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Invest in Commercial Grade Furniture from Grosfillex

A chair is just a chair, right? You sit down, you stand up and the chair does it job. While at your home, you chair gets used only a couple of times a day. However, at your restaurant, bar, cafeteria or patio – your customers get up and sit down hundreds of times a week. That is a lot of wear and tear. Could your residential grade dining set take that abuse year after year?

Trust in Commercial Grade

A couple of months ago we sat down with Bruce South, Director of Sales for Grosfillex Furniture, to talk about what makes a chair ‘commercial grade.’ Quite simply, he said it is all about the load and safety testing, as well as designing to commercial grade standards. Your home furniture may have gone through quality control testing during construction, but the overall design was likely not based on a set of commercial standards to ensure durability, stability and consistent weight capacity. Bruce reminded that when you put a dining chair in a public setting, the owner is opened up to liability concerns with the customer who is using it. Commercial grade furniture has that extra layer of ‘reassurance’ that it will hold up to rigorous customer abuse.

For example, the frames of metal chairs and bar stools sold for the home typically use 20-22 gauge steel frames. A Grosfillex chair with metal frame is constructed from a more robust 16-18 gauge steel. The resin and plastic materials used in commercial outdoor chairs also follow strict standards to hold weights of 300 lbs. and larger.

Products with the ASTM International mark meet stringent specifications

Products with the ASTM International mark meet stringent specifications

ASTM International Creates the Standards

ASTM International is an organization that has been publishing technical standards for products and services since 1898. They created and continue to maintain over 12,500 commercial and consumer standards. In the furniture sector, there are standards for everything from “standard performance requirements of plastic chairs for outdoor use” (ASTM F1561-03) to a “Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Upholstered Furniture” (ASTM E1537-13). While following these standards is completely voluntary, the manufacturers who choose to display the ASTM mark are must follow the standards they have identified.

Why is this important to you? These standards are designed not only to dictate quality of construction, but also to ensure durability over the long run. While commercial furniture might be more of on investment at purchase time, less maintenance and breakage in the future will keep your costs down in the years to come. Spend a little more now, and save lots more later!

Take a Look at Central’s Grosfillex Assortment

Click to shop the Grosfillex assortment at Central!

Click to shop the Grosfillex assortment at Central!

Grosfillex has been a great partner with Central Restaurant for many years. We carry a large assortment of their colorful and stylish outdoor furniture including chairs, tables and chaise lounges made from durable, commercial grade resins and polymer plastics. Grosfillex also offers several styles of indoor/outdoor seating that feature aluminum or steel frames and legs. You can complete the set with table tops and sets made from melamine,  wood edge or laminates.

The Grosfillex Moon style chair works great indoors or outdoors

Central recently increased its assortment of Grosfillex indoor dining chairs. Check out the Moon or Plazza designs that are attractive enough to indoor use, but durable enough for outside dining or poolside. The Moon style shown is available in variants of Green, Blue, Gray and bright White. The Tempo and Domino series are indoor chairs with metal legs and contemporary designs in colors that include Fern Green and the new Raspberry. Check them all out online!

Central is Here to Help

Even if you don’t find the Grosfillex model you are looking for on our website, our knowledgeable Product Consultants would be happy to special order it for you! Whether you are buying a single replacement or outfitting a 200 seat ballroom, you’ll find the help, advice and great price to get the job done. Just give us a call at 800-521-1277, or start an online chat with us right now!

Clean up on Spring Dining with Central!

Spring is almost upon us and with the warmer weather it’s time to start thinking about outdoor dining. Stumped on what you might need or just searching for ideas on what works best?  Whether you’re looking to begin seating outdoor or renovating the furniture in your current area, Central has tips and great deals on all the products you need to create the ideal outdoor setting for your guests!

Photo from grosfillexfurniture.com

The first step in choosing the right furniture (indoor or outdoor) is to analyze the available space and what you want to convey to your customers.  To make the most of what’s available, one option would be to use bar height products like the line from Grosfillex.   These tables and stools allow for smaller parties and groups looking to enjoy a nice cocktail on the patio.


Bar Height Table Bases          
Melamine Table Tops           
Havana Bar Stool 

Another major detail in picking out outdoor furniture is the material it’s made from.   The best choice will be durable and visually pleasing and require little to no maintenance.  Central offers three options that fit perfectly into these categories: wrought iron, aluminum and teak.

Photo from centralrestaurant.com

Wrought iron furniture is great because it lasts years with little maintenance and because it is constructed of such heavy duty material, it also stands up great to those spring days when the wind picks up a bit.  Create a classy look for a great price with Central’s Value series wrought iron furniture.

Value Series – Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture
Side and Arm Chairs
Bar Stools


Aluminum offers a lighter, rust-proof construction.   This option even has a sleek enough look to be used as indoor or outdoor pieces.  Central makes aluminum furniture even more affordable with our Central Value series.

Value Series – Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor Furniture
Aluminum and Aluminum/Wicker Arm Chairs 

Photo from centralrestaurant.com

Finally, there is teak, an extremely durable hardwood that requires little care and no preservatives or treatment of any kind to protect it from the elements.   The unique color changes of teak can also be a draw.  If weathered it can turn a silver gray, if used inside it will become a darker shade of brown and when teak oil is used the wood maintains the original tawny color.  Each color allows for its own unique look and adds to the charm of the item that requires little maintenance for years of service.  Central offers several different choices in teak tables and seating that allow for a layout that will fit any patio.

Florida Seating Teakwood
Bar Stools
Inlay Tables 
Standard & Bar Height Table Sets 

Photo from centralrestaurant.com

Once you’ve picked out the perfect items created from just the right material for your space, the final step is to create a specific space for your outdoor dining area.   Although some open-air dining spaces have a boundary of some sort (possibly a sidewalk), it’s always more inviting to create a defined section to make it seem more inviting.  Central even has this covered with Grosfillex portable patio fencing !  The fencing is easy to assemble, weather resistant and can be filled with water or sand for extra stability.

With all of these great products to get you ready for the big spring/summer outdoor dining rush, Central has everything you need to make the season a success and keep your customers lining up to sit on your patio.  

Don’t hesitate to contact Central with any questions about any of the offers listed at 800-222-5107.  And if you’ve purchased any of these wonderful outdoor products from us, please share what you think below, through a product review on our site or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!