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Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2014: Restaurants Gear Up For The Big Game

Super Bowl 2014 Spending

It’s that time of year again: The Super Bowl. The big game is one of the restaurant and retail industry’s largest revenue sources driving in massive amounts of traffic and increasing sales in food, apparel, televisions and more.

According to the National Retail Federation, total spending is estimated to reach $12.3 billion with 77 percent of that being food related.

“Restaurants and bars will see their share of fans; the survey found 10 million fans will enjoy the game from their favorite local establishment,” they said.

From their research, 39 million Americans will throw a Super Bowl party of sorts for the event and 62 million will attend one.

Super Bowl chicken wing salesFan Favorites and Boosts in Sales

To gear up for the Super Bowl, restaurants have to be prepared to serve customer favorites, one of those favorites being chicken wings.

Chicken wings have become a top menu item among Super Bowl viewers. In fact, the National Chicken Council said 1.25 billion wings will be consumed for the 2014 game; 20 million more than in 2013. This also means the ranch and bleu cheese will be flowing.

Pizzerias also see a massive boom for the Super Bowl as it is one of their highest sales days of the year. Not only do the pizzas sell fast, it is a great opportunity for delivery drivers too.

“Delivery sales of pizza spike the most during close Super Bowl games,” explained Pizza.com. “On Super Bowl Sunday, pizza delivery drivers can expect $2 tips to sometimes soar as high as $20.”

Among the wings, pizzas, dips and other staples of Super Bowl parties, a drink of choice among restaurant guests and party goers is alcohol.  One might think beer would top the list, which it does, but according to QSR Magazine, craft beers, hard ciders, sparking wins and flavored liquors will be requested this year too.

Super Bowl restaurantsArea Restaurants

Cities that host a Super Bowl experience more traffic and exposure than they could ever imagine.  This exposure builds in the months leading up to the game and peaks the week of. Restaurant business in particular sees a massive boom from area residents and out-of-town guests participating in activities and events.

This year is East Rutherford, N.J.’s year to shine at Metlife Stadium, however, being just a skip, hop and jump away from New York, N.Y. has caused some confusion. The media and television personalities have referred to this year’s big game as being held in New York, which is untrue.

The distance between the two cities brings on a situation unlike any other state–both cities share efforts and reap the benefits. One possibly more than the other.

“The official Super Bowl Host Committee estimates the game will bring in between $550 and $600 million in revenue to New York and New Jersey,” CNN reported.

With quite a bit of the spotlight on New York, East Rutherford’s Mayor, James Cassella, hopes the town just breaks even, despite hosting the actual game and more events.

Either way, restaurants in both states will see a boost in traffic. Central Restaurant Products’ hometown, Indianapolis, hosted the 2012 Super Bowl and it has really changed the vibe of the city since. And in terms of restaurant sales, they skyrocketed for the locations close to  festivities, but even jumped for restaurants over an hour away.

Just as Indy and all other Super Bowl hosting cities have experienced, New Jersey and New York will have this great opportunity to showcase their cuisine and show their residents and guests from all over the world what they are all about.

Super Bowl NY restaurants

“Forty Ate”

New York will have pop-up restaurant Forty Ate, a creation of Danny Meyer, for the week. It is a modern steakhouse that will serve lunch and dinner, as well as “bar bites” throughout the day.

“Forty Ate will provide diners the ultimate Super Bowl experience,” their website said. “Danny Meyer’s renowned Union Square Events (USE) in collaboration with the Renaissance New York Times Square hotel will operate the Dining Room and Bar, which is designed by GMR marketing.”

The website added Forty Ate will feature NFL artifacts, the full set of 47 Super Bowl rings and appearances from NFL players who will be dining there.

Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: 6/8

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Check out these five stories from the foodservice industry for June 4-8.

NYC Drink Ban Proposal
From NYDailyNews, Read Article

In an effort to curb America’s obesity problem, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg shocked New Yorkers (as well as the entire country) with the proposal of a ban on large sugary drinks in New York theaters, eateries, food carts, delis, concession stands, stadiums, etc.  Sugary beverages (i.e. regular soda or sweet tea) would not be allowed to be served in cups larger than 16 oz.  In an article from the NY Daily News, if the ban took place, it would roll out in March 2013.  While nothing has been set in stone, it has definitely been controversial.  Read full article and view opinions on the NYDaily News website.

Disney to Ban Junk Food Advertising
From Los Angeles Times, Read Article

Continuing with bans–the Walt Disney Co. has announced a ban on junk food-advertising on any programming for children, in hopes to inspire more healthy eating habits.  In a Los Angeles Times article, Walt Disney Co. said any food advertiser must meet requirements by 2015 on different serving sizes, calories, fat and sugar content.  Read full article from the Los Angeles Times.

Taco Bell to Go Upscale
From Huffington Post, Read Article

Taco Bell has been quite busy lately rolling out new menu items for their customers.  First there was the breakfast buzz, then the very popular Doritos Locos Taco.  Their latest addition, set to roll out in early July, will be upscale menu items.  Huffington Post said the menu was created by Lorena Garcia and will feature items such as black beans, cilantro rice, citrus and herb marinated chicken and cilantro dressing.  Read the full article at the Huffington Post.

Bob Evans to Revamp Restaurants
From Nation’s Restaurant News, Read Article

Sometimes a little bit of a revamp to a restaurant can go a long way.  Many chains have updated their look in the last year from Burger King and McDonald’s to Fazoli’s and Olive Garden.  It looks like Bob Evans is next.  Nation’s Restaurant News reported Bob Evans Farm Inc. will “continue to invest in refurbishing its restaurants and value-driven menu offerings to help grow sales meaningfully and accelerate earnings growth over the next year.”  There have been 87 remodels slated for this year and 150 for next.  Mimi’s Cafe is also under the brand, and will be receiving some upgrades in 2013 as well.   Read full article on the NRN website.

Starbucks Acquires Bakery Chain
From USA Today, Read Article

In an effort to improve their food selection, Starbucks recently announced the purchase of Bay Bread Group’s La Boulange Cafe & Bakery of San Francisco, Calif.  USA Today article reported Starbucks also hopes to be able to sell the items in restaurants, hotels and grocery stores.  Read full article from USA Today.

Image from MorgeFile

Central’s Week in Brief: April 29, 2011

Every Friday Central brings you stories from the week that you might have missed, but that are definitely worth a look. We’ll feature food news covering everything from the weird to the wonderful in the world of restaurants, schools, the military and more.  It’s our way to help you go into the weekend with a little extra knowledge and maybe even a project or recipe to try out!

Image from MorgeFileThis week with the Royal Wedding at the top of pretty much everyone’s mind (it’s a little unavoidable), we here at Central thought it would be fun to compile a list of Royal Wedding treats for you to enjoy at home.

1)       Baskin Robbins is offering a six-inch single tier ice cream cake with chocolate mousse ice cream inside and white and blue English roses outside.  The single tier version will go for about $19.99 while a two-tiered version will be a little more expensive.

 2)       If cake isn’t your thing, you can order up a set of Royal cookies from Eleni’s in New York (a nut free bakery for those with dietary restrictions).   The set comes with 16 cookies including a Royal Crest, the British flag and a (somewhat creepy) version of the new bride and groom with their pictures on top of decorated bodies.

3)       With all these sweets you’ll need something to wash it all down. Our first option is non-alcoholic and very appropriate for English Royalty.  Designers Donkey Creative Lab in Germany concocted a classic blend of tea with Will and Kate cutouts attached to the top of the tea bags (to hang out on your tea cup).

4)       If you’re a little more rowdy (and happen to be in England) you could also wash down the sweets with a pint of Kiss Me Kate beer from Castle Rock Brewery in the East Midlands and Yorkshire.   Adrian Redgrove, Castle Rock’s head brewer, says, “Kiss Me Kate will be elegant, tasteful and British to the core. It’ll be brewed to 5%, pale in colour and, we’re sure it’ll be the ideal way to toast the couple’s future happiness. We’ll certainly be enjoying it in our celebrations here at the brewery.”

5)       And if you’re just dying to know about all things Royal Wedding food, including what Elizabeth I and George VI had for their wedding breakfast, you can visit royalweddingfood.com.  They have all of the food gossip you crave, but will help you save on the calories (especially after all that cake and beer!).   You can also pick up some fun souvenirs, like the commemorative plate below.

Davidson’s Family Restaurant

For our final Guest Writer blog entry featuring our employee’s memorable and extraordinary dining experiences from around the country, National Account Sales Manager Scott Ebbert shares with us Davidson’s Family Restaurant in Lakewood, NY.

Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This family owned diner has been open for 60 years and serves a variety of items such as fish, chicken, burgers, steak and homemade pies.

“They treat everyone like family,” Ebbert says.

Guests who visit Davidson’s are welcomed by its nautical feel.  Fish caught from the ocean are hung as well as pictures of lighthouses.

“(It’s a) family diner,” Ebbert describes.  “Orange booths, wood chairs and a nautical theme on the walls.”

Ebbert has been going to Davidson’s since he was a child.  He and his family went there every Friday night and says the food is as good as it has ever been.

“I was there last in May of 2009.”

Out of the variety of menu items Davidson’s serves, there’s one thing Ebbert has to get every time.

“Whenever I go back for a visit, I have to have an order of the fried cod,” Ebbert says. “It’s cooked in a tempura batter.  It is not greasy.  I normally do not care for fish and this is the best stuff on Earth!”

He usually gets a side of coleslaw and fries with his order and says they have applesauce and salads as well.


We hope you have enjoyed our employee’s stories about memorable and extraordinary dining experiences around the country.  Next week we will begin a series devoted to you, our customer, with all information you need to know regarding Central.

If you have any questions about anything Central related, please email Catalog/Web Content Coordinator, Tracey Rector, trector@central-products.com, and we will cover your question.