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Which Pizza Oven Does My Restaurant Need?

Can we be candid for a moment? Who does not love a good pizza?! Perhaps the most common type of restaurant, pizza shops naturally need a pizza oven that fits their operations. But with so many options, how can you know you are purchasing what will fit your operation and you are getting the best value for your money? Here are some important factors to consider!


The age-old question when purchasing a pizza oven is the difference between a deck and a conveyor oven. Generally speaking, the industry has come to the consensus that deck ovens provide a better bake than conveyor ovens, but of course, there is no science to back up this claim! Major differences between deck ovens and conveyor ovens are volume, space, and amount of interaction with the product. Generally speaking, conveyor ovens are able to produce a great volume of pizzas per hour and take up more space then a deck oven, but they cut down on how much pizzas have to be touched, or moved in the baking process. Consideration of these factors will help determine the type of pizza oven that your restaurant requires!


The biggest question to consider when purchasing a pizza oven is how many pizzas you intend to cook per hour.

Low Production

Does your restaurant offer pizza, but you wouldn’t consider yourselves a pizzeria? No need to purchase a specifically pizza oven. Your convection oven will do the trick! With on average 2 to 5 racks per oven, and a cook time of less than 10 minutes depending on temperature, your convection oven should have no problem turning around 20 to 50 pizzas an hour.

Medium Production

Deck ovens are more ideal for medium production facilities such a small pizzerias because ovens hold more pizzas at a time than convection ovens, but generally have a lower output than conveyor ovens. Deck ovens come in a range of sizes with number of decks varying from 1 up to 5. Deck ovens may require that pizzas are moved during the cooking process, so it is important to keep in mind how much you would like to touch the pizzas during the cooking process.

High Production

If your restaurant’s main focus is pizza, and you do so in large quantities, conveyor pizza ovens are you answer! Conveyor pizza ovens allow a large amount of pizzas to be produced without having added labor. A helpful hint? The longer and wider the conveyor, the greater volume of product that can be cooked due to staging products to be cooked. Conveyor pizza ovens can also be stacked to further increase production without taking a larger footprint of your kitchen. Want to bake 30% faster and at a lower temperature for a truly better taste? Check out the Middleby Marshall WOW! ovens, exclusive to Central Restaurant Products! Ask a product consultant for details!

Pizza Oven



A new trend within restaurants is having an “open kitchen” where customers are able to see their food being prepared. If your restaurant does this or plans to utilize this concept, consider ovens that either genuinely allow the process to be viewed, such as a conveyor oven, or give the illusion of a brick fire oven with Marsal and Son’s line of deck ovens! These gas deck ovens function just the same, but offer a great decorative facade.




Still not sure which direction to go? We are happy to walk you through the decision process! Give us a call at 800-215-9293 to speak with one of our helpful product consultants!