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Super Bowl Food Commercials

The Super Bowl is notorious for three things – food, football and highly publicized commercials. People even primarily watch Sunday night’s big game for the ads because of how much attention they’re given.  The corporate heavyweights come out swinging to produce the most popular commercial of that year’s Super Bowl. Millions of dollars are spent on just one 30 second spot, but it’s all worth it for some companies.

Last night’s Super Bowl had some popular commercials, but only a handful were food related. You can make your own judgments on if you felt like some deserved to be rated higher or not, but here’s a breakdown of five Super Bowl food commercials of 2013.

Taco Bell: ‘Viva Young’

  • Everyone likes to have fun and live like they were young again, right? This was the case for a group of elderly senior citizens who sneak out of their retirement home for some late night fun. Dancing at a club, getting a tattoo, staying out late and enjoying Taco Bell were only some of the activities shown.

Taco Bell 'Viva Young'


Budweiser – The Clydesdales: ‘Brotherhood’

  • This commercial was one of the more heartwarming ones to appear Sunday night. The ad follows a man who raised a Clydesdale from an infant until he made it as a Budweiser Clydesdale. Three years later, they meet again at a parade in Chicago and hug it out in one of the most lovable commercials of the night.

Budweiser 'The Brotherhood'


Doritos: ‘Fashionista Daddy’

  • After asking her dad to play princess with her and at first getting turned down, a daughter tempts him with a bag full of Doritos. Cut to the next scene of a grown-man donned in a boa, tiara and makeup – it proves some people will do anything for some Doritos. His friends end up joining in on the fun, too.

Doritos 'Fashion Daddy'


Oreo’s:  ‘Whisper Fight’

  • What’s your favorite part of an Oreo? The cookie or the creme? This debate between two men turned into a library brawl. People were throwing bookshelves, lights, chairs and were thrown over ledges but they all kept to the standard library rule – whispers only!

Oreo: 'Whisper Fight'


Wonderful Pistachios ‘PSY. Get Crackin.’

  • Wonderful Pistachios makes another commercial using their celebrity lineup to get more people to eat the heart-healthy nuts. This time it was PSY who got to be the green-clad star. They used his hit song “Gangnam Style” to inspire people to get crackin’ and show off PSY’s notorious dance moves. Oh, and you can’t forget about the dancing pistachios all over your television!

Wonderful Pistachios 'PSY. Get Crackin'


Commercials go down in infamy for many years. It’s a guarantee that you will be left with at least one commercial stuck in your head after the big game. The top food brands that normally advertise every year (and hold some of the spots for the top food commercials ever) are Pepsi, Coke, Budweiser and Doritos. Here’s a breakdown for some of the top food-based Super Bowl commercials of all time from GrubStreet.com:

Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Greene, 1980

  • Mean Joe Green debuted in 1980 and starred the Pittsburgh Steelers defensemen. Nothing could make Green smile, until a fan insisted he drank his Coke. After cheering up, Green tossed his game-worn jersey to the fan thanking him for the classic cola.

Coke 'Mean Joe Green'


Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef? 1984

  • Three elderly ladies order a gigantic hamburger only to discover a miniscule patty resting between two large buns. One quips, “Where’s the beef?” making the quote a namesake for future Wendy’s advertisements.

Wendy's 'Where's the Beef?'


Pepsi: Cindy Crawford, 1992

  • When you’re racing your Lamborghini down a desert highway, what better way to quench your thirst than drinking a Pepsi? Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi commercial with two young boys watching as she drinks  has been deemed one of the first Super Bowl commercials to use sex appeal. The two boys are only in awe of the Pepsi can, of course.

Pepsi 'Cindy Crawford'


McDonald’s: Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Play Horse for a Big Mac, 1993

  • Big Macs are serious business. So serious that two NBA superstars play horse in a battle for the prize of a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries. Insane trick shots are thrown throughout the commercial, and ends with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan atop the Willis (then Sears) Tower attempting their last throw.

McDonald's 'Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Play Horse'


Doritos: Pug Attack, 2011

  • Have you ever had a friend tease a dog with human food? This Doritos commercial is the epitome of revenge for all of the furry creatures that are teased. Who knew a Pug would knock down a glass door for some Doritos?

Doritos 'Pug Attack'


What are some of your favorite Super Bowl commercial classics? Do you think a certain brand always has the top spot? Let us know in the comments!

Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: November 2

Looking for some of the week’s top information for the foodservice industry? Check out these 10 stories, plus this week’s promotion from Central, for the week of October 29- November 2.

Top 10 Foodservice Industry Stories

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Huffington Post: Restaurants, Chefs Attempt To Move Forward After Hurricane Sandy

NPR: More Tips for Feeding the Family: Hurricane Edition

CNN: Power Outages in the Wake of Sandy Threaten Business

Huffington Post: Hurricane Sandy Blackout Makes for Eerie Halloween in Devastated East Village

Huffington Post: Restaurants Open During Sandy Experience Surge of Business

Mobile Food News: New York’s Food Trucks to the Rescue

WV Gazette: New Expanded-Meal Effort Fuels Classroom Benefits

Huffington Post: Pepsi White, Orange-Flavored Clear Cola, To Get December 11 Release in Japan

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Foodservice Industry Week in Brief: February 24

Looking for some of the week’s top information? Here are five stories from the foodservice industry for February 20-24.

Restaurants Not Affected by Rise in Gas Prices…Yet…
From National Restaurant Association, Read Article

Over the last few weeks, gas prices across the country have been on the rise.  Here in Indianapolis, we literally just saw gas prices go up 20 cents overnight.  With a rise in any price, there is a trickle down effect that can put a strain on recovering businesses.  However according to a recent NRA article, restaurants haven’t been seeing a decline in sales due to the higher gas prices.  They spoke with David Portalatin, director of industry analysis for market research The NPD Group, who said since gas has been above the $3 mark (December 2010), people have now just accepted it as the “new normal.”  But prices nearing $4 per gallon “could create pause.”  Only time will tell.  Read the full article on the NRA website.

Daily Meal Releases the 101 Best Restaurants in America for 2012
From The Daily Meal, Read Article

The Daily Meal recently released their second annual list of the United States’ 101 best restaurants.  To create this list, they said they have a nomination process with a panel of judges made up of restaurant critics, food and lifestyle writers and bloggers.  This panel took a look at last years winners then The Daily Meal’s editors added in nominations.  It was narrowed down from a list of 202.  Then though voting, the top 101 were created.  So of the 101, which were the top five places?  Take a look below and read the full article on the Daily Meal website.

Pepsi Creates a Happy Medium Between Regular and Diet Soda
From HuffPost Food, Read Article

We’ve seen regular soda, diet soda, “zero” soda, one calorie soda, etc.  These days many people are giving up soda because they don’t want the calories in regular soda or they don’t like the taste of diet or fear the potential effects of aspartame.  So Pepsi has tried to find a happy medium with “Pepsi Next.”  HuffPost Food said this drink, which will hit shelves at the end of March, is about 60 calories and tastes more similar to regular Pepsi as opposed to Diet Pepsi.  This is the second attempt to create a medium, Huff Post said Pepsi tried a similar product called “Pepsi Edge” in 2006, but was taken off shelves due to low sales.  Read the full article on the HuffPost Food website.

Test Tube Burgers in the Works
From Climate Central, Read Article

All thanks to a rich anonymous donor with hopes to lower the amount of cows farmed for food, a lab in the Netherlands is working on–you guessed it–lab grown meat.  Or as many have been calling it, test tube burgers.  A recent Climate Central article said Head of Physiology at Maastricht University, Dr. Mark Post, has been working on the test tube burger that may be released in October.  Post told Climate Central he could estimate seeing mass production of this type of burger in 10 to 20 years.  Read full article on the Climate Central website.

Schools Serving Three Meals a Day
From HuffPost Education, Read Article

“Too often it is after the fact that teachers discover their students are worrying less about math and reading and mroe about where their next meal comes from,” said a recent article from HuffPost Education.  But many schools across the country are taking advantage of funding from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which is available to schools where half or more of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches.  There’s mixed feelings about the program.  Some wonder why it’s a school’s responsibility, while others worry about the children who don’t get meals when they are at home.  Read the full article on the HuffPost Education website.