.   According to the NRA Show site, “All NFSEM materials are based on the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® food safety training and certification program.”

5)      September is also Hunger Action Month which was launched by Feeding America.  The point of Hunger Action Month is to raise awareness of hunger relief throughout the world and encourage the public to step into action to eliminate it domestically.   By visiting the Hunger Action Month site, you can find local events and food banks, see where the highest rate of hunger is in your state and even watch videos like the one below.

Image from MorgueFile

Daily Deals: 3 Tips for Your Restaurant’s Experience

Image from MorgueFileIf you have the internet, watch TV, go to restaurants or have simply just been living and breathing for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of and maybe even used a daily deal site.  The concept is usually as follows: A daily deal company pitches the idea of their company to a restaurant, the restaurant agrees, the company sells certificates for the restaurant to customers for half the price (Ex: a $50 certificate is sold for $25) and once the certificates are sold a percentage goes back to the restaurant and the rest is profit for the daily deal company.

This method has proven quite successful for companies like Groupon and Living Social , both estimated to be worth somewhere in the billions.  However, that also means there are clones of these daily deal companies popping up every day (with businesses like Google and Facebook being two of the bigger ones).

While it may seem like all of these companies would overload the market, there is still a need/want for more and more.  After all, consumers are always looking for a deal and restaurant owners are never ones to turn away business, especially in a down economy.

However, while the discount sites may seem like a win-win on the surface, this may not be the whole story.  The tips below cover just a few of the often overlooked specifics that could help protect restaurants from coming up with a losing score in the daily deal game.

1)  Be a Part of Creating the Fine Print

Businesses are often quick to jump at a chance to get people in the door with free advertising, the hope that customers will spend past the coupon amount and the promise of a nice percentage check from the sale of said coupons.  But to really make it work it is imperative that business owners are able to set restrictions on coupon use (i.e. if you’re busiest on the weekends make sure deals can only be used Monday through Friday).  At the same time, going too far overboard with restrictions can turn a customer away from the purchase (i.e. Offer is only good for a specified meal choice).   If setting these restrictions isn’t possible, restaurants could run the risk of upsetting customers due to long waits and overworking their staff on already busy evenings.

2)    Have Realistic Expectations  

Probably the most key element to signing up for a deal program is knowing exactly how much you’ll be receiving back once the coupons are sold and if it will be enough to help instead of hinder your business.

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker.com reminds, “Groupon often takes half of the money of a coupon offering for itself, and, with a 50% discount, leaves the business selling its goods for 25 cents on the dollar.”    And while even getting that small amount back may sound tempting, once normal costs like labor, food, etc. are calculated in you may realize that the return on investment is even smaller or worse, non-existent.

While considering the financial side, it’s also a good idea to think about how these deals could bring down morale as well.  In article in The Boston Globe, Joanne Chang, operator of Myers + Change in Boston warned, “Every restaurant tries to charge a price they think is fair based on what they put into it. Then to just give it away, it makes me sad. I don’t like feeling what we do is devalued.’’

3)    Coupons Don’t Create Loyal Customers

Even though daily deal programs get the word out about your business and may even increase traffic during otherwise slow times, doesn’t mean that’s where the selling to customers stops.  As noted on smartmoney.com, “They (daily deals) also introduce consumers to experiences they might not otherwise consider if they weren’t deeply discounted.”  Following this philosophy, many patrons will more than likely be stopping by for the first time which means that the deal site has accomplished their task, but now it’s up to your restaurant to provide excellent food and service in order to make the customer realize that even if no coupon was involved, your business is worth paying full price for in the future or even recommending to a friend.

While there are seemingly endless tips, tricks and words of advice available, ultimately deciding whether a daily deal site could help your business is dependent on you and your establishment.  However, sitting down and taking these tips, the advice of other businesses and the deal site sales pitch into consideration could help you make the decision to be the next big deal which, if executed correctly, could also make you the next hot restaurant.

Has your business participated in daily deals?  Ever purchased one for yourself?  We’d love to know how it worked!  Please share your tips and advice in the comments.