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10 Ways to Liven Up Slow Nights at the Restaurant

Is there a certain night of the week where your restaurant is consistently slow? We have brainstormed & searched high and low to find the 10 best ways to increase business on those slow nights. Give them a try and let us know how much they increased business!

1. Charity Events

Between local little leagues, homeless shelters, youth groups, or other organizations, there is always an opportunity for a ‘charity event night’. Customers have to show a flyer to support the cause and a set percentage of all sales go towards the charity. Another great tip for these events – require a few representatives from the charity to help around the restaurant to pick up trash, greet guests, etc. This way, they can also share more about their cause and interact with customers!

2. Kids Eat Free

What parent doesn’t want a delicious meal and a night off from cooking? Offering free kids meals with the purchase of an adult entree draws in families who want a fun night out.

3. Trivia Night

Trivia Nights are always a hit! Have weekly/month themes and offer drink or appetizer specials. Have fun interacting with customers while allowing them to have a fun night out!

4. Neighborhood Events

How well do you know your neighbors? For great repeat business, take a slow night and make it a party! Set up tents, games, drink specials, and a limited delicious menu. Pass out flyers around the neighborhood and spread the word about your block party! They’ll remember your restaurant for the delicious food and the fun times.

5. Guest of Honor Night

Whether it’s Teacher Tuesdays, Veteran’s Wednesday, Nurses Thursday or so on, treat your special guests like royalty and offer a percentage discount or free drink. They deserve the honor and delicious food!

6. Coupons!

Why not advertise coupons in the local paper? You’d be surprised what people will do with a coupon. Everyone is looking for a good deal, and let’s be honest, it is hard to pass up good food. Be clear in your wording, and meet your money savvy neighbors!

7. Deal of the Day

$0.25 Wings Wednesdays, $1 Craft Beer Nights, etc. The possibilities are endless! We have to emphasize it: people love a great deal and people love great food! Add a midweek special to draw in the crowds.

8. Battle of the Bands

Let’s really liven it up with some live music! Host a Battle of the Bands competition and let local musicians compete to win a grand prize. This will draw in music fans, friends and family of the bands, and will make for a ton of fun!

9. Student Discounts

Live near a campus? Offer student discounts on food and drinks to draw in the younger crowd – we all know they need the discounts and the good food!

10. Mug Night

Allow customers to bring in a reasonably sized mug of their own and receive discounted drink prices all night! A fun way to interact with the customers and make new customers!