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Peaches, Image from MorgueFile

National Peach Month

August is National Peach Month, but how did this come to be?  Back in 1982, the United States Congress and Ronald Reagan approved this as Proclamation 4947.  According to the Atlanta Examiner, “Reagan called upon US citizens to ‘incorporate this nutritious fruit into their diets.’”  In honor of this declaration and to encourage you to celebrate with and educate your patrons, Central is providing 10 peach related facts, tips, recipes and tools to get National Peach Month off to a great start.

Peaches, Image from MorgueFile1)    FACT Peaches are Nutritious

Peaches contain 3 grams of fiber* and no fat***.   They are also a good source of vitamins A, B and C** and provide fewer than 70 calories*.

Summer Peach Pie with Vanilla Cardamom from Epicurious  can be made using
Pie Pans, Pie Servers and Mixing Bowls from Central.

3)    FACTDon’t eat Peach Pits
The peach pit contains hydrocyanic acid** which is highly toxic to humans.

4)    TIPWhen are peaches in season?
Peaches are in season in the U.S. from June to the end of August* and in China
from July to August ****.

Peach Salsa from Simply Recipes can be made and served using Cutting Boards,
Paring Knives, Hamilton Beach Food Blender and Salsa Dishes from Central.

6)    TIPRipening Tricks
Ripen the fruit by placing it in a brown paper bag for two to three days**.  To
prevent peaches from ripening, place it in the refrigerator*** and to keep it from browning sprinkle the flesh with lemon or lime juice***.

Georgia Peach Barbecue Sauce from Fine Cooking can be used with Basting Brushes from Central.

8)    FACT Where is the origin of the peach?
Originated in China where they symbolized immortality and longevity***.  They are still the world’s largest producers of the fruit***.

Fruit, Image from MorgueFile9)    RECIPE & TOOLS
Fresh Peach-Pecan Muffins from Ingredients Inc. can be made with Muffin Pans from Central.

10) FACT World’s Largest Peach Items
The World Largest Peach Cobbler was made in Georgia and measured 11 feet by 5  feet*.  The World’s Largest (individual) Peach was grown in South Carolina and weighed 10,000 pounds*****.

With all of this information, we hope you’ll take advantage of this great fresh fruit and maybe even try out a new recipe or two.  If you do try one of our recipes or if you have a recipe you’d like to share with our other readers, please leave a comment below.


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