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Planning for Halloween Weekend

As October starts getting into full swing, we get closer to one of my favorite holidays…Columbus Day! From the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, there are all sorts…yeah, you’re not buying this, are you? Of course not! It’s Halloween season! Pumpkins, costumes, decorations, the works! And it’s never too early to get your restaurant or bar prepared for the festivities. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, but that leaves the whole weekend open to scare up business with creative ideas.


Photo credit: Roger Blackwell via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: Roger Blackwell via Visual hunt / CC BY

Last year, my friends and I dressed in costume and went on a bar crawl on Halloween night. We had a great time, but what struck me was the lack of promotions being done by the bars we were going to. As a fan of the season, I was pretty disappointed at the lack of participation, especially since Halloween was on a Saturday!

Hopefully, your establishment will embrace the Halloween spirit. One way to do that is to allow your staff to wear costumes that weekend. Letting your staff have some fun creates an inviting atmosphere for costumed patrons to come in and participate! In addition, you can do themed promotions, such as a costume contest, or maybe a Halloween music performance (Monster Mash, anybody?). A lot of people that go out on Halloween weekend typically are looking for fun stuff like this. Take advantage of it!

Spooky Concoctions

Another way to plan for Halloween weekend is to include themed drinks or food items to your menu. There are a litany of ideas out there sure to please your customers. Check out some ideas below!

Promote, Promote, Promote

If you’re inspired to participate in Halloween fun this year, now is the time to start getting the word out to people! The earlier you promote what you’re doing that weekend, the better chance potential customers will mark it down on their calendars as a must-do activity. Social media is the easiest way to get the word out. You could also print flyers to post around your restaurant to get existing customers interested in joining the fun.

Happy Halloween!

As always, if you need the right equipment or supplies to make your Halloween events a success, you can shop Central today. Hundreds of products in stock and ready to ship same day! Click here for live chat, or call 1-800-215-9293 to speak to one of our helpful Product Consultants.


Foodservice News Week in Brief: October 31 Happy Halloween!

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Spook Up Savings With these Halloween Deals

We’d like to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! While some of you are going out looking for candy, there are some who know that there are great deals to be had! Check out some of the Halloween-related specials being offered up by restaurants this year. We’ve also thrown in some non-holiday related specials too!

Halloween Day Restaurant Specialspumpkins

Arby’s: Before you order, say “Trick or Meat,” and get free bacon on whatever you order. Valid October 31.

Baja Fresh: Through October 31, kids in costume eat free with the purchase of an adult entree.

Chevys Fresh Mex: Through October 31, kids eat free. To Go Burritos are $5 on Halloween

Chipotle: Halloween night, stop in any location from 5 p.m. to close in costume, and get a burrito, bowl, salad or an order of tacos for $3.

IHOP: October 31, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., all kids 12 and under will receive a free Scary Face Pancake.

Krispy Kreme: On Halloween, wear your costume and receive a free doughnut of your choice.

Lone Star Steakhouse: Get one free Littles’ meal Halloween with each purchase of adult entree.

Outback Steakhouse: On October 31, kids 10 and under get a free kid’s meal with purchase of adult entree.

Sonic Drive-In: On Halloween, corn dogs are $0.50 apiece.

Starbucks: Through October 31, try a Franken Frappuccino or an other grande Frappuccino for $3 after 2 p.m.

Non-Holiday Deals

Smokey Bones: $5 off a $15 purchase.

Red Lobster: Free appetizer or dessert with purchase of two adult dinner entrees.

White Castle: $3 off a Crave Case of 30 Sliders.

Outback Steakhouse: Date Night Special – two for around $40. Includes a Bloomin’ Onion to share, two sirloins, two soups or salads, and a slice of cheesecake to share.

For more deals and specials, check out EatDrinkDeals.

Halloween Promotions Using Costumes

With just little over a week before Halloween, your restaurant may or may not have a promotion planned for the spooky holiday. Whether your promotion is a menu item or just decoration, getting into the holiday spirit can benefit your restaurant. A fun, easy idea can include your staff and be a way to encourage customers to choose your restaurant on October 31st.

Building the Buzz

A cool way to attract customers to your restaurant during Halloween weekend is through a fun promotion. There is still time to utilize the holiday to your advantage by using costumes! Allowing costumes to be part of your promotion can in turn leave your customer with a positive experience. Not only will it be fun for those who participate, but is also kid friendly! The staff can also get involved with this promotion by dressing up in their favorite, and appropriate, costumes as well. Your restaurant could also think of a theme that the staff can portray with their costumes. Check out two suggestions below of quick  Halloween promotions that your restaurant can put together!

Costume Contest

There are a couple a ways you can go about doing a Halloween costume promotion. The first way is through a costume contest. A costume contest makes the promotion into more of an event/competition. Any customer that comes to your restaurant dressed in costume is eligible to enter the contest. Be sure to remind your guests to keep their costumes appropriate. The contest can be split into age groups so there is more than one winner. The best costumes, voted by staff or other customers, can be rewarded with a free meal or prize of some sort.  The prize could also be a new menu item you are trying out or a coupon for a future visit to your restaurant. Pictures of the customers who win the costume contest can be put up to build hype for the next year!

Discounts with Costume

Another easy way to incorporate costumes into your promotion is through offering a discount or percentage off. This is popular for restaurants even on days other than Halloween. For example, Chick-fil-A has Cow Appreciation day where guests who dress as cows get a free meal. A discount of any sort with a costume is a good way to incentivize customers to include your restaurant into their Halloween plans. This Halloween promotion will also attract customers who want to grab a last minute bite to eat before taking their child trick-o-treating or heading to their co-worker’s Halloween party.

Does your staff need last minute costume ideas for your Halloween promotion? Check out 19 Brilliant Ways to Dress Like Food for Halloween on Buzzfeed.com for some ideas for your restaurant.

Shop Central

We don’t sell Halloween costumes, but we have all your food service equipment needs to pull off a successful Halloween promotion!  Remember to shop Central Restaurant for the best selection, prices and expert advice from our Product Consultants. Product Consultants can be reached online via the chat or by phone at 800-215-9293.



Halloween Fun: Where Old Equipment Goes to Rest Eternally

Is your oven no longer cooking your severed limbs evenly and efficiently? Maybe its time to invest in some new equipment for your kitchen from Central Restaurant.


Consider using the right size pot for your application

Halloween is a favorite holiday of your author, so I was excited when I attended a special ‘lights on’ tour of the Zombie High School haunt at Cedar Point amusement park in 2013 and saw a ‘school cafeteria’ full of old and surplus food service equipment. I just had to take pictures of the campy scenes that are usually drenched in darkness and screams.

The theme for the ‘new for 2013’ haunt was reliving your glory days of high school – if your Alma mater was Cleaver High School after it was overtaken by the zombie apocalypse.  All your memories are here, from the gym locker room where undead football players wander with you amongst a maze of lockers to the Homecoming Dance, where some of the couples were hanging from the rafters as ‘Endless Love’ played over the speakers. The classrooms were as scary as you remember them, with impossible math problems written on the blackboard alongside piles of abandoned papers and school desks. With our exclusive tour, we were also able to notice many of the inside jokes planted inside the haunt that are normally invisible to the public visitors. For example, a diploma on the wall for ‘Iva Longpaddle” describes in depth her qualifications for a degree of “Master of Corporal Punishment.”

Nothing But the Best Brands at Zombie High


Baker’s Pride oven cooking some baked brains to perfection. It’s part of a zombie’s balanced diet.

The highlight of the tour was rounding the bend into the school cafeteria, where Cedar Point had found second lives for some of its end-of-life food service equipment. From Beverage Air to Baker’s Pride, and Hatco to Pitco – the room was filled with name brands and severed limbs. A personal favorite was the still clothed legs sticking out the top of a stock pot on the stove. Another was the fried brain platters sitting under the Hatco heat lamp along the serving line.

I took many more pictures, but several (although still campy) were too gory for this blog. The storeroom of blood soaked #10 cans is one example. The theming of the haunt was amazing, and more authentic by the use of surplus equipment. This leads to the question and suggestion from this haunt fan: Do you have surplus equipment in your kitchen? According to AmericaHaunts.com, there are approximately 1200 haunted attractions in operation annually and 80% are either operated by charitable organizations or donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity. Why not reach out to a local haunter and offer them your equipment for use as static prop that lends more credibility and realism to their environment.

No Shrieks or Screams When Shopping Central

After you’ve decided to re-purposed your old equipment to that haunted attraction, you’ll need to replace it. Remember to shop Central Restaurant for the best selection, prices and expert advice from our Product Consultants. You can contact a Product Consultant via online chat, phone us at 800-215-9293 or shop anytime (even after the Midnight witching hour) online.

Enjoy this Campy Gallery of Ghouls

All pictures taken by Chris Clark on September 28, 2013 at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends during a ‘Lights On’ tour for the American Coaster Enthusiasts group outing.