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Foodservice Industry Summer 2012 in Brief

Goodbye summer, hello fall.  Here are five top stories of the foodservice industry from the Summer of 2012.

Drought Causes Increase in Food Prices

From CNN Money

Most of country experienced drought anywhere from abnormally dry to exceptionally dry this summer.  One of the hardest hit areas was the nation’s heartland, where most of the country’s farms are based.  This led to an increase in food prices, that may continue to show long term affects.

New York City Drink Ban

From New York Daily News

In an effort to curb America’s obesity problem, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg shocked New Yorkers (as well as the entire country) with the proposal of a ban on large sugary drinks in New York theaters, eateries, food carts, delis, concession stands, stadiums, etc.  Sugary beverages (i.e. regular soda or sweet tea) would not be allowed to be served in cups larger than 16 oz. And on Thursday September 13, the New York City Board of Health approved the ban.  Changes will go into effect in March 2013.

USDA Guidelines Info Effect for Schools

From The Central Blog

On July 1, the first phase of the USDA’s new standards for school meals went into effect.  This created minimum requirements for fruit, vegetables and grains, as well as meat and meat alternatives.  It also revised the type of milk that can be served and created dietary specifications to be met on average over the course of a week.

Continued Job Growth in the Restaurant Industry

From National Restaurant Association

Jobs in the restaurant industry continued to grow this summer.  One NRA press release reported that from June 2011 through June 2012, there was a 2.7 percent increase in jobs, which exceeded U.S. employment growth in general by 1.4 percent.  They added approximately 116,000 jobs were added in the first half of 2012.

First Kids’ State Dinner at the White House

From Let’s Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first Kids’ State Dinner at the White House on Monday August 20.  They invited 54 children, between the ages of eight and 12, all having submitted a recipe (and published) into Let’s Move!’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook.  Winners came from all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Northern Marina Islands.  Check out Let’s Move! to learn about winners, see select recipes and to download a copy of the cookbook.

What are your top foodservice industry stories from the summer of 2012?

Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: August 24

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Check out these five stories from the foodservice industry from August 20-24.

First Lady Hosts First Kid’s “State Dinner” at White House

From Let’s Move!, Read Full Story

Alaska Teriyaki Salmon Wrap, Stuffed Tomatoes, Johna’s Pesto Pizza, Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Chicken and  are four of the 54 winning recipe entries that went into Let’s Move!’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook.

Although winners weren’t award-winning chefs with decades of experience, but rather young chefs between the ages of eight through 12.  They submitted their recipes through Let’s Move!’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, and for winning, were able to attend the first Kid’s State Dinner at the White House, hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama.  (And crashed by President Barack Obama).  Winners came from all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Northern Marina Islands.  Check out Let’s Move! to learn about winners, see select recipes and to download a copy of the cookbook.

Colorado Hospital Foodservice to Test Charging Less for Healthier Items

From Food Management, Read Full Story

The statement, “I would eat healthier if it wasn’t so expensive,” is a very popular one.  Well one hospital cafeteria is making that an unacceptable excuse. The Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colo. has launched a pilot program that will run through the fall titled the “Healthy U” program.

A Food Management article said this program has changed pricing so healthier foods will cost less.  The cafeteria hopes the lower prices will help customers choose the healthier items.  As an example, Food Management said a vegetarian hamburger will be $2.25 a regular beef burger will now cost $3.

Nation’s Restaurant News’ Special Report on Health Care

From Nation’s Restaurant News, Read Full Story

When President Obama’s health care law was upheld in June, many members of the foodservice industry became concerned as to how it would affect their business.  Under the new law, NRN said employers with 50 or more full-time employees are required to offer health insurance to them and their dependents, otherwise they will have to pay a penalty.  They added this new law doesn’t go into affect until 2014 and many of the requirements are unknown.

In a NRN article released shortly after the law was upheld (in June), they quoted Vice President of Government and Shareholder Relations for White Castle, Jamie Richardson, who had concerns about the unknowns and said, “The biggest thing still is the uncertainty about how the rules are going to be written.  It needs to be made actionable in the real world in a way that doesn’t cripple business.”  Because of the many concerns similar to Richardson’s, NRN put together this article, “Health Care Compliance Advice for Restaurants” to help.

College Foodservice’s New Rival: The Food Truck

From The Wall Street Journal, Read Full Story

The day in the life of a college student includes rushing from one end of campus to another, many times leaving only 15 minutes to eat, study, or get to their next class.  Cafeteria lines get long, which is something food trucks are helping students with.  However, the rise in food trucks is not the greatest for campus foodservices.

Some foodservices have exclusive rights to serve food per their contract with a college or university while others don’t.  According to a Wall Street Journal article, food trucks have become many campus foodservices’ competition.  They spoke with several students who said they enjoy the variety food trucks bring.  So what’s a solution?  WSJ said there are currently about 100 university-ran food trucks across the county, and there are other campuses who work with local food trucks and grant them special access to park and serve.  The food truck industry has certainly given college campuses something new to think about and possibly new approaches to serving students.

Healthy Weekend Recipes

From Various Sources, See Below

Looking for some new menu ideas for the weekend?  You would be surprised how many great recipes are floating out there that are healthy.  Here are a few unique recipes we found to help you boost creativity.  Happy cooking!

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