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5 Incredible Fair Foods and Where to Enjoy them Year Around

FairFarm animals, frighteningly dangerous rides, scorching heat and of course pounds upon pounds of delicious deep-fried food, can only mean one thing.  It’s Fair time again!   Whether the shindig is put on by your state, county or town, they are virtually all the same.  Browse through to see your area’s biggest animal, stuff yourself with this year’s newest calorie packed delicacy and maybe top it off with a ride on the tilt-o-whirl.   For the majority of the year this may sound like some strange foreign ritual, but around this time people show up in droves at fairgrounds across the nation to do just that.  Keeping this in mind, Central has created a guide to the top 5 strange yet deliciously irresitable foods you may want to try while visiting your local fairgrounds this year.  And as if that weren’t enough, we’ve even found a few restaurants where you can get your fix year around.

1)       Deep Fried Butter

Yes, you read that right.  But thankfully, it’s not just exactly what it sounds like, because of course that would be a melted mess.  Instead it’s more a glob of butter, surrounded by dough, deep fried and covered with items like sugar and cinnamon or powdered sugar.

2)      Hot Beef Sundae

This is one of the few, non-fried items on the list, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s healthy.  According to Delish this dish consists of, “…a generous helping of buttery mashed potatoes surrounded by slow-roasted roast beef and gravy, sprinkled with Cheddar cheese, and garnished with a cherry tomato.”   At least the tomato is healthy?

3)      Fried Margarita

While this one isn’t exactly available to everyone (including Indiana’s fairgoers due to its alcohol ban), it is one of the more interesting fried fares.   An Eater article says that this concoction is, “…funnel cake batter mixed with margarita, fried, drenched in additional margarita, and topped with whipped cream in a salt-rimmed margarita glass.”

4)      Krispy Crème sandwiches (Chicken or burger)

This concoction’s insides don’t really appear to be all that strange.  It could consists of a burger (or two) or a chicken breast, bacon and cheese.  All things that tend to sound pretty average, which is why instead of buns, two Krispy Kreme donuts are used to hold it all together.    So if a nice fatty bacon, cheese and meat sandwich just isn’t enough, you may have found your match.  Neha Grey of DivineCaroline.com adds, “It packs well over 1,000 calories. (Just one glazed donut has 10 grams of sugar). Pairs nicely with Lipitor.”

5)      Fried Kool-Aid
According to an interview with Sign On San Diego, “It sold 400 to 600 orders of deep-fried Kool-Aid per day the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair.”  As for what it is, we’ll let this Kool-Aid related recipe be explained by its creator, Charlie Boghosian, in this video from ABCNews.com:

Video: Deep Fried Kool-Aid


While all of these foods may sound delicious and for most are plenty to dive into a mere once a year, for others who want to make it an everyday obsession, check out these spots.

Joe’s in Fullerton, California.  The OC Register says Joe’s offers everything from “Fried Ho-Hos and alligator sausage to Rocky Mountain oysters and corn dogs the size of baseball bats (well, almost).”

The Sausage King in Nashua, New Hampshire.  The Sausage King’s menu offers up everything from Black and Tan Onion Rings (dipped in a batter with black and tan beer), Italian Sausage with onions and peppers and for dessert everything from Fried Twinkies to Fried Snickers.

Mr. Harry’s Carnival Foods in Ballwin, Missouri.   Mr. Harry’s serves up everything you’d expect to find at a fair or in this case a carnival.  There are turkey legs, Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, tons of shaved ice and even baked funnel cakes (for those watching their calories of course).

Now we want to know, what’s your favorite fair food or place to get fair food year around?  Please comment below.