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Buying Guide: Commercial Range Hoods

A commercial kitchen hood system is a major purchase for any commercial foodservice facility. This represents one of the largest uses of energy. For this reason, it is recommended that customers work directly with one of our Product Consultants here at Central Restaurant Products.

We can help you determine the system that best fits your needs. Click on any of the commercial kitchen hood components below to view our available products.

Hood Choices

Baffle Grease Filters

Light Fixtures

Exhaust Fans

Make-Up Air Fans

Grease Catcher System

Types of Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial exhaust hoods in commercial kitchens capture and contain heat, moisture, smoke, and grease-laden vapors. There are two types of hoods:

  • Type I Hoods are installed over appliances that produce smoke and/or grease vapors
  • Type II Hoods are installed over appliances that produce only heat and/or moisture

Commercial Exhaust System Requirements

For more information on system requirements, refer to:


Hood filters prevent flames from entering the exhaust duct, and they capture moisture and grease vapors. The baffle filter is the simplest configuration, although a high-velocity cartridge filter offers a greater surface area. Note that aluminum mesh filters are no longer allowed in Type I hoods.

Replacement Air Systems

To make up for exhausted air, replacement air must be brought in from outside the kitchen. Replacement air should should be filtered, and depending on the climate possibly heated or cooled. Discuss these issues with your consultant before purchasing an exhaust and make-up air system, as well as advise whether or not your kitchen will be air conditioned as this will require special considerations.

Duct Cleaning

Most cleaning is done by power washing the duct and hood interior. If the duct leaks, it is possible that mold may form within the enclosure assembly. Therefore it is important that the ductwork be liquid-tight and pressure tests done to ensure that it is.

Environmental Issues

Kitchen stack smoke and odors are a concern in many communities. Often, local pollution laws mandate that an establishment must eliminate all exhaust pollution if a neighbor complains. Dilution, or bleeding outdoor air into the roof fan installation, is one simple solution. For smoke concerns, try reducing the fat in the cooking product.

For More Information

Please contact your Central Product Consultant for more information on hood systems and to design the perfect system for your kitchen.

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