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National School Lunch Week Asks Schools to Get in the Game

This week is National School Lunch Week. Presented by the School Nutrition Association, NSLW was created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, and is a celebratory week of events and activities promoting the benefits of the National School Lunch Program. According to the SNA, the NSLP provides 5.1 billion lunches annually–over 3 million kids served every day. The SNA created a helpful toolkit to give ideas to schools to celebrate this week. The theme for this year’s program is “Get in the Game with School Lunch.” The goal of this theme is to emphasize the importance of balancing healthy eating and physical activity for kids.

Tips for Success

The SNA has provided a list of tips to have a successful NSLW. One of the main tips is to get students involved. It could be having a sports-themed art contest, or creating a survey about favorite menu items. No matter what you do, it’s important to make the students feel like they’re involved in the celebration. Another tip is to decorate. It’s a celebration, so it should look the part! NSLW posters can be found at the SNA’s website.

The SNA also recommends keeping parents in the loop about NSLW. There are brochures available on their website to send home with your menus so that parents know it is a special week in the cafeteria. Finally, what promotion would be complete without social media? Utilize your school’s Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, blog and more to get the word out about NSLW.

Celebration Ideaskid soccer

There are several ways to engage students, parents and faculty during this week. One idea is to bring in a local athlete to talk to your students about the importance of eating healthy for energy. It’s one thing for Mr. Anderson to tell the class to eat healthy. It’s another thing for DEREK JETER to tell the class to eat healthy! That’s what I’m talking about (Okay, so Derek Jeter probably won’t be available to talk to your school, but local high school or college athletes would!).

Another idea shared by the SNA is to distribute pieces of paper shaped like footballs or baseballs to students, asking them what their favorite sports or activities are, as well as what healthy meal they should eat beforehand for energy. You could post or hang these in the cafeteria for the week.

For staff, it might be fun to ask them to wear sports costumes for lunch. Whether it’s their favorite team’s jersey, or as a referee, getting staff involved really helps drive enthusiasm for the program.

Get in the Game

For more information on NSLW, click here. And if you need any kitchen equipment or supplies, don’t hesitate to visit our website or call 800-215-9293 to speak to one of our helpful product consultants

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National School Lunch Week: School Lunch–What’s Cooking?

The School Nutrition Association’s annual event, National School Lunch Week, was celebrated this year the week of October 14-20 with the theme “School Lunch–What’s Cooking?

National School Lunch Week is the conclusion of a three month campaign that began in July.

School Lunch–What’s Cooking?

“School Lunch–What’s Cooking?” is based on the revisions made to school nutrition guidelines and has focused on showcasing how schools have adapted to the changes.

These changes were implemented on July 1, 2012 by the USDA and increased the amount of fruit, vegetables and whole grains in schools.  It also updated dietary restrictions.

Schools Are Stepping It Up

The School Nutrition Association explained this year’s theme  has been “about celebrating positive changes that have been made in school lunch programs across the country.”

They also added that schools have really stepped it up and can showcase their work and share their ideas through this campaign.

National School Lunch Week is a great way for schools to share what they’ve done and bring awareness to healthy meals.  The School Nutrition Association encourages schools to get involved on their website and through Facebook.  Stories and successes submitted to their website will have a chance to be featured in the April 2013 issue of School Nutrition Magazine.

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