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Tuesday Tips: Hand Dryers

Choosing the right hand dryer can provide cost savings and promote sustainability at your foodservice operation. What are the advantages of switching to an electric dryer?
Read up on these helpful hints to help you choose the right one for you!

Cost Savings

Did you know that converting from paper towels to hand dryers represents a roughly 95% cost savings? Dryers require less attention than paper towel dispensers, which saves on labor and maintenance. The energy costs of using a hand dryer add up to only pennies per day compared to paper towel cost. Use a cost savings, such as the Xlerator Cost Savings Calculator, to calculate how much money you can save by installing hand dryers! On average, customers can enjoy a 90-95% cost savings by making the switch.

Energy Efficiency

Hand dryers not only reduce climate change impacts, they also reduce the use of non-renewable energy, impacts on ecosystems and emissions that damage human health. They reduce the amount of damage manufacturing, transportation, materials production and end of life cycle that contribute to carbon footprints.

Life Cycle

Hand dryers reduce climate change that impacts carbon footprint, and also reduce the use of non-renewable energy, impacts on the ecosystems and emissions that can damage human health.


Auto vs. Push

Automatic and push button hand dryers are both great choices, but each one has select pros and cons. Automatic hand dryers are more hygienic, meaning you don’t have to touch any part of the dryer for it to turn on. They also have a higher energy savings cost because the user determines how long it runs for. Also, some models let you turn on/off heat for additional savings. Push button hand dryers are a popular choice because some believe that they aren’t as easy to vandalize. These units are typically lower in cost.


Whether you want a modern or classic look, there are several finishes for you to choose from. Ranging from stainless steel to Chrome to classic Black, there is a hand dryer that will fit your restroom’s décor. Some vendors will even do custom labeling with logos and images.


Looking to go green? You’ll notice these certifications on many hand dryer’s spec sheets throughout our website.

  • LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
  • GreenSpec®
  • Greener Product
  • Green Business Bureau
  • Green Restaurant Association

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