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Choosing the right pizza pans, screens, and pizza stones

There are hundreds of different types of pizza pans, pizza screens and pizza stones to choose from – but how do you know which one is right for you? Following is a brief description of the different types of pizza pans, pizza screens and pizza stones to help you decide what is the best fit for your operation.

Pizza Pans

Pizza pans are normally available in anywhere from a 12″ diameter to an 18″ diameter. A good rule of thumb is that a 14″ pie is generally more than enough pizza to feed two or three people.

Pizza pans are available in a variety of baking styles, including a thin crust or deep dish pan, and can also have raised bumps or perforations to aid in airflow and even baking.

Pizza Screens

Pizza screens are similar to pizza pans, but are lighter, and are constructed of a mesh material that further aids airflow. Pizza screens are normally lighter weight and can be easier to handle. They are available in a wider variety of sizes for greater baking flexibility. Pizza screens are also ideal for baking calzones and garlic bread.

Pizza Stones

A pizza stone is the ideal way to heat evenly and avoid a soggy crust. The ceramic or clay material of the stone is porous and absorbs moisture, resulting in a more evenly heated and crispier crust. Pizza stones are available in a round or rectangular shape.

Use a pizza peel to remove your pies from the oven easily and safely.