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Central Exclusive Value Series

Central Exclusive and Value Series Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Great Features and Prices

In the market for a new commercial refrigeration or an ice machine? Central has you covered! Our selection of Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines has great features at great pricing! No matter what your budget is, these two lines of equipment will work for you. From merchandisers and coolers to prep tables and all of your ice needs, we have an option for you.

Plus, most items are in stock and have free same-day shipping. This will get the equipment you need to you as quickly as possible!

ExclusiveCentral Exclusive

Central Exclusive equipment are products designed with you in mind and can only be found at Central.  They have been hand-selected for you and your operation because of their high-quality design and construction. Central Exclusive equipment meets the extreme demands of a commercial kitchen, school cafeteria and all other foodservice establishments.

By choosing Central Exclusive equipment for your business, you can also take advantage of:

  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranties
  • Great pricing

Value SeriesValue Series

Our Value Series line of equipment meets our high quality standards but are priced lower than leading national brands. We feel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when trying to keep to your budget and making your customers happy.

All Value Series products must meet the following standards:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality grade materials and construction
  • Efficient performance
  • Reliability and durability

Central Exclusive Value Series ProductsShop Now

Be sure to take advantage of great prices and quality products with our Central Exclusive and Value Series refrigeration and ice machines. Plus, most items qualify for free same day shipping.

Tip of the Day: Ice Machine Volume Guide

Ice machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your establishment. Even more important is making sure your ice machine can handle the demands of your business. Take a look at these volume guides from our Ice Machines Buying Guide. These guides will give an estimate of how much ice is used based on glass and capacity, as well as foodservice location.

If you still need help on which ice machine is right for you, speak to one of our expert product consultants online or call 800-215-9293. To shop through our huge assortment of ice machines, click here!

Manitowoc Neo Series: The Everywhere You Need Ice Machine

There’s no red pill/blue pill choice when it comes to Manitowoc ice machines. Their NEO series of undercounter machines were built in the real world – not the Matrix – and deliver supreme efficiency, convenience and value to your foodservice restaurant or institution.

Neo Means ‘New’

Simple yet powerful, Manitowoc’s NEO undercounter ice machines were designed as a new approach to ice production. Engineers looked to improve three categories: Performance, Intelligence and Convenience. The result was the “everywhere you need ice machine.”

The Simplicity of the NEO Control Panel

The Simplicity of the NEO Control Panel

Performance – Engineers designed the NEO series with enhanced durability and reliability, redesigning components including their proprietary evaporator technology that achieves an average reduction in energy use of 10% and a 22% reduction in water use. A redesigned door and new “easy to service” modular design continued the innovations. Production capabilities now range from 132 to 304 lbs. per 24 hours and industry leading bin capacities maximize your value in a small, under-counter space.

Intelligence – The NEO series machines are more than just a pretty face. Engineers added a powerful operator panel to the front of the machine, allowing easy control and monitoring over the machine. In addition to an illuminated on/off button, a delay function allows you to pause ice production up to 24 hours for slow periods or days when you are closed. A clean button activates that cycle and remains lit to notify all of that status. The bin level indicator shows whether the bin is empty or full in three levels without opening the lid. Finally, a service indicator warns the operator in advance of potential problems that can cause downtime. Manitowoc also realized that today’s foodservice workforce is diverse, so they moved to universally recognized display icons that are easy to understand no matter what language is spoken.

Access All the Machine Components Easily

Access All the Machine Components Easily

Convenience – NEO’s size means it is convenient for many applications. All NEO machines have a 38-1/2″ height, making them perfect for use in kitchen or under bar counters or as a stand-alone unit in churches, office break rooms or other occasional use environments. Base units are 28″ wide, with the higher capacity machines adding just 2 inches of width. The included ice scoop is stored inside the sealed food-zone bin for added safety. Finally, service and maintenance is a snap with a forward-sliding storage bin and easy access to refrigeration components without having to move the entire ice machine.

Central Offers the NEO Series In-Stock

While we don’t have an Agent Smith working on the Central Restaurant sales force, we do have dozens of knowledgeable Product Consultants with one simple goal: to help you find the right equipment and supplies for your needs at a competitive price.

Plus, Central Restaurant not only carries the entire line of NEO models, but stocks the most popular models at our Indianapolis warehouse for Same-Day FREE Shipping. When you order one of the below air cooled, half-dice ice producing models before 5 p.m. EST (Monday-Friday), we’ll ship it out to you immediately.

240-353 UY-0140A 132 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-354 UY-0190A 193 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-355 UY-0240A 225 lb. Production, 80 lb. Bin
240-356 UY-0310A 304 lb. Production, 100 lb. Bin

Our Product Consultants will be happy to help you order other NEO machines too, including those producing full dice or regular cubes, as well as water cooled units. Call 800-215-9293 or online with our live chat option. Also be sure to ask about available 0% financing options available through 12/31/14.

Nugget Ice: Scotsman Continues Luv the Nug Campaign

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2011, Scotsman Ice Systems kicked off their Luv the Nug campaign at Central featuring the Luv the Nug truck and the very popular nugget ice.  Over the years nugget ice has become extremely popular and many started to call it chewable ice or Sonic ice.  Just to keep the record straight, Scotsman was the first to create this soft and chewable ice, “nugget ice”, just over 30 years ago.

The Luv the Nug campaign began after Scotsman discovered the popularity of nugget ice, especially via social media.  People were creating Facebook pages for it and talking about it everywhere.  So what better way to celebrate their 30th anniversary than to get back to their roots?  After all, customers and businesses all over the country were in love with this ice and Scotsman was finally able to witness it firsthand when they traveled all across the east side of the country to meet with vendors and customers.

Nugget ice

“One of the things I love with the truck is actually being able to see the actual customers loving the product,” said Terry Toth, marketing communications manager for Scotsman.

She added people have such an emotional connection to the ice.

Does that sound strange? Possibly.  To some, ice is just ice.  But for others, it’s a different story.  Nugget ice has been a source of comfort for patients at a hospital, those recovering from an injury or chewing ice can be a fun small activity.  For others, it might just be something to pass the time, or to chew on throughout the day.

Restaurants, quick service establishments, cafeterias and all other types of foodservices are able to see their customers reactions to a product immediately as they serve it.  However for those of us on the equipment side, we rarely get that opportunity.  That’s one of the things that has made the Luv the Nug campaign so special for Scotsman.

Nugget chewable ice machineThis year, Scotsman has continued their campaign and have taken the Luv the Nug truck to many other cities such as Boston and St. Louis.  They enjoy meeting the companies that sell their ice and best of all–the customers who buy the ice.

Through the Luv the Nug campaign, nugget ice lovers can visit LuvTheNug.com to find locations near them that sell the ice, participate in sweepstakes, demand nugget ice in their area, rally for a visit from the Luv the Nug truck, purchase merchandise and learn about the origins.

Interested in getting a nugget ice machine?  Check out Central’s selection of Scotsman ice machines on our website.

The Nugget Ice Revolution!

For over 60 years, Scotsman Ice Systems has been an innovative company.  From Energy Star rated products to state-of-the-art diagnostics, they really have it all when it comes to an ice machine.  One of the things they are known most for is their nugget ice—which is also sometimes known as chewable ice.  We’ll get to that shortly…

But first! With summer just around the corner and restaurants still keeping a tight budget due to economic conditions, Central and Scotsman have teamed up for customers considering or needing to purchase a new machine.  Prices have been lowered on select Scotsman machines through the end of June.  Click this link to see what ice machines are on sale.  Also, until the end of July, customers can receive a free water filter system with the purchase of a 120V Scotsman Prodigy.

Now, back to the ice.

Thirty years ago, Scotsman rolled out their first nugget ice machine and as they say on their website, “started a revolution in ice chewing.”

They truly have as they’ve been an industry leader in the Original Chewable Ice.

You’ve ran across this type of ice in gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, etc. all over. It’s described as soft and easy to chew. There are people who don’t have a preference, people that just like it, and then people who love it. There truly has been a revolution of this ice and it all really came to fruition thanks to social media.

To name a few efforts by ice lovers all over, chewable ice became a topic on Twitter and many Facebook fan pages have been made.  And as soon as Scotsman realized how big it was, they implemented the “Luv the Nug” social media campaign, which includes the now famous Luv the Nug Truck which travels from city to city.  Many people generalize this type of ice, or give it a name from places they know such as Sonic.  But it originated from Scotsman and they are getting back to their fans and bringing awareness to the love for…ice!

Luv the Nug truck (Photo from Terry Toth)

“So far we have had the Nug truck in the Indianapolis and Cincinnati areas,” said Terry Toth, Marketing and Communications Manager for Scotsman.

The Luv the Nug Truck keeps on going with upcoming stops in Knoxville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia then to Chicago, Illinois for the NRA (National Restaurant Association) show. After that, they are west of the Mississippi River bound!

This past St. Patrick’s Day, Scotsman came to Central with the Luv the Nug truck.  (Take a look here at our Facebook photo album).  We learned how much people love the ice and what Scotsman has done for the fans—a truly creative and unique social media campaign.

By visiting the Luv the Nug website, chewable ice lovers can find nugget ice locations, demand nugget ice machines for businesses that don’t have them, buy nugget ice merchandise, learn about how it originated and even enter in a contest to win a Scotsman ice machine. They can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.  There are many things in the works so this campaign will only get better and better as time goes on!

Toth has noticed many happy people from the Luv the Nug Truck.  Usually they work with people of the trade but now are able to meet the people who love their product and get to hear their stories from those who had family memories by it to those who had nugget ice while in the hospital.

Luv the Nug Truck in Cinncinati (Photo from Terry Toth)

“What’s great is our research on our trend, why they chew on it is coming to fruition and what they profess on social media when visiting Nug truck stops,” Toth said.  “It’s really great to see it all first hand. (We learn) the reasons why they chew, but also there are people entering the Lid Off contest and writing about their love for chewing.”  (Click here to view submissions or send in your own.)

So if you’re looking for nugget ice, check out their locator. If you know there is one, but it’s not listed, go to the locator page (Find the Nug) to add a location from your area with nugget ice.  And if there aren’t any locations around you, demand it!

And while there is the contest to win a free machine, if you don’t, take a look at our Scotsman promotion.  Also, we would love to hear your story or love for nugget ice.  It’s quite a fascinating trend, please share!

Manufacturer Spotlight: Manitowoc

Ice machines can be one of the biggest equipment investments in your kitchen, so selecting the best brand for your needs is important.  Manitowoc Ice, America’s #1 selling ice machine, offers a wide variety of ice machine products to save you time and money by reducing energy consumption, water usage and required maintenance.

  • Over 97% of Manitowoc’s cube ice machines meet or exceed stringent energy performance standards such as those established by CEE or Energy Star®.
  • On the cutting edge of technology and conservation in commercial ice machines.
  • A leader in energy friendly product offerings.  Energy Star qualified models are up to 15% more efficient than standard models.
  • Exclusive, patented cleaning system for improved sanitation.
  • ALPHASAN:  Antimicrobial compound that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and yeast in all Manitowoc bins

Shop all Manitowoc Ice equipment.  For a limited time, save on select ice machine cuber heads and bins from Manitowoc.  Through June 1, 2010 save with the largest discounts ever and Free Shipping!

Why replace old equipment?

With everyone trying like crazy right now to cut costs and save money, it seems rather tough to justify the expense of a brand new fridge, freezer or ice machine.

There are incentives to buying used equipment…but often it ends up costing more in the long run, due to increased utility costs, down time and repair costs.

Following is information we have collected in case studies, comparing apples to apples to figure out just how much money is saved by purchasing new, energy saving equipmentv versus holding onto that old equipment.

Ice Machines

Ice is especially important when it comes to energy efficiency because it’s used by virtually every diner; and because of the potential to drastically waste water and electricity in the kitchen.

When an ice machine is running inefficiently or becomes overheated, you’re basically paying money to pour water down the drain.

Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to build much more efficient ice machines than they could 10 years ago. Scotsman’s Prodigy cuber was one of the first to exceed both the 2008 California Energy Commission and 2010 Federal Energy Efficiency regulations by up to 22%.

The efficiency of commercial ice machines is rated in terms of the harvest rate, or pounds of ice produced daily; the energy usage in KWh; and the water usage in gallons.

Consider a typical 10-year old cuber. The machine can cost 36% more in electricity and water than the Energy-Star rated Prodigy Cuber model# C0330SA-1A.

Assuming a utility rate of $.10, which is the national average, the Energy Star model saves up to $114 a year in energy, and as much as $90 a year in water—that’s real savings of $612 over a 3-year period!

Plus, the Prodigy cuber reduces the need for downtime and service calls with a warning system that alerts you to interruptions before they occur, and offers reminders for required maintenance like filter changes and cleanings. What if you had to pay $400 for a service call every two years? You’d also have to pay at least $100 for 25 bags of ice during downtime. That amounts to $300 a year.

Combining the cost of electric and water, you could save more than $2000 over a 10-year period (not including repairs)—that’s enough to cover the cost of your ice machine.

Plus, some utility companies offer a one-time utility rebate for qualifying Energy-Star rated ice machines. According to Energy Star’s Rebate Locator, utility companies in Illinois, Minnesota, California and Oregon currently offer rebates.

In California, where the utility rate is higher than the national average (about $.13), a customer can save up to $2500 in 10 years.

Hot Holding Cabinets

Hot food holding cabinets must meet a maximum idle energy rate of 40 watts/cubic foot. They are more efficient at maintaining food temperature while using less energy. Energy Star hot holding cabinets are better insulated to reduce heat loss, and often have additional energy saving devices like magnetic door gaskets, auto-door closures or Dutch doors.

If you compare a non-insulated cabinet, to an insulated, Energy Star cabinet, C539-HDS-4, you can save nearly $400 in utilities over the first year (assuming a $.10 utility rate). The unit pays for itself in about six years; and in 10 years, you can save nearly $4000.

In addition, the estimated energy savings generated by using an insulated Energy Star hot holding cabinet vs. a non-insulated cabinet are equivalent to the carbon consumed annually by .63 acres of pine or fir forests.

(Note: Although model# C539-HDS-4 is Energy Star rated, it is not eligible for a utility rebate because the idle energy rate -the rate of consumption while maintaining a stabilized operating condition- is higher than 20kW.)

Refrigerators and Freezers

Perhaps the most important pieces to replace with Energy Star equipment are refrigerators and freezers, because they consume more energy than any other appliances in the kitchen. Energy Star refrigerators and freezers are designed with components such as ECM (electronically commutated motor) evaporators and condenser fan motors, hot gas anti-sweat heaters, or high-efficiency compressors, which significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

True Refrigerators

True Manufacturing has been making commercial refrigeration for more than 60 years, and even units that are 10 years old have stood the test of time. Nevertheless, each line of True refrigerators and freezers continue to be more efficient and more advanced than the one before it.

You can save $194 a year in utilities on the T-49 solid-door refrigerator, compared to a 10-year-old refrigerator (assuming an average utility rate of $.10.). That amounts to almost $2000 over 10 years.

Again, some utility companies will pay you a one-time rebate of $150 for buying the T-49 refrigerator.

In California, you can save $403 during the first year (based on the higher utility rate of $.13), after you include your $150 rebate. During the next nine years, you could save an estimated $253 each year, amounting to savings of about $2600 over a 10-year-period.

True Freezers

Compared to a 7-year-old freezer, the True 49”W Energy Star freezer T-49F, can save almost $250 a year. And many states offer a one-time rebate of $325, allowing you the potential to save nearly $600 in the first year.

Turbo Air Refrigerators

Now consider another well-known brand—Turbo Air. Refrigerator , Model# MSR-49NM also a 49”W solid-door unit, could save an estimated $175 annually, again assuming a utility rate of $.10.

California customers with a $.13 utility rate would save about $378 in the first year, after receiving a $150 rebate. Total savings over 10 years would be about $2430.

Turbo Air Freezers

The 49”W Turbo Air freezer model TSF-49SD would save about $533 in the first year, (including the $325 utility rebate), and about $208 each following year. California customers would save about $595 the first year, and about $270 each following year.


High efficiency steamers offer shorter cook times, higher production rates and reduced heat loss due to better insulation and more efficient steam delivery systems. They also use less water – often just two or three gallons per hour, compared to 25 to 30 gallons per hour for standard models.

If you compare the Cleveland SteamChef 3, to an 8-year old model, average yearly energy savings can be as much as $888! And you can save more than $1000 in annual water bills. That amounts to nearly $20,000 in potential savings over a 10-year period.

For a customer in California, paying an average utility rate of $0.13, average yearly savings could be as much as $2000.

In addition, some utility companies offer a one-time rebate of up to $750!

Convection Ovens

According to the Foodservice Technology Center, Energy Star plans to start rating ovens sometime in 2009. Although Vulcan gas convection oven model VC4GD is not rated, it does have a unique heat recovery system that recirculates heated air to save energy and reduce operating costs.

Utility savings for this unit can be as much as $365 a year, which amounts to more than $1000 over a three year period. This estimate is based on an estimated natural gas cost of $1.00 per therm, operating an average of 12 hours per day, and cooking about 100 lbs of food.

Many states also offer a one time utility rebate of up to $500.

The energy saved by this unit versus a 5-year-old standard efficiency unit results in an annual natural gas savings of 365 therms, which is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from 207 gallons of gasoline or 4.2 barrels of oil!


According to the Foodservice Technology Center, the broilers is probably the most energy-hungry appliance in your kitchen – often using more energy than six fryers.

Garland’s High Efficiency (HE) Broiler has cast iron burners, each with its own cast iron radiant. The unit also has a power switch operation and a continuous electric spark ignition ensuring a consistent main burner flame during operation.

Assuming an estimated natural gas cost of $1.00 per therm, and that the broiler is used an average of 12 hours a day, you can save as much as $1700 a year, compared to a 5-year-old standard efficiency broiler – that adds up to savings of more than $5000 over a three year period; in 10 years, you can save as much as $17,000!

Pre-rinse spray valves

All pre-rinse valves use a spray of water to remove food waste from dishes prior to cleaning in a dishwasher – a low-flow pre-rinse spray valve is one of the easiest and most cost-effective energy saving devices available to the foodservice operator.

A low-flow pre-rinse spray valve can save up to 60 gallons of water a day; .5 therms of gas per day in water heating energy and also saves 60 gallons in waste-water. The result is an average reduction in utility costs of $300-$350 a year, if you use the pre-rinse spray valve about an hour each day. This estimate is based on spray-valve savings on 1 gallon per minute; a water cost of $2.00 per unit and a gas rate of $1.00 per therm, which is the national average.